Writing Best Practices: Podcast 009

Writing. With a website called “Writing in your Jammies” it’s a little surprising that it’s taken me until now to do a podcast about the actual craft. But hey, sometimes that how inspiration works. If you’ve come to this blog or podcast, it’s probably because you’re either interested in writing or already are a writer….

Podcast 008: Divine Guided Meditation

Divine Am I talking about the spiritual divine or the adjective divine? (i.e. Sweetie, that red leather carryon is so divine!) Well, today’s podcast features a divine guided meditation, and I call it that because it was inspired by the divine (the spiritual version). I’m currently working through a special course developed by blogger, podcaster,…


Alignment can mean many things. Today I’m going to talk about a couple of those meanings. So recently, I was having a really hard time at work. Bet some of you can relate. But Jeannie, I thought you were an author, blogger, and podcaster. Don’t you work from home? Well, no. Not yet. You see,…

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