Ahead of Time: Podcast 026

Ahead of time

Today, ahead of the regular show, I just want to thank everyone who has been listening to this podcast. It’s such an awe-inspiring joy to create this for you – the very act of creating this and sharing my words and my journey with you is a huge privilege. 

Getting my thoughts together for these episodes has been such a beautiful exercise in clarity for me, and I’m so grateful for this opportunity and the technology available now to make this possible. So I want to thank the Universe and God, and I want to thank each one of you. This world is a better, brighter and happier place because you’re in it. 

On with the show…

Recently, I was introduced to this wonderful concept of giving value or creating value ahead of time. I event did a podcast on it already – podcast 11. 

What I mean by creating value ahead of time is providing genuine advice, tips, and help for free to anyone who’s listening or follows my blog.

So instead of holding back information and tidbits of wisdom I’ve learned, I share it here and on my blog so it’s readily available. 

Why would a new entrepreneur give away valuable information ahead of time (and for free)? 
  1. Because it helps you get to know me better and what I have to offer. 
  2. Because this information is too important not to share.
  3. It inspires me and fills me with joy. 

I know you’ve all heard the old adage that to give is to receive, but here’s the funny thing. It is! It really is!

I think we hear this wisdom sometimes during our lives and we just brush it off as trite and false. 

Maybe it sounds too much like a greeting card for us modern and sometimes jaded and cynical humans to hear the truth of it. 

But it is the truth. 

The trick is you have to give with a grateful heart. The trick is you can’t actually believe that it IS a trick. 

If you give of yourself sincerely and with no expectation of getting something out of it, you’ll be floored by what miracles can come your way. 

So if you’re suffering from some kind of lack in your life – whether it be money, love or joy – find something you love and give it away. 

What I’m giving away is the truth I’ve learned. What I’m giving away are tips for writers and authors on how overcome writer’s block. What I’m giving away is this audio content for the sheer fun of it. 

For you, it might be a skill you’ve acquired or a product you created. For you it might be volunteering your time or your resources. 

The feeling that giving freely of yourself ahead of time, no strings attached, is so uplifting. And since part of the Law of Attraction is about raising your vibration, giving ahead of time is a great way to start. 

Something else I’ve started doing is donating more. Since I’ve been struggling financially for most of my life, it’s very important for me to give money to causes I feel strongly about. 

Giving that money when I’m financially strapped shows the Universe that I’m now open to more abundance. I’m showing the Universe that I trust it to have my back. I know the financial resources I need are already coming, so I give. It changes my vibration from one of lack and scarcity and fear to one of plenty. 

It’s such a wonderful feeling.

All those self-made folks out there who have achieved success not only financially but in every other aspect of their lives have done so by changing their mindsets and feelings from fear into love. 

It’s what one of my first mentors Kelli Cooper calls putting your money where your mouth is. 

When you give before you’ve received, you’re showing God/the Universe that you have faith and trust in the process. I realize this isn’t always easy, but it can make a very positive difference in your life.

For example, when my job increased the hours I was required to work but kept my pay the same, I decided not to work the extra hours. I decided I’d rather lose a little pay than spend more of my time toiling unhappily away at a job I’m looking forward to leaving. 

And once I made the decision to stand up for myself and not let the company I worked for abuse me, I received so many more ideas and so much more inspiration about starting my own business.

I found new podcasts, new classes and new mentors to help me along my path to becoming an entrepreneur. And I really do believe it was because I trusted the Universe to provide for me. By trusting in the good outcome coming to me ahead of time, I brought it closer to me much faster.

Another great strategy you can utilize ahead of time is to do an exercise from my coach and mentor Betsy Pake. She has an exercise she calls talking to your future self. 

Imagine that this future version of yourself has already accomplished everything you’re striving to do, has already achieved all the goals and desires you have for yourself – say five years from now.

If you take a moment to get into a more quiet, contemplative state, you can visualize having a conversation with yourself. You can picture talking to this beautiful, confident success who is you.

What would you ask yourself, and what answers might you receive? 

This exercise can be extremely powerful and insightful. If you imagine what you’re thinking and feeling as the future you who has already made your dreams come true, you’re on your way to actually creating it in your reality. 

And by imagining yourself successful, happy and fulfilled ahead of time, you’re doing something Abraham-Hicks calls filling in your grid. You’re preparing your mind for the future you want. 

You’re raising your vibration to what it needs to be to bring the good things you want into your life. 


The amazing thing about doing things ahead of time is how well it works. 

Examples from my own life:

  • I pictured holding my own published novel in my hand
  • Happened March 2016
  • I imagined myself as skinnier and healthier
  • By May of 2017 I’d lost 43 pounds and lowered my blood sugar so much my doctor reduced my medication 
  • I wanted to figure out a way to leave my day job 
  • In the summer of 2017, I received inspiration to start my own coaching business incorporating my love of writing, my writing experience, helping people, and my newfound spirituality

All because I imagined doing it ahead of time. 

So what would you like to imagine ahead of time? Let’s discuss it in the comments!