Dance by Special Guest Host Ryan Biddulph

Dance by Special Guest Host Ryan Biddulph

Doing this Delicate Daily Dance Will Help You Live Your Wildest Dreams


I walk a delicate dance daily.

Almost like balancing on a razor’s edge.

At 10:10 PM on a Thursday night I am walking this edge right now.

The dance?

I teeter between following my fun and diving into my fear.

I LOVE writing. I have fun writing. So right now, I am having loads of fun writing this fun guestie for fun-loving Jeannie.

But I also see that little devil on my shoulder as the words flow. The sinister little satan that I sometimes need to face and embrace, for me to dive into my fear.

Right now, that fear involved me not getting enough sleep tonight or not settling in with my customary 10 PM Netflix viewing, or, knowing I won’t dive into my evening reading until 10:30 PM or 11 PM or…..later. As these fear ideas grew in my mind I saw myself getting sick, getting burned out or running into struggles tomorrow because I pushed it a little too much today.

Factor in that I watched my 1 year old niece tonight, who is an energetic as a racehorse on PED’s spiked with espresso/greenie/Red Bull cocktail and you get the idea I was a busy bee today. As I am virtually every day.

So yeah; big old allegedly fearless, allegedly always happy and fun-loving, allegedly robotic in his writing ways Ryan does feel fear, and has to dive into his fears regularly, especially when he fears writing about himself in 3rd person (fear conquered).

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The Delicate Dance

Devote most of your energy to following your fun. Do what feels good to you. Do what you love.

But sometimes you will deviate a bit from your fun to dive deeply into your fears. Not because you need to dive into your fears. Not because you want to dive into your fears. But because being the person who lives a fun, freeing, inspired life involves diving headfirst into deep fears.

This is a delicate dance performed by most happy folks.

Think of it as the “2 F 2 Step”. No; you didn’t just happen upon Cinemax at 2:30 AM. The “2 F 2 Step” involves dancing between your greatest FUN and your deepest FEARS.

I love writing so much. But when I thought of writing this guest post a few strong fears popped up immediately in my mind.

Ryan, if you don’t get enough rest you will burn out, or get sick, or lack the energy to be the inspired dynamo ya gotta be tomorrow.”

A few other fears flooded in, based on the fact I already wrote 2 guest posts today in addition to writing my next post for Blogging From Paradise in addition to the 7 hours of networking I already put in today.

This is not a pity party for me. I know some folks would want to reach through the interwebs with a Vaudevillian cane to yank me from the cyber stage to beat me into a bloody pulp, when I appear to be complaining despite the fact that I change time zones like most folks change their minds as I circle the globe.

This is simply a real world example of how all of us experience fears, and how we must dance between doing what feels fun and awesome and doing what frightens us, whether it scares the daylights out of us or is a less aggressive but still very real fear.

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The Tipping Point

If you only did fun stuff you would need to be a cyborg or enlightened to live an incredibly freeing, fun, dream life. Because all human beings are scared, sometimes, and we all have fears.

Robots do not have fears. Enlightened beings have fears but move more effortlessly in the direction of fear because they don’t identify with their feelings, said feelings losing intensity.

Your tipping point is when you persistently follow your fun until an intriguing but terrifying idea flashes across your mind. Could be starting a blog. Or writing your first eBook.

For me, starting my blog, writing my first eBook, starting my blog consulting business, starting my freelance writing business and creating my first course were all terrifying ideas to me. I deeply feared doing all of these things.

If I only followed my fun I would have avoided doing these things I feared doing.

Imagine where my life would be if I never did these things? Sure as hell wouldn’t be where I am now.

But by feeling the seed of excitement and fun in those terrifying ideas I passed the tipping point, dove into these scary ventures, felt uncomfortable, fumbled things a bit, fell flat on my face, but developed my skills in these areas and eventually had loads of fun doing these things as I gained confidence and clarity in these areas.

The tipping point? All you need is a seed. The seed of fun.

If just a smidge of something feels fun to you, dive the frick in. You may not always see the venture through; heck, maybe you’ll know it ain’t an energetic match after a few minutes or hours but you’ll quickly see that by following that seed of fun amid a jungle of fear you may just turn the tables, where the seed of fun grows into a jungle of joy, love, fulfillment and freedom, while the overwhelming fear you once experienced vanishes entirely.

Which is pretty much how my blogging career, my writing career and my life came into form.

All because I did the delicate dance that helped me live my dreams.

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Thank you so much, Ryan, for this wonderful guest post!

Everyone, Ryan Biddulph is a best-selling author, blogging expert, and world traveler. He has over 120 eBooks on Amazon and a gorgeous website with lots of great blogging and personal development stuff at Click on his site name or the covers of any of his books to find our more!

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Have you tried facing your fears in order to have more fun? Or do you have another question for Ryan? Please post them in the comments below. 🙂

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