Creating Value: Podcast 011

Creating Value

Creating value is an essential part of making your dreams come true.

I’m a strong believer in the law of attraction because I’ve received so much joy and comfort from my study of this teaching.

One thing that I believe is allowing more good things to come into my life is my ability and decision to create value for others.

Creating value specifically helps money come into my life, so my focus today will be on this principle. 


So, as I sit here drinking my hot tea, I’m thinking about the two parts of my life that seem to not go the way I want. It’s always the same two:

  • career
  • money 

Not that I’m not seeing some shifts. But I’m still in a day job when I’d prefer to spend my time focusing on being an entrepreneur. 

Finances and my fear of not having a regular paycheck have kept me from taking the leap, even though I know God/the Universe has my back. Even though I’ve been trying to alter my mindset in this area, I recently realized I haven’t changed it in the right way.

I say positive affirmations to myself about money and abundance daily. I have money and abundance on my vision boards. I feel gratitude for everything I have.

But I couldn’t figure out why I’m not seeing enough of a financial increase to quit my day job.

I was listening to a new podcast by Brooke Castillo at the life coach school and she mentioned that money isn’t about time or effort – which is what most of us with money issues believe – money is about value.

If you create value – whether working for someone else or for yourself – you’re drawing more money into your life. We should love what we do, because creating value is a joy.

So even though I was saying things to myself like “I love money” and “money comes to me easily,” I haven’t received much because my mind is also screaming, “I hate my job!”

I’ve learned that I have to change that self talk not only where money is concerned, but also where my job is concerned. Why? Because they’re so interconnected. 

So instead of focusing on how many days I have to work in a row or how many extra hours I’m required to put in, I need to focus on loving my job and finding value – not because I want to stay there, but because I don’t. 

I had already started to focus on the positive aspects of my job like enjoying who I work with, accomplishing goals, etc. Now, I’m dropping the whole “hate” thing so I’ll stop locking away the abundance and blocking it from reaching me here in the physical world. 


Sometimes to manifest what you really want, you have to pay attention to all the different energies in your system. 

Like, I thought I was being positive about money and couldn’t understand why my financial situation wasn’t changing. 

But now I see that by looking at my job as a burden and something that was actively holding me back because of the time required, I’ve been unintentionally blocking that particular manifestation. 

If you’re like me and you have some negative beliefs about money or your job, you may also need to dive deeper into your feelings so you can release that negativity.

Another thing Brooke talked about was giving value ahead of time.

I’m now offering my services as a life coach, but I’m also giving value to those of you listening to this by sharing what I’ve learned here and now. For free.

I don’t charge anything for my podcast, I just want to give this information to anyone who might need it.

I also offer value in my blog and in my free newsletter. 

Not only do I share positive tidbits and info there, I also provide this great cheatsheet that helps you define your dreams.

So by giving value in several different ways, I’m opening myself to more positive and abundant energies. I’m inviting them to enter my life by being of service. 

I also loved how Brooke defined “being of service.”

For some of us, that phrase may not feel so awesome. Maybe it feels yucky.

Like I don’t want to live in destitute poverty like Mother Theresa, I want a different life – and that’s fine. 

Another of my mentors Kelli Cooper would say, we each have our preferences and there’s nothing wrong with that.

Being of service doesn’t mean you have to live like Mother Theresa did. To quote Brooke, “Being of service means to be the best version of you possible.” 

So if the thought of being a nun doesn’t fill you with excitement and joy, no worries. 

Maybe it does, and that’s great, but we all have our unique contribution to make to this existence and whatever you choose is perfect for you.

For me, I want to help others make progress on their spiritual journeys and I’ll do that through life coaching, blogging, podcasting and writing books. 

That’s what brings me joy and happiness in my career. And that’s different from what I thought I wanted to do a year ago.

I’m a work in progress.

I’m constantly evolving and so are you. 

I used to think sitting at home and writing dark romantic thrillers would make me happy, but I’m discovering that I want more than that.

You may be the same way. Maybe you thought something would make you happy, but it didn’t. Maybe you’re not even sure what you really want.

Maybe it feels scary to even consider thinking about your dreams because you haven’t allowed yourself to do that in a long time.

Maybe you’ve never allowed yourself to do that. 

Your happiness is in your own hands – no one else’s – so if you want to be happy, you’ll need to start to make choices that allow that happiness in.

You choose how you feel, but it’s hard to feel happy if nothing in your life is how you want it to be.

You can make the changes.

You can decide to go after what you want.

What you think will dictate how you feel, which then dictates what you do.

And it’s easier to feel satisfied and happy when you’re creating value by doing something you love. 

So decide.


Do you want to be happier? 

You can begin that journey right now. 

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