Decisions: Podcast 21

Decisions: Podcast 21


When I first discovered the Law of Attraction (LOA) through the Secret movie, I was emotionally blown away by it. I believe the information offered in the Secret is amazing, and give it a huge amount of credit for starting me out on my spiritual journey. The decisions I began making made a massively positive difference in my life.

One thing I didn’t realize, though, was that there was one important component of the teaching that was missing. 

While the Secret movie and book are full of beautiful imagery, inspirational quotes and wisdom, the main LOA teaching it focused on was ask, believe, receive. 

These are lovely teachings, and they’re true to a point. The problem with this interpretation of the LOA is that asking and believing may not be enough to bring happiness and fulfillment into your life. 

Yes, you might manifest something fabulous. You might receive something you’ve been wanting. Maybe. But getting a car, a house or even a spouse isn’t going to make you truly and blissfully happy, in and of itself. 

The only way to achieve that is through digging down deeper. By seeking that happiness from within yourself. By being brave and bold and going after your dreams.

The main way we are able to do this as human beings is through our decisions. 

We all make thousands of decisions every day. But sometimes those decisions are made on auto pilot. 

For example:

Oh, there’s a fast food joint right across from where I work, I’ll just eat there.

That jerk just cut me off! Let’s see how he likes it!

God, I can’t wait for my next day off. This job is so boring. 

(Or unfulfilling. Or menial. Or stressful. Or exhausting.)

Notice that decisions are being made in each of these situations, but they’re maybe not the best decisions we can make for ourselves. 

Is eating fast food a good idea, especially if you’re like me and turn it into a habit? There are periods from my past when all I ever ate was fast food. 

It was easy and fast and tasted good. I let myself fall into a pattern of being conveniently unaware of my weight going up and up and up. 

And as the 233 pound version of me who was told she was now a diabetic could tell you, that wasn’t a good decision. 

What about the jerk who cut you off in traffic? You may go after them, thinking angrily that turn about is fair play. But what will that kind of decision-making get you?

Anything from the other driver’s finger flipping you off to a ticket from a cop to a dangerous accident. 

Again, we must make ourselves aware in the moment. Is it annoying to be cut off? 


But is it worth losing your sanity or even your life over? 

Of course not!

How about the boring – or insert a different derogatory adjective here – job. 

Sure, most people look forward to time off, even if they really enjoy their jobs. But if you find yourself staying with a job you dislike or even despise…

Look at your decision-making process.

Why are you staying in a situation you find unfulfilling or stressful? 

There are no right or wrong answers here, what you’re looking for is the reason why. 

Maybe you’re doing this job because you need the extra pay for a few weeks or months. It’s temporary, so it’s no big deal. 

Maybe you feel like there are no other jobs out there. Is that really true? Have you looked? And if you have, what were you thinking and feeling when you made the decision to go on that job hunt?

If you doubted any jobs would open up for you – or feared that you weren’t good enough to find the job you actually want – then you’ll need to adjust your mindset to change your situation for the better.

Our decisions determine our future in the same way that our actions lead to our results. If you make the decision to eat fast food every day, you’re going to receive a certain result. The question isn’t whether the decision is right or wrong. The question is whether taking that action will give you the result you want. 

So you can choose the fast food and relieve your hunger in the short term. That’s fine. 

But doing that action over and over again long term may well lead to a result you could do without. 

So look at your life right now.

Is there anything you’d like to change?

If so, you can follow the precepts of the LOA to change it. Figure out what you really want and ask for it. Believe with all your heart you can have it. 

Here’s the trick: believing can be hard. 

Many of us feel unworthy or undeserving of what we want. So while we think we want our lives to be better, we often feel we don’t deserve that better life deep down. 

And this is where our decisions and actions come crucially into play. 

Wishing for something and waiting for it to magically appear is highly unlikely to make whatever we want show up. It is possible. But most of us are too skeptical of such an idea to ever believe in it deeply enough to manifest from that space.

Some decisions and actions that can help you get into that space are: 
  • Visualizing yourself as already having it
    • Mike Dooley from the Secret mentions visualizing yourself in the car of your dreams and feeling the emotions of that experience
  • Feeling the feelings of having it
  • Learning to love yourself enough to believe you’re worthy of it
  • Meditating on it
  • Change your negative thoughts into positive ones
  • Making a plan with lots of doable baby steps 
  • And then following that plan all the way through 

One thing I’ve learned is that the mind needs to be engaged in actively doing something. Your mind is always going to run and run with thoughts about your life. 

Why not use that energy to plan and reach your goals rather than letting it keep you up at night with fears and worries about what feels yucky in your life at the moment. 

So again…
  • Ask
  • Believe 
  • Make decisions from a happy place
  • Follow through with the inspired action that will then come to you
  • Receive 

Simple, right? LOL! 

The idea is actually simple. The issue is as Morpheus from The Matrix says, “There’s a big difference between knowing the path and walking the path.”  

You can change your thoughts and beliefs. Changing those are – at least in my experience – the hardest or most time-consuming parts. 

But you can do it. 

Make decisions that lead to actions that will make your dreams come true. 

Again, it may take some time. Not because the Universe is dragging its divine feet, but because our beliefs often block what we want out of fear. 

But you can overcome that fear. 

And once you do, look out world! 

Want some help overcoming your blocks or fears? Go here to get your free mini-session with me. We’ll figure out the solutions to finding your dreams together! 


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