Capturing Creativity: Podcast 21

Capturing Creativity: Podcast 21

Capturing Creativity 

So as a Creative Empowerment Coach, I work with writers who are suffering with some sort of block with their creativity. 

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And anytime you see some famous author being interviewed, inevitably, the interviewer asks where their creativity or ideas come from.

Oftentimes, the author will say, “I don’t know,” or they’ll mention past experiences, or they’ll say, “the idea just came to me.”

Any of these answers may be true to a point. 


The way our creativity really comes to us is through being aligned with our inner selves.

And if we’re not aligned, our creativity may be affected in a negative way.

This lack of alignment may not even be writing related. 

If something else in our lives is causing us to experience stress, negativity, resentment, anger, sorrow or some other soul-crushing problem, then our creativity can easily disappear.

Some sort of emotional upheaval that doesn’t resolve itself quickly can steal away that well of inspiration we writer’s draw from. 

It could be a relationship – romantic or otherwise – falling apart.

It could be the death of someone we love.

It could be a move – especially if a lot of distance is involved.

It could be difficulty with our children or other member of our family.

It could be a medical diagnosis.

It could be professionally related, like a day job taking too much time or being too stressful. 

Or it could be directly related to writing and publication like a looming deadline causing us to freeze up in overwhelm. 

Any number of issues can arise in our lives that can rob those of us who write or create of our muses. 

And few things scare a Creative more than a lack of ability to create. 

It’s like a long distance runner suddenly losing her legs – without having that essential component, she may feel like she’s not a runner anymore. 

I have heard this from authors before. 

Their lack of creativity makes them wonder if they’re no longer allowed to call themselves writers anymore.

If this is you, please know this.

If you write or have ever written, and want to be considered a writer, no one and no circumstance can ever take that away from you.

Just because you struggle with something doesn’t mean you have lost.

Life is a gift and a journey.

But no one promised us that our journeys would always be smooth. 

There will be bumps in the road, blind curves that come from out of nowhere and even the occasional flaming car wreck in front of us. 

But those difficulties do not have to mean that our journeys are over. 

And they don’t have to mean that we have to give up what lights us up inside either.

What it means is that we are all here to learn.

We are all here in this human existence to develop and grow and evolve. 

We’re here to become more than we have been.

And sometimes that is hard. 

Sometimes, capturing our creativity is hard.

But you are never alone. 

All of us are connected by sharing this experience together. 

We are also connected to that higher power – whether you call it God or the Universe or Source or whatever – there is always this kind, benevolent and loving energy here with us, supporting us every day.

The key is to remember that connection is there. 

It is within us – each of us. 

It’s not like God speaks to VIP members only. 

We are all VIPs in reality.

We are all doing this important work of learning and expansion. 

So listen.

Listen to that inner guidance that all of us have access to. 

I have to do this myself.

I recently came to a personal crossroads – one which I believe to be incredibly important to the direction of my life.

As those of you who’ve listened to this podcast already know, I am transitioning from full time day job to full time coach and writer.

And because I once attempted to do something similar before and failed – I left teaching with no job waiting for me in the awning – I have this mitigating fear that I will fail.

That if I leave the day job that I pretty much hate – the one that has sapped me of so much of my creativity over the past seven years – I will fall flat on my face financially.

That I’ll put my home, car and all my possessions in jeopardy. 

I have this fear because it happened to me before – or at least it almost happened.

While I didn’t lose any of those things I just mentioned, I lived in absolute panic that I might at the time. 

I experienced pure unadulterated terror and full blown anxiety attacks back then.

And due to those memories, I have no desire for a repeat.

But here’s the thing. 

I’ve learned a great deal about myself and this vast universe since that time. 

I’ve learned that I am 100% supported now and forevermore. 

I’ve learned that I can experience things like fear, panic and even anxiety attacks and live through them.

  • My creativity did not abandon me despite experiencing all of those scary emotions.
  • And even working a job I greatly dislike did not stop me from getting traditionally published a couple of years ago.

I’ve learned that even though things looked dark and terrifying back then, everything ultimately turned out okay.

  • Nothing was ruined. 
  • I didn’t become homeless. 
  • When times were at their most desperate, an opportunity did arise. 
    • And when I took that opportunity and fear sabotaged me, making me fail (I’m clearly not meant to be a door-to-door insurance sales lady), I survived it. 

Did it hurt to fail?


Did I cry and doubt myself?


Did I still cone out the other side resolved to pick myself up and try again?


This is how I know I’m going to succeed now where I failed before. 

Because this time, I know I can face my fears. 

I know my fear doesn’t have the power to defeat me unless I let it.

Unless I give it that power.

I understand so much more about how this universe actually works now. 

Back then, I didn’t know even half of what I’ve come to understand.

So when fear starts to nip at my heels, making my heart race and my pulse do a backflip, I’ll take a moment to do these three things:
  1. I’ll take several deep breaths. Inhaling for eight counts. Holding for three counts. And releasing for eight counts. 
  2. I’ll remind myself that I am never alone. That the Universe always has my back. That everything that happens is happening FOR me not against me. Not to me.
  3. I’ll repeat a mantra that reminds me that I am an empowered spiritual being made of love and light. Maybe it’ll be: “Opportunities open up for me everywhere I look.” Or maybe it’ll be: “Prosperity and abundance are showing themselves to me in obvious ways.” Or maybe it’ll be: “I am connected to God and have nothing to fear but fear itself” – never a bad idea to throw some Roosevelt in there after all.😉

I may take another day job that is less stressful and allows me to baby step my way to my heart’s desire.

I may do some online job to supplement my income so I can focus more on coaching.

I may move forward in my plans to create an online course – something I’ve been planning to do for a while now.

But whatever happens, I will not give up. 

I did not come this far to only come this far.

And neither did you.


Follow your dreams!

Be brave and bold and do what you really want to do! 

Do you need to baby step it like I often do?

Check out my coaching page and see if any of my various packages or one-off coaching sessions feel good to you. 

If they resonate, book a free mini-session, and together, we’ll bulldoze right through those fears.

You can create the life of your dreams! And you don’t have to do it alone. (I certainly haven’t!) 

Sometimes your greatest resource is talking to someone who has been there, done that. I know it has greatly helped me!

Also, check out my blog about creativity over at the Sisterhood of Suspense blog that I mentioned on the podcast.

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