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Are you a writer, author or creative who is struggling to create?

Maybe you want to be published but can't seem to finish your first draft or your edits. Maybe you are published, but something has changed in your life - a medical diagnosis, a loss, or other emotional upheaval - and now, you can't write.

Maybe things have not gone as well for you in the publishing world as you'd hoped, and now when you sit down to write or create, you just can't.

Maybe you're an artist, musician or other creative, but due to some career or life change, you've lost your mojo.

I am here to help.

I am a strong believer in the principle of "as within, so without." In other words, if you are struggling with something internally, trouble will likely manifest externally.

As a student of the Law of Attraction, Empowerment Coach and a Certified NLP (Neuro-Linguisitc Programming) Practitioner, I have the spiritual practices, processes and tools that can help you gain and maintain a more positive mindset.

My nonfiction books, my blog, my podcasts, and my coaching services are all dedicated to demonstrating how you can change your mindset to become the happy human being I know you want to be.

Change can be scary - or downright hard, frankly - but having guidance and a willing ear ready to listen can make all the difference.

I love working with writers and other creatives because I'm one, too. I have written six books so far, a traditionally published romance novel, a self-published fiction novella, and four self-pubbed nonfiction eBooks, so I can relate to the struggles that come with writing and creating for a living.

If you want to rejuvenate your creativity and passion, I invite you to work with me. If you want to find more joy and fun in your life, I invite you to work with me. If you're looking to make a positive, permanent change in the way you look at your creative pursuits, and at yourself in general, I invite you to work with me.

I coach over the phone, email (if you like more privacy), or Zoom (face to face video) for easy access without any unnecessary travel. This gives us the advantage of being able to work together no matter our locations.

You are a powerful being, and I can show you how realizing that power can give you everything you've ever wanted.

I also understand the trials and tribulations of losing weight, dealing with an unfulfilling job, and stepping bravely into the world as a new entrepreneur. Whatever your struggles, there is a spiritual solution, and together, we can tap into it.

If you are interested in any of these services, scroll down for pricing. At the bottom of this page is a link to my scheduling page where you can book whatever product or service you would like. 

The first thirty minute mini-session is always free.

To schedule an appointment, just look for the blue "BOOK NOW" button at the bottom of this page.

Giving with a grateful heart

Giving is good for both the heart and the soul. I happily donate 10% of all of my coaching proceeds to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.

Giving feels so good on a spiritual level, and I am thrilled that my work can help in some small way to end childhood cancer.

I know we are going to do some magical work in this world together!

Coaching Packages

I offer a variety of tools, techniques and packages designed to help you. I have my six-month Empowerment Results Package, and two six-week packages listed below. I believe in over-delivering to provide the greatest value, so all my coaching packages offer:

  • weekly coaching sessions for the duration (either six months or six weeks)
  • weekly worksheets and exercises that allow you to take the kind of action that breaks through blocks
  • one personalized guided meditation
  • one personalized affirmation
  • unlimited email support for the duration of the package
  • My six-month Empowerment Results Package also focuses heavily on EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) Tapping

Empowerment Results Package (6 months)

This package is my long term transformational package. We will focus on shifting your negative limiting beliefs through tapping, then once those are cleared, we'll use other spiritual techniques, including guided meditation and affirmations to get you in alignment with the Law of Attraction. Working with these two main principles can offer some amazing results.

I believe deeply in this system. Clearing negative beliefs is what allows the Law of Attraction to send you the good you're looking for rather than what you don't want.

No matter what type of block you have, whether it's writer's block, money blocks, relationship blocks, worthiness issues, etc., this system gives you the time and opportunity to see real positive change and growth. If you're willing to face your blocks and put in the work, this program offers lasting results and transformation.

USD $3,000

  • Weekly Payment Plans of $125 Available
Rejuvenation for Writers Package

My Rejuvenation for Writers six-week package is focused on helping authors break through any blocks they may have with their creativity.

Because I am an author myself and am familiar with the challenges and joys of the writing process, I am the perfect coach for writers.

My writing experience includes being published by a traditional publisher, becoming self-published, writing fiction, writing nonfiction, as well as writing novels, novellas, and short online eBooks.

This experience enables me to see your writing dreams from many different perspectives.

If you are a writer struggling with your creativity, my Rejuvenation for Writers package is here for you! The first thirty-minute mini-session is free.

USD $750.00

  • Weekly Payment Plans of USD $125 Available
Spiritual Empowerment Package

My Spiritual Awakening Package is a six-week package designed to help those who are in the beginning stages of their spiritual journeys.

Are you someone who has spent a lifetime believing life was supposed to be a certain way, only to end up feeling unfulfilled or even miserable?

Were you raised with a belief system that you have now come to question and have decided is no longer serving you?

Do you feel like there is more to life than what you can physically see, but don't know how to proceed?

My Spiritual Empowerment Package is all about guiding you along those first steps of realizing who you really are.

If you're like I was and once believed that "putting yourself last" is how you should live your life, that everyone else's happiness should come before your own, that money is the root of all sin, and that happiness comes from things like a relationship/a nice house/new cars/and lots of other external things, I can sympathize.

I will show you the truth - that always putting yourself last will ultimately leave you exhausted and unable to give anything to anyone.

So, if you're ready to explore your internal beliefs so that your external world can improve vastly, this is the program for you! The first thirty-minute mini-session is free.

USD $750.00

  • Weekly Payment Plans of USD $125 Available
Single Hour Long Coach Sessions

If you feel like you need some assistance, but aren't looking for a package, I also offer single hour long coaching sessions.

The way these will work is after we discuss what your needs are in your complimentary thirty-minute mini-session, we will focus on whatever areas you are looking to improve in your life.

A single session is the way to go if:

  • You are curious about coaching and whether it can help you
  • You are limited on time
  • You are limited on funds
  • You feel like an hour of focused conversation could really make a difference for you

It is truly amazing how much clarity and understanding you can receive from just a single coaching session - I can personally attest to that with my own coaches - so this is a great way to stick your toe in the water. The first thirty-minute mini-session is free.

USD $100.00

Personalized Meditations, Affirmations & Rampages

If you're familiar with my podcasts, then you may already be familiar with my guided meditations, affirmations and rampages.

I am a firm believer than change must be outside-in, or in other words, you must change your internal core belief systems before you'll be able to manifest what you want in the "real" world.

For example, if you had a parent abandon you when you were young, you may be struggling to manifest a happy romantic relationship now. If deep down you believe that those you love will leave you, it may be difficult for you to risk loving someone.

That is where guided meditations, affirmations and rampages of appreciation come in.

Guided meditations are visualizations with soft music that help you reach that deep part of yourself where that limiting belief resides. With these gentle guided meditations, you can begin the process of changing your beliefs into ones that will serve you, rather than keep you from what you want most.

Affirmations are also set to music and are essentially positive sayings. Whereas with a meditation you simply listen, with an affirmation you actively participate by repeating these positive words yourself - either out loud or within your own mind. Like a meditation, an affirmation can help you to change your internal beliefs so you become empowered enough to create the life of your dreams.

A rampage of appreciation is a technique/tool created by Abraham-Hicks. It is basically a rapid-fire set of affirmations that builds and builds upon itself until the energy and positive feelings crescendo at the end. The key to these is appreciating what you have and what you will have by focusing on what you want. When you listen to a rampage, it leaves you feeling so high and happy that many times you can't help smiling or laughing out loud with joy.

Why should I order a personalized meditation, affirmation or rampage from you, Jeannie?

Personalized processes like these help transformations happen in a faster manner. I use your name and address the specific issues you are experiencing. There is great power in hearing your name and having your problems addressed in such a way.

It is basically the difference between someone answering a general question:

General Question: 

What's a good way to lose weight?

General Answer:

Love yourself, eat healthy, and exercise

To a much more specific one:

Specific Question:

How can I as a diabetic with an injured foot lose weight?

Specific Answer:

Since you'll likely be unable to be up on your feet, I would advise some simple movements you can do from a sitting or laying position that won't put any stress on your foot. Here's a diagram.

Also, since you are diabetic, the important thing to remember with food is that you'll need to increase your protein and limit your carbohydrates. Focus on healthy meats or proteins that stick to your ribs and make you feel full and satisfied. Vegetables are great, too, since you can eat them in an almost unlimited amount.

For self care, I would advise doing something you find relaxing, whether it's taking a scenic drive, a warm bath, reading a fun book, or watching a movie you love. Doing all of these things together will help lower your weight and help you to feel better.

See the difference?

The same is true of internal change. So if you're interested in ordering a personalized meditation, affirmation or rampage, scroll to the bottom of the page and hit the blue "BOOK NOW" button. It will take you to my scheduling page and allow you to put in your information and create an order. At that time, you can also schedule a free thirty-minute mini-session if you'd like, so we can discuss your needs further.

If you would rather just order a personalized meditation, affirmation or rampage, simply email me here with your details:

I accept payment through Paypal.

Thirty-Minute Long Personalized Guided Meditation

USD $45.00

Thirty-Minute Long Personalized Affirmation

USD $45.00

Ten-Minute Long Rampage of Appreciation (due to the intense energy of these, rampages will be shorter)

USD $25.00

If you want more than one of these meditations, affirmations or rampages, I can create one around several specific needs. You are welcome to order as many as you would like.


To sign up for any of my coaching services or products, please hit the blue BOOK NOW button below. You will enter your time zone, enter a time on the schedule, and everything will be set!

I'm looking forward to working with you!



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