Bigger: Podcast 31

Bigger: Podcast 31


Life is so much bigger than we realize sometimes. 

When we stress and worry about the minutiae in our lives, we shrink our worlds down to this tiny yucky little level. 

We have technology that lets us fly, yet many of consider flying as commonplace, even boring.

We have unlimited knowledge at our fingertips 24/7. 

We can do everything from order Christmas gifts to making doctor appointments to ordering a pizza on our phones without ever even speaking to another human being. 

We can read on our phones, write on our phones, create artwork – all on our phones! 

This is beyond Star Trek advanced!

Thanks to social media we can keep in touch with everyone from high school friends to family who live in another country to former coworkers to that awesome leader or celebrity we’ve never even met.

Us authors can write, edit, proofread, format, create a book cover and publish our own novels from our own laptops.

That’s pretty freaking awesome if you ask me.

That’s pretty damn big and impressive.

I mean, we live on a planet where gravity keeps us from just floating away.

Our earth spins at just the right speed and facing the sun at just the right distance to sustain life.

The planets of our solar system are in just the right orbits to avoid collisions or spinning off like rogues into deep space. 

The temperatures are just right to allow trees, plants, animals and us to thrive. 

There’s a perfect rhythm to the seasons depending on where you live, winter slides into spring which melts into summer which morphs into fall. 

Change and growth is the natural order of things. 

Well being is the natural order of things. 

These systems are outside of our control, but they work in absolute harmony.

The moon encircles the earth and regulates our tides so life can live along all the coastlines. 

It’s amazing. 

And it’s big. So much bigger than we remember on a moment to moment basis. 

Think of how you feel when you stare out at the ocean or from the top of a mountain.

When we’re in those places, it’s easier to remember how much bigger the Universe is. 

So the next time you experience some sort of stress, think about the expansiveness of our solar system, galaxy and Universe. 

Let it give you some perspective.

Our lives are precious.

None of us know how long we’ll be here on the planet. 

And we all have a bigger purpose. 

What that purpose is, is something you’ll discover if you haven’t already. 

So don’t get lost in the small stuff like bickering kids, a rude boss, a looming deadline, or a that guy who honked at you earlier.

The Universe is so much bigger than all that.

So are you. 

You are beautiful, powerful, creative, and amazing. 

Within you lies a gift no one else possesses in quite the same way. 

No one has your voice or perspective.

No one communicates exactly like you. 

You are so incredibly special, and the second you accept that, your world will alter.

When you can see all those little things – even if those things are irritating – as creating the meaningful life you have always been meant to have, then you’ll stop sweating the small stuff. 

You’ll start showing up and being the person you’ve wished you could be. 

As my coach Betsy Pake says, you’ll start to live big. 

Living a bigger life means being willing to be uncomfortable.

It means facing your fear, doubt, and that mean little voice in the back of your head that tells you you’re not good enough. 

That mean little voice is an evil little liar. 

So when you hear it, send it packing.

Or correct it. 

Say, you’re just my fear talking, and I don’t have to listen to you. 

So be brave.

Take a step toward your dream. 

Then take another one.

Have faith in yourself and the Universe.

Know you deserve bigger and better. 

And go after it. 

I’d love to help you reach those goals and show you just how awesome you are. 

If my message resonates with you, check out my coaching packages or one-off coaching.

The first thirty minutes is always free.


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