Breakthrough: Podcast 013

Breakthrough: Podcast 013


So recently I experienced a wonderful breakthrough in my business.

All my hopes and dreams suddenly seemed not just possible, but very close and doable.

Totally within reach.

With this new breakthrough in mind, I began making new plans and creating new goals. 

And they didn’t feel far fetched or like a pipe dream.

They felt real.

So I decided this podcast would be all about helping you to make that breakthrough you’ve been looking for.

Step One to Your Breakthrough: Releasing Negativity 

Negativity is an energy that blocks what you want from reaching you. 

We all tend to have areas of negativity in our lives, so don’t beat yourself up for this. 

Negativity comes about as a coping mechanism – and though it’s not overly affective for making us feel better – once we learn other coping techniques, we CAN start to feel better.

The two main areas we feel  negativity around usually invoke either situations or individuals.

If it’s a situation, it’s something we don’t like like a job we feel stuck in or a home we’ve outgrown, for example. 

In the case of an individual, typically this person has hurt us, angered us, or made us sad.

In order to have a breakthrough, we’ll need to move past this negativity. 

One thing you can do is become aware of how the negativity feels in your body.

When that negative feeling appears, place your hand on whatever part of your body is affected. 

For instance, if you feel a knot of tension in your stomach, touch your stomach and say out loud, “I am feeling a knot in my stomach. I can feel it, but I’m okay.”

Try to detach a little and be curious about this sensation. 

Take some deep breaths and see if you can relax to help that tightness dissipate. 

Say, “I would like to release this knot in my stomach.”

Your words clarify your intentions and hold some of the power needed to let go of your negativity.

My next podcast will be a guided meditation designed to further assist you with this process.

And understand that this is a process.

It’ll take time, so be sure to give yourself that time.

The same is true when the negativity surrounds a person in your life – whether this person was part of your past or your present.

The saying, “The truth will set you free,” is correct. 

So if a person is causing you to feel negative emotion, whether it’s anger, sorrow, resentment, irritation, etc., then letting that negativity go is necessary if you want to experience the kind of breakthrough that’ll allow you to feel better.

And feeling better is an important stepping stone to having your dreams come true. 

One way to release the negativity surrounding someone in your life is to write them a letter.

You never have to mail this letter, but expressing how you feel can be very cathartic and healing. 

You can mail this letter if you wish, or you can burn it, bury it in the ground, etc. 

Getting these thoughts out of you and expressing them in your own handwriting can be amazingly powerful. 

It can also be emotional, so make sure you have a pillow you can punch and a box of tissues standing by.

I’ll also release a guided meditation tailored specifically for releasing your feelings involving another person, so stay tuned. 

Step Two to Your Breakthrough: Tell Your Story

Step two is almost the polar opposite of step one, but can be just as crucial. 

One of the things I did that really made a positive difference for me was to tell the story of my perfect future as if it had already happened.

In my case I talked about leaving the day job, dictating my own schedule, having the freedom to take time off whenever I wanted or needed to, and not just creating the life I wanted for myself but helping my clients do the same.

I talked about how good it would feel to go to bed every night knowing I was following my heart. 

I talked about how freeing and fulfilling it would be to meditate, work, eat and sleep based on when I wanted to instead of being beholden to a schedule made by a boss. 

I talked about having so much more time to write, to create podcasts and classes.

I talked about how grateful I was to be a coach and how empowering people to create their own lives to be whatever they want is the best thing ever.

And I talked about all these things as if they were past tense, as if they were a foregone conclusion.

And now one of those big things has started to happen.

It’s fantastic.

And yet I know how painful it is to not have that thing you so desperately want. 

Especially when you feel like you’re trapped in an extremely undesirable situation.

The problem is partly neurological.

NLP explains that when we’re children, we soak up information like a sponge. 

And since we have no life experience at that age, we take whatever we’re learning in without question. 

If we’re taught that money doesn’t grow on trees and is hard to come by – we believe it.

If we’re taught that marriage is full of fighting and ugliness – we believe it.

However, if we’re taught that money is easy to get – we believe that.

If we’re taught that marriage is about happiness, love and support – we believe that.

So the beliefs we develop at that age can be positive or negative, and most of us have both.

But even if they are negative, we have the power – no matter how old we are – to change them.

Something else that happens is our brain is willing to accept new information easily until we’re about 25. 

After that, our brains start to resist change.

Have you ever heard someone who is older say they can’t change because they are “set in their ways?”

The truth is they can, but they may not want to.

Familiarity begins to feel safe as we age, and change starts to feel dangerous. 

But we can still change.

We just need to be aware that our brains are going to throw roadblocks at us.

Our awareness of these roadblocks can make all the difference.

Growth is about change, so when the change we want comes, so does the fear.

If you can anticipate this fear, you can also derail it.

When I first thought about leaving my day job to be a full time coach, my brain screamed at me.

Some of the things it screamed:

  • You’ll lose your house!
  • You’ll end up homeless!
  • You’ll fail!
  • You’ll feel like an idiot!

While these things ARE possible, they’re also worst case scenarios.

What if the only thing that happened was a best case scenario?

Why would I want to stay in a situation I greatly dislike when I have the power and ability to create the life of my dreams?

The same is as true for you as it is for me. 

But you have to be willing to change your beliefs from negative to positive.

Now, when my brain screams, “Not having a regular paycheck is financially irresponsible,” I argue back, “But not pursuing my dreams is even more irresponsible.”

In short, I tell my brain to take a chill pill.

I tell my brain to relax, that I’m the one choosing this and everything is going to be all right.

This is so empowering! 

Step Three: Get a Coach

Now step three is optional, but everyone I know who was able to truly create major breakthroughs in their lives had the support of a life coach. 

I almost can’t express how powerful one on one support can be as you travel along your personal journey. 

I credit my coach with my breakthrough and so do many others who are incredibly successful in their lives.

Now, I believe God/the Universe always has my back, I do.

But having another human being who has been trained as a coach and has already managed to achieve their own success makes a huge amount of difference.

I compare it to learning algebra or a foreign language. 

Yes, you can totally do these things all by your lonesome. 

But is it way easier to have a teacher there to correct you when you make mistakes and redirect you when needed?

Oh, HELL, yeah! 

The same is true with coaching.

Spiritual journeys are beautiful, but they can also be challenging.

Having someone there to be your cheerleader and support system can keep you going when you might quit otherwise.

I hope this podcast helps you to make your own breakthrough. 

And there are lots of coaches out there who specialize in everything from weight loss to money to business to relationships.

I specialize in two areas: writer’s who’ve lost their creative sparks and those just starting out on their spiritual journeys.

So if either of those situations apply to you and these podcasts resonate with you, sign up for a free mini-session. 

Empowering people to make their dreams come true is my passion, and I would love to do that for you! 


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  1. Thanks Jeannie 😉 Facing, feeling and dissolving fears thru the release step you note is where the journey begins. Breakthroughs happen by breaking through the prism/illusion of fear that seems to ensnare much of humanity. Do that and you are on your way to living a rocking life. Super post my friend!


    1. Thanks so much, Ryan! It’s been a fabulous ride, one I’m very grateful to take. Your support is one of the main reasons this breakthrough was possible. Thanks again!

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