Writing in my Jammies Series

These mini eBooks will give you inspiration to follow your own journey into a better life. Want to write in your jammies, like me? Want to help people? Want to feel better about life in general or develop a sense of greater peace? Want more fun in your life? If so, check these out.

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Jeannie Grin at Natural Bridge

The Joy of Series

This new series of eBooks is focused on specific aspects of my journey to being happier like losing weight, gaining more abundance, and releasing that yucky day job. In these eBooks I offer specific examples on how I became a much happier me and how you can become a much happier you! Coming soon!

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Products, Services, and Other Books

This page is where I’ll offer classes, links to recommended teachers who helped me on my journey, and my other books.

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The Path to Your Dreams

WritinginYourJammies.com is all about following dreams. I had a dream about becoming published, and then it happened. I had a dream about writing more than one book, and I now I have. I have a dream about leaving the drudgery of stressful day job to write full time for a living. I also had a dream about being happier and healthier. Those last two are works in progress.

But that progress is being made.

As I walk down the path of discovery and see my life changing for the better, my wish is to help others. I want to help everyone who comes to this website follow their passion and make their own dreams come true.

It is possible.

Check this space if you’re interested in bettering your life. If you’re looking to find greater happiness, more peace, joy, abundance, and success. Or if you’re looking for writing tips, reviews, or writing motivation, this is also the place for you.

I’ll be sharing not only my journey, but also what has worked for me and what hasn’t. I’ll be sharing happy stories, what inspires me, and what my struggles have taught me along the way.


Join me!

Join me on this spectacular journey of discovery and enlightenment. You, too, can do what you want to do when you want to do it. You, too, can live the life of dreams. Just remember…

It’s not about the destination. It’s about the journey. 🙂