14 Successful Bloggers To Follow by Ryan Biddulph

14 Successful Bloggers To Follow by Ryan Biddulph
It is my privilege to curate this post via Ryan Biddulph’s blog BloggingfromParadise.com.
Ryan is a massively successful blogger, law of attraction enthusiast, world traveler and author.

I’ve mentioned Ryan and his equally successful wife Kelli on my blog and podcasts before, and he is awesome in every way possible. He has been featured on some amazing blogs and shows including Richard Branson’s Virgin Blog and Forbes. He’s also been featured on Fox News, Entrepreneur, Positively Positive, Life Hack, John Chow Dot Com and Neil Patel Dot Com. He’s gone from a security guard working crazy hours for low pay to traveling to paradise. Cool, right?

Ryan and his wife Kelli in Thailand

He is hugely successful on Amazon, too, having self-published 126 eBooks (and counting). Ryan is also a teacher/coach and can help you build a successful blog with the 11 Fundamentals of Successful Blogging Audio Course. I so appreciate him sharing here at WritinginyourJammies.com.

So without further ado, take it away Ryan…

Kelli looked like she was performing a Costa Rican version of “Riverdance.”

She hopped from one foot to the other as a select few soldier ants with grotesquely oversized heads sank their ferocious jaws into her shins.

As the last wave of the 5,000 plus army ants marched through the property in the remote jungles of Costa Rica, a final few feisty ants gave her a Tico send-off.

If she even attempted to walk on the jungle floor a few hours earlier she would have been surrounded in every direction by ants spanning out to hundreds of meters. I walked for 20 minutes through the colony into the deep jungle with my kick ass clod hoppers, machete and comical sailor’s hat to track these awe-inspiring predators.

One part Indiana Jones. One part Gringo Gilligan.

The ants butchered huge scorpions, centipedes, wasp larvae and any insect sentient being alive within their murderous swath, for hundreds of meters around.

They proved that team work does in fact make the dream work. If your dream involves swarming and consuming fearsome jungle insects alive.

But the same principle applies to successful blogging. Don’t worry; I will not force freshly killed tarantula down your delicate throat. I will say that every single successful blogger on this list had as much to do with my success than I did.

If they did not:

  • teach me
  • endorse me
  • promote me
  • support me
  • inspire me
  • pick me up
  • open my eyes
  • accept my guest posts
  • publish my comments

I am writing a cyber diary. Nobody reading my blog but me. Point blank.

More bloggers are mentioning me and saying “I literally see this guy on 8 out of 10 blogs I read, from American blogs to Indian blogs to Nigerian blogs.” (I have made no inroads on Martian blogs; yet)

Shout out to successful blogger Emenike Emmanuel for shouting me out and providing that 80% number.

Do you want to know how I appear to be all over? Like that endless swarm of army ants surrounding us in the jungle?

Ryan’s pic of the Costa Rican jungle he lived in

By being a constant presence around these blogs. Team work, does in fact, make the dream work.

I write this post to cut through the “Who do I network with?” excuse.

Answer: These guys and gals!

This list is geared toward blogging tips bloggers but please learn from all the successful bloggers on this list. They leave painfully obvious clues and goodness are they Blogging Heavies you want to connect with, help, learn from and befriend to promote your blogging success.

If you want to live your dreams through blogging help these people live their dreams, by commenting on their blogs, by promoting them, by reading their blogs and learning from them and by finding inspiration in what they do.

I am not creating this list to get a ton of social shares or comments or blog traffic or eBooks sales or to do any of that other *manipulative influencer masturbation* that strokes egos (virtual tug jobs) with the end goal of pure, 100%, inauthentic self service.

This is a *friend list* guys. Serve these people. Help them. Learn from them. Befriend them. Even if you don’t make personal friends with the people on this list you will learn how to reach the next level, then, 100 levels past that, with your blog when you follow these successes, serve them, generously promote them and when you STOP ASKING stuff of people on this list and BEGIN SERVING them.

Ryan in Bali

Ready to dive in my little sweet robbins?

1: Darren Rowse

Why Follow Darren?

One of the greatest compliments complements I can give Darren is that he helped turn me from a full blogging moron into a half blogging moron.

He basically paved the road for every “blogging tips” themed blogger on this list by devoting 100% of his Pro Blogger real estate to covering the topic of blogging inside-out, sideways and zig zag style.

Darren and his army of guest posters – of course I have been spotted there – present smart blogging tips in simple, practical fashion. Newbies to seasoned pros can gobble up his content and use it.

Darren’s Blog: Pro Blogger

2: Zac Johnson

Why Follow Zac?

Here’s why: he is an online legend who has made millions of dollars but is the most pleasant, down to earth, responsive, caring super star I have met. Sure he writes in a simple, easy to understand style and jam-packs his posts with practical blogging and affiliate marketing tips but he is a really generous, helpful, nice human being.

The only downside I see in following Zac is that he gave me posting rights on Blogging Tips Dot Com (Yes I have published 238 guest posts there and there’s the link to show my damage). I am like a crabgrass or a bad cold over there; ya can’t get rid of me as I guest post virtually every day on the blog.

Follow Zac and dive into his blogs as both are tremendous online resources.

Zac’s Blogs: Zac Johnson Dot Com & Blogging Tips Dot Com

3: Matthew Loomis

Why Follow Matthew?

He publishes an incredibly helpful, thorough blogging resource at Build Your Own Blog but does so in entertaining, enjoyable fashion. Matthew makes learning about blogging fun, from his interview series, to always funny as hell caricatures.

Ryan in Figi

I am often spotted slinking around his blog via guest posts.

Matthew’s Blog: Build Your Own Blog

4: Harsh Agrawal

Why Follow Harsh?

I swear to goodness, Harsh is becoming so well known I fully expect him to be interviewed on Coffee with Karan the next time I visit India (Remember I *did* travel through India in 2013, for all my Indian blogging buddies).

If you want to learn how to build a community of almost 1 million human earthlings from scratch and crave helpful blogging tips he is your guy to follow. I even snuck onto his blog a few times.

Harsh’s Blog: Shout Me Loud

5: John Chow

Why Follow John?

Other than being a member of the probably yo’ daddy foundation, John is a fabulous guy to follow because he forces you to sprint outside of your comfort zone, into your deepest fears, to make money online.

He and his staff share smart, practical, simple blogging and profit-building tips, but he moves you from thinking of making an extra $5 or $10 to making $100, or $1000, or $10,000. He’s forced me to raise the bar and challenge my way of thinking which I find neat. Zac also featured me on John’s blog which was way cool.

John’s Blog: John Chow Dot Com

6: Pat Flynn

Why Follow Pat?

He probably just made $700 during the time it took me to write this sentence. Ya wanna know why? Pat is a sensational community-builder, value-provider, podcaster and all around great dude who shows you how to build a successful online business with integrity.

Pat’s Blog: Smart Passive Income

7: Brian Clark

Why Follow Brian?

Another blogging icon, like Darren, Zac and Jon Morrow, he helped pave the way for all of us. Brian delivers helpful blogging, writing and copy-themed posts that I have seized and used successful. I vibe with his no-nonsense, clear-cut, confident, humble and down-home blogging style. Sonia and other guest posters stay true to the one of a kind Copy Blogger voice.

Brian’s Blog: Copy Blogger

Ryan in New York City

8: Jon Morrow

Why Follow Jon?

Jon is the creative dynamo behind the classic Boost Blog Traffic, now Smart Blogger. He and his writers are damn good at pressing reader pain points, delivering pleasure-inducing solutions and giving you generous, hefty posts guaranteed to help you build a successful blog.

I weasled my way was mentioned on Smart Blogger recently by my friend Eli Seekins, another dynamic blogger.

Jon’s Blog: Smart Blogger

9: Jeff Bullas

Why Follow Jeff?

Jeff is one of those blogging icons whose presence seems to expand exponentially every day. He is an excellent study in how to share helpful blogging, content marketing and social media posts across a wide range of platforms. The guy and his writers publish incredibly-detailed, thorough posts for your blogging pleasure.

Jeff’s Blog: Jeff Bullas Dot Com

10: Janice Wald

Why Follow Janice?

She runs a first class blogging tips blog at Mostly Blogging chock full of practical advice that you can read, seize and use for your benefit. Janice and her guest posters (you will see me there from time to time; but then again, don’t you almost see me everywhere? I may even be over your shoulder right now.) put out a dizzying array of helpful, usable content.

I always see sky high engagement rates when guest posting on her blog. That’s a community folks!

Janice’s Blog: Mostly Blogging

11: Meg Jerrard

Why Follow Meg?

Meg is a travel blogger deluxe who runs the MASSIVE and ENGAGED We Travel We Blog Tribe on Facebook, of which I am a member.

She gives travel bloggers the gold standard of how to run a travel blog. She provides non travel bloggers a fine collection of experiences through which you can live vicariously. She is also really sweet.

Meg’s Blog: Mapping Megan

12: Enstine Muki

Why Follow Enstine?

He helps you make money online through a wide range of channels but his talents especial are profiting through affiliate marketing and cryptocurrency.

Enstine also has a wide range of knowledge on the technical aspects of blogging, an area where I have the intelligence of a sea cucumber strung out on crystal meth. He is an incredibly nice guy as well. And yes, you will see me trawling around his rocking blog with a guest post or 2.

Enstine’s Blog: Enstine Muki Dot Com

13: Jerry Low

Why Follow Jerry?

He provides a rich library of robust blogging tutorials at Web Hosting Secret Revealed. Example; if you want to buy good web hosting but are on a tight budget check out this detailed guide:

Find Cheap Web Hosting Company That Doesn’t Suck

As has become a pattern with this list he is a wonderful human being, valued blogging resource and established blogging veteran you need to connect with. You have probably seen me on WHSR once. Or twice.

Jerry’s Blog: Web Hosting Secret Revealed

Ryan in Cyprus

14: Kelli Cooper

Why Follow Kelli?

She cooks my meals. If I shout her out she is less likely to poison me, which means you are less likely to lose one of the blogging world’s truly warped minds.

The Real Reason: Kelli – my wife, for the uninitiated – does an excellent job helping you improve your life with real world applications. When someone cuts you off and flips you the bird after you have sat in traffic for 2 hours in 110 degree heat, most of us human beings will not look upon the transgressor with loving kindness.

We will want to pour boiling oil over said dick wad from a Murder Hole. Wifey is incredibly skilled at helping you face, feel and process the wide array of human emotions that arise when life seems ducky and when it seems to go to the pooper.

Kelli doles out real world, honest advice to help you live your dreams despite the nutz/depressing/difficult situations we all face while inhabiting our meat suits. She does it in a funny, entertaining, compassionate and damn genuine way too.

She also publishes a smashing, colorful, popular podcast for the audibly-inclined. And yes, perhaps you have stalked me on her blog from time to time via my guest posts.

Kelli’s Blog: Life Made To Order

Your turn.

What bloggers do you want to add to this list? Do you follow any of these successful bloggers?

Resources For Your Blogging Buddy List

Did you dig this list? I wrote an entire eBook to introduce you to 27 influential bloggers with all different levels of experience so you can make a bunch of inspired, heartfelt, rocking blogging buddies. Buy this eBook and the audio book version below.

If you are a bit confused about how to network or blog comment effectively I tossed in an audio book and eBook resource too for you to buy and enjoy.

Blogging From Paradise Products

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13 Steps to Become an Unstoppable Networki…


Blogging from Paradise: How to Build an Online …

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Thank you so much, Ryan, for offering and agreeing to be on Writing in your Jammies! It’s been a pleasure! Subscribe to Ryan’s blog BloggingFromParadise.com.


















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