Anticipation: Create Your Empowered Self Podcast 002

Anticipation: Create Your Empowered Self Podcast 002


Today I’m going to share with you a process – which basically just means an exercise that’ll help you feel good – from Abraham about anticipation.

When you’re working to live the best life you can, it’s important to know how to focus in a way that feels wonderful to you – or least as good as possible.

The reason why we want to feel good – or if you’re in a more negative space, a way to feel better – is because we are deliberate creators of our own realities.

If you feel what I’m gonna call shitty/crappy all the time, chances are that you are not living the life of your dreams.

Far from it.

If you feel shitty/crappy, life is a struggle.

Nothing comes easy to you, and you consider anything you might want to be out of your reach.

You may be thinking that because all those great things are out of your reach is why you feel so bad, but the opposite is true.

You feel bad, which then causes the things that you want to be blocked from your existence.

By feeling shitty/crappy you’ve developed a whole bunch of beliefs that are not serving you.

And the way to turn that around – the way to turn your life around – is to change these beliefs.

Now I once told someone this, and she said that her beliefs were the truth and could not be changed.

And because she believed this, she was right.

She believed her limited finances wouldn’t change, that her ill health wouldn’t change, and she had no control over her future.

Talk about shitty/crappy.

What this lady did not understand was that she was and is in control of her beliefs. 

And therefore, she could – if she wished – change them at any time.

And what I’m going to share with you is a way to create positive anticipation for your future.

Positive Anticipation: Focus Wheel

This process is called a Focus Wheel. 

What you’ll do is draw a circle with ten to twelve smaller circles surrounding it.

You’ll want to leave enough room in all of these circles to write in.

There are two basic belief components essential to this Focus Wheel of Anticipation: I want and I’m willing.

As you go through the creation of this Wheel, remember those two ideas throughout: I want and I’m willing.

Now look at the largest circle in the center.

Write down something that you really want. 

It can be anything, big or small, but write down specifically what it is.

Here are some examples:

  • Money
  • A Soulmate
  • A Successful Career
  • A New Job
  • A Promotion 
  • Friends
  • A Family
  • A Car
  • A Home
  • Health
  • Weight Loss/Fitness
  • A Greater Sense of Satisfaction 

Whatever it is, make sure it feels right for you. 

There is no wrong answer – you can have whatever you want – but you have to feel good about wanting it.

So in these other outer circles, you’re gonna come up with some beliefs that’ll help get what you want.

In order for this to work, you’ll need to be able to believe these beliefs.

So let’s say you want more money.

You put the word money or financial abundance or better finances in your big circle.

What is something you’ll need to believe to cause more money to come to you?

Maybe you think about a promotion  or big raise at your job. 

Good idea, except there’s been a wage freeze at your company. Or maybe you’re currently unemployed. 

Oops! That example won’t work.

How about winning the lottery?

This one might work if you actually believe it’s possible.

But many who say they want to win the lottery don’t even play the lottery.

The litmus test is to see how winning the lottery feels to you. 

If it feels impossible, don’t write it down because you clearly don’t believe in it.

If you feel that sense of excited anticipation – and you actually do play it at least occasionally – then that one could work and you can write it down.

Let’s say that neither of the above examples feel good to you and you’re starting feel a little frustrated.

What I want you to do is go more general – in NLP, we call this chunking up.

What is something you do believe, something you have evidence of that’s positive?

How about, “Good things have happened to me before.”

You can believe that because it’s true.

How about, “I’m willing to believe that if good things have happened to me in other areas of my life, good things can come to me financially.”

That feels true, too, doesn’t it?

That willingness is so important.

Maybe up till now you’ve only ever struggled with money in your life, but if you’re willing to believe that that bad luck can change, you’re on the right track.

Here’s a list of other possibilities for your list – I’ve borrowed a few from a talk Abraham gave (link):

  • Some ideas will come to me
  • It’ll be fun to watch for these new ideas
  • I love getting inspiration 
  • I love feeling inspired 
  • I believe I create my own reality
  • It’s fun to figure this out
  • I feel better already just thinking about this
  • I’ve been a good provider
  • I’m capable of being a good provider 
  • I believe I can expand my beliefs
  • I like the idea of expanding my beliefs
  • I’m willing to believe money can come to me in ways I can’t even understand yet
  • This is a fun thing! 

See how these ideas build upon one another?

See how it’s possible to improve you’re emotional state fairly quickly?

And when you keep the idea of what you want front and center without letting its absence bring you down, you’re on the cusp of creating it in your life! 

Isn’t that exciting? 

I want to share with you a story of some recent issues I had surrounding the changes I wanted to make to this podcast.

As those of you who follow me know, I felt the need to start this new podcast based on my old podcast’s lack of alignment.

My old Writing in your Jammies podcast was originally aimed at writers in need of inspiration, but I realized that’s not actually what I tended to talk about.

So I repurposed my website, Facebook page and this podcast to better align with the subject matter I’ve been discussing all along – personal development and spirituality.

I decided the focus of this podcast now will be to empower you to become a more deliberate creator in your life through the choices you make on a day to day basis, and I can tell from how good it feels that this was the correct decision for me.

I decided to become a Certified NLP Practitioner so I’d have more tools and techniques to help you.

So and the Create Your Empowered Self podcast and Facebook page were born. 

Yay! Making that decision felt so clear and so good!

But then I hit a snag.

First, I couldn’t connect to the iTunes podcast page. 

I tried for two days to no avail.

Then, I came down with the stomach flu. 

That was fun!

So I was sick and stalemated for over a week. 

I found this upsetting because I pride myself on delivering this podcast twice a week like clockwork.

But I began to understand that I had to let that go.

Trying to force things clearly wasn’t working, and having the flu definitely feels shitty/crappy, so I gave up.

I gave up on worrying about the podcast.

I gave up on worrying about my timetable and schedule.

I gave up on worrying period.

I took care of myself.

I did whatever I could to help myself feel better.

When my back hurt and I had severe chills from my fever, I laid on a heating pad to ease it.

I slept for nearly two days straight.

Once I could eat again, I ate what tasted good without thinking about carbs and exercise.

I relaxed.

Once back on the mend, I did things I rarely allow myself to do like get a foot massage and pedicure, go shopping for clothes, and get my hair done.

For several days I didn’t think about work or my business at all, I just concentrated on what would make me feel better in the moment.

Once up to it, I started walking again, amazed with how much better my semi-queasy stomach felt afterwards – who’d a thunk it?

By going within and letting go of my worries, I allowed myself to open up to inspiration and new ideas to flow.

Today, a week after I came down with the flu, I got this idea to try to access my podcast on a different web explorer, and wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am, I was connected again! 

Cool, huh? 

So now my new website and podcast is up and running, and it was so easy to do!

When I stopped fighting it so hard, it was amazing how simple everything became.

My point is this: ease up on yourself.

Let go of the pressure and stress and let yourself do what’s fun.

You’ll still get what you want in the end, and the journey will be so much more enjoyable.

Granted, the flu wasn’t enjoyable, but it made me see how I was still trying to force things. 

As soon as I released the reigns, everything flew right into place.

And now I look forward to my future of helping you and having fun in my life with greater anticipation than ever before.


Have you tried the Focus Wheel before? Or have you ever given up forcing something just to have it fall in your lap like I did? Please share so we can all learn from your unique experience.

Still struggling to understand how all this create your own empowered life stuff works? Sign up for a free mini-session with me here. I’m looking forward to helping you!

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