Baby Steps: Podcast 27

Baby Steps: Podcast 27

Baby steps 

Baby steps are great way to reach any goal.


Because few of us actually climb mountains for a living. 

Not that many of us jump out of planes or bungee jump.

Most of us choose not to handle poisonous snakes or to tame lions.

In other words, the vast majority of people on this planet today are not thrill-seekers, nor are we anxious to risk our lives to try something new. 

Notice how I said we.

I definitely include myself in that large non thrill-seeking, non life-risking percentage.

And yet, I have a dream.

And you probably have a dream, too.

And those dreams are big. 



And reaching those dreams is like 

facing a mountain or a poisonous snake or a roaring lion.

It’s not a walk in the park.

So how do we get there?

Baby steps.

First, we figure out what our dream is. 

Then, we look at different ways we can accomplish such a dream.

If you’re an aspiring author, there are so many different routes you can take now. 

Routes that didn’t even exist a few years ago.

Yes, you can go to the giant publishing houses in New York.

But you can also go with slightly smaller companies and still end up with a paperback book with your name on it in your hand. 

Or you can go through an even smaller ebook only company.

Or you can self publish. 

So many options can actually be a little detrimental.

All those choices can overwhelm us into inaction.

We can run around in circles crying, “What do I do? What do I do? What do I do?”

And nothing gets accomplished, and we don’t reach any goals, and we don’t make any decisions, and our dreams?

They end up forgotten.

Shoved under a bed. 

Left up on a dusty shelf. 

And no one gets to enjoy the beautiful thing you could’ve created.

And that’s true of any dream. 

Maybe you have an idea for something but you don’t know how to pursue it, so you don’t.

Maybe you could help so many people with your dream – just by being who you actually are – but the world will never see that because moving in that direction just scares you too much.

And I get it.

I just took a massive leap in my own professional life. 

And I’m terrified. 

Right now, I am in danger of letting overwhelm and fear totally sideline me. 

Last night I had problems sleeping because my brain kept throwing me into panic mode. 

But you can’t quit your full time job, Jeannie!

Your new teaching job is only part time! (For anyone who was curious, yes, I got the ESL job teaching Chinese children online! Yay!)

Okay, back to my anxiety attack… 

You’re going to lose your house and all the stuff you own! 

You’re going to lose everything you hold dear! 

You’re gonna die, and the world’s gonna end!



So I listened to three different 30 minute guided meditations just to get myself to sleep again. 

And I knew this part was coming. 

I’ve been here before. 

The thing is, before I didn’t have a plan. 

The old me went into a similar situation without any preparation, without any mindset work, and without any faith in herself or this loving and abundant universe of ours. 

And those, dear listeners, are the two things you must have if you really, truly want to follow your dreams. 

A plan and faith.

And my advice?

That plan should be chock full of baby steps.

Baby steps make the impossible possible. 

The crazy, doable. 

If I decided to climb Mount Everest, I would have to have both faith and a plan. 

And the plan would be full of baby steps. 

  1. I would make sure I was in good enough physical shape to accomplish such a task. 
  2. I’d go to the doctor and get his or her advice.
  3. I’d learn about the subzero cold and would I should do to prepare.
  4. I’d get in contact with some experts on mountain climbing.
  5. I’d take some rope climbing classes.

Et cetera.

Baby steps. 

I wouldn’t just fly to the foot of the mountain and expect to jog up to the summit ten minutes later. 

I’d have done my homework.

I’d have created a plan. 

And I’d take baby steps.

And because I’d followed my plan, I’d have more faith in myself. 

The Universe would provide me with inner guidance on how I should follow that plan. 

I might still fail, but I’d have a much better chance. 

A real, solid chance. 

The same is true of your dreams. 

Create a plan with lots and lots of baby steps.

Those baby steps may even be as small as today by noon I will have done this…

And then, commit. 

Follow through. 

Have faith in yourself and in the Universe.

And when you accomplish that first task, pat yourself on the back. 

Put a big check mark by that item on your list. 

Celebrate it. 

Then, turn around the next time and do it again.

Baby steps.

It can work with anything. 

And it will work if you commit to doing it. 

And if you have faith.

For example, I didn’t lose fifty pounds by working out at a gym for eight hours straight every day for a month because I knew I would never commit to that.

What I did was slowly change my eating habits. 

I ate healthier and a little less. 

And after I lost twenty pounds I discovered I WANTED to move more. 

So then I began walking a couple days a week.

Then I started walking every day.

Then I tried jogging and was shocked to find out I liked it.

If someone had told me that I would actually like to jog a couple years ago I probably would’ve laughed out loud. 

But I do.

And I got here by taking baby steps.

Remember that you are a spiritual being in human form.

You are a miracle.

You have unlimited potential.

You just need to actually believe that.

So think about your dream.

Think about what it would take to get there.

Make a plan with little tiny baby steps. 

Start taking those steps one at a time. 

Make each step doable and give yourself a time limit.

Doing this will help when your mind wants to panic and throw you into overwhelm. 

It’ll reward your faith, and the more you believe in yourself and that this Universe is here to support you, the less fear and panic you’ll experience. 

You have the dream you have for a reason. 

There are no coincidences.

Pursuing your dream is about fulfilling your life’s purpose. 

And you can do it.

By having faith and by taking baby steps.

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