Clearing: Podcast 40

Clearing: Podcast 40


This Serene Saturday I would like to discuss a slightly heavier topic: the topic of clearing.

And what I mean by clearing is reducing or eliminating those negative emotions we hate so much.

All that fear, pain, anxiety, guilt.

Shame, panic, disappointment, resentment.

Anger, doubt, overwhelm.

All the shitty-crappy.

I am now in the process of wrapping up a certification in that offers my clients and myself measurable results, and I’m excited to share it with you.

This process is called EFT Tapping.

The EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Technique, and it’s been clinically proven to work.

The connection between the mind and body is a real one, and treating those two together is far more effective than treating one alone.

The tapping technique allows people to release their emotional blocks around whatever has been causing pain in their lives.

Writer’s block, physical pain, money blocks, emotional blocks around relationships, career blocks, confidence and worthiness issues…

All of these can be greatly helped with EFT Tapping. 

I am thrilled to be able to offer this to my clients.

And in conjunction with the NLP techniques, guided meditations, and affirmation tools I already use, I know I can help my clients achieve the results they’re looking for.

I’m also opening up a new six month coaching package which I’m calling my Empowered Results Package. 

Along with my six week Rejuvenation for Writers and Spiritual Empowerment Packages, I’m happy to offer hourly one on one coaching, personalized meditations, affirmations and rampages. 

So if you’re struggling to create and can’t figure out why…

If you have a block…

If you’re procrastinating and never feel inspired like you used to…

Go to my coaching page at or email me at

I’d love to help you! 

I’m going to finish today’s broadcast with a brief guided meditation in clearing out that which is no longer serving you. 

As always, please listen and participate in this only if it safe to do so. 

This time, think the words of this meditation in your own point of view as I say the words softly out loud.

Let’s begin:

Clearing Guided Meditation

I start this meditation with an intention to clear any and all negativity from my system. 

As I take a deep breath, I imagine I am breathing a beautiful light blue light of healing down into my lungs.

As I exhale, I blow out any heaviness or stress and picture it leaving my body in a dark charcoal gray cloud.

I am releasing and clearing this heaviness and stress.

I no longer need it.

Now I imagine that same light blue light covering me like a shield.

It surrounds me, protects me.

Nothing can hurt me now.

The blue light seeps into my skin, saturating every pore of my body with healing and peace.

It seeps in further, gliding its way into my heart and mind.

There, it finds any negativity and starts clearing it away.

Any sorrow or loss.

Any physical pain or disease.

Any doubt or judgment.

Any hate or hurt.

Any distress of any kind, all of it is clearing itself from my system.

Clearing itself like water from a pure mountain stream, pristine and untouched.

I feel the clearing happening.

The energy flowing through my system.

I feel the lightness of it wash through my head and down through my face. 

It flows down my neck and shoulders and down each arm.

It flows across my back and stomach, down my hips and legs. 

It flows out of my hands and feet simultaneously, leaving nothing behind but joy and a deep sense of absolute calm.

I love this feeling!

It feels so good!

This clearing has prepared me for all the good that’s about to enter my life.

I am about to experience clarity, prosperity, productivity and love more profoundly than I ever used to think possible.

I take some time to appreciate this incredible gift.

The gift of clearing.

The gift of opening myself up to new opportunities, inspiration and simple pleasures. 

I feel all those wonderful things approaching me from a million different directions at once.

And I smile. 

It’s a genuine smile that is deeply felt. 

And then, happily anticipating what’s coming…

I open my eyes. 

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