Alignment can mean many things. Today I’m going to talk about a couple of those meanings.

So recently, I was having a really hard time at work. Bet some of you can relate.

But Jeannie, I thought you were an author, blogger, and podcaster. Don’t you work from home?

Well, no. Not yet. You see, I’m still on my spiritual journey just like you are. I haven’t attained every single thing I’m reaching for yet. Please notice the “yet.” I am getting there.


Back to the story…

That particular day I had worked several days in a row – I regularly work seven days in a row. My manager had been on vacation, and since I’m the assistant manager, that meant every problem then fell to me to sort out. It had been a stressful week. And I’d had a headache for much of it. My back and neck had also chosen that week to throb incessantly.

Fun, right?

So not in alignment.


That day I’d nearly cried at work twice. The other managers were worried about me – they told me later – and were trying not to add to my already large load of duties.

Now being a weepy, miserable ball of despair who is totally not in alignment is not the norm for me. Over the past two years I’ve been working to be more positive and change my outlook as well as my life. So having such a bad day definitely felt like a setback.

The part of my brain that likes to express all my doubts and fears kept telling me horrible things.

“You’ll never be rid of this job, Jeannie.”

“You’ll never get your business off the ground.”

“You’ll never get the money you need to see your dreams come true.”

“You’ll never be able to donate to all those causes you love so much because you’ll never have the money you need.”

“Every Christmas for now until ever will be ruined ’cause you’re gonna be stuck right here.”

You get the gist.

The pain of my back and neck, coupled with that nasty headache was really doing a number on my psyche. I couldn’t think straight – due to not being in alignment either physically or energetically. Even though I did my walk in nature like I always do, the pain in my body remained and things kept going wrong at work. One crisis after another kept happening.

Then, I finally made the decision that changed everything.

Listen to hear what it was…

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2 thoughts on “Alignment

  1. Hi Jeannie,

    You really cannot go wrong with Kelli Cooper. I have admired her work from afar for….geez….almost a decade? She is good. Really good. As a little secret between you and I, I even coach her sometimes 😉

    I feel you on this because as I get clearer, on my intent, I feel where I am unclear. Aka, feeling resistance, limits, fears, neck pain, etc. But on you for sharing this wisdom. Keep on aligning!


    1. Ryan, you’re so sweet to comment! This post in particular really came from my heart because struggling makes the relief we feel when that changes so much stronger and more powerful. I think it also gives my mind the evidence it needs to be more hopeful and trusting of the overall process.
      Thanks again!

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