Badass Podcast 018

Badass Podcast 018


I want to tell you something really important today… you are a badass. 

Now I realize that may be hard to believe. I know it was for me. 

I grew up in a little tiny town of 1200 people in Arkansas USA. I wasn’t poor per se, but we certainly didn’t have much money. 

Due to the small nature of our community and the distance between us and any metropolitan area, opportunities were limited – or at least, that’s what I thought. 

We didn’t have a Target, for example. 

My point in revealing this to you is that I used to believe that because of that small town upbringing I’d never be anyone important or do anything important. When I was young, I was okay with that. 

I figured I would get married, be a teacher for a little while, then leave teaching to be a stay-at-home mom. 

Other than falling in love and being happy, I didn’t have big dreams back then. 

Rich and famous people seemed so far removed from me that I couldn’t even imagine what their lives must be like. Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous – a show I used to watch – might as well have been about extra terrestrials. It all seemed too impossible for me. 

I’ve since learned, however, that anything is possible for me and everyone else. Not that I particularly want to be famous. Though not having to ever worry about money does have a nice ring to it. I’m so grateful for all that I have and all that I’ve learned.

The thing is I used to limit myself. Many of us do it. We simply believe what society or our families teach us – often with good intentions – to be true. We’re taught that some are meant for greatness but that those folks are few and far between. 

That, dear listeners, is a lie.

All of us are already great. We are spiritual beings choosing to have a human experience. Therefore, no matter who we are, we are capable of amazing things. 

The secret to tapping into this greatness is becoming a badass, or more accurately, believing you are one. 

And you are! You really are! 

You are made of light. You are made of love. You are so powerful that you freaking create your own life with your thoughts and feelings! 

I mean, my God! How crazy wonderful is that?

When we become badasses, we become the incredible beings we were always meant to be. 

We are capable of so much love and joy. We are capable of healing ourselves. We are capable of making our world better, simply be being aware of our true place within in. 

When we use that massive amount of love we all carry to love ourselves, we are rocked to our very foundations. Being petty, or angry at traffic, or frustrated by something a family member did all becomes so unnecessary. 

When you allow yourself to love that beautiful divine creature you are, suddenly it’s easy to love your loved ones even more. It’s easy to love everyone more. 

Being a badass means you don’t apologize for doing the best thing possible for yourself, for taking care of yourself. And the cool thing is it makes it so much easier to give to others.

Loving yourself, ironically, is the most unselfish action you can take. 

So be a badass. Make loving, awesome, badass decisions. Love like a badass. Give like a badass. Be a light unto the world like a badass. 

Go after your dreams like a badass. 

Because the more of a badass you are, the happier you’ll be. The more inspired you’ll be. The more beautiful you’ll be. 

Badasses don’t limit themselves or choose to live small when they’re  meant to live big. Badasses love and live unapologetically. They are completely, 100% themselves at all times. 


So go out into this vast world of ours with the confidence of a badass. This world was created for you, after all. So be that badass and go get it! 

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