Deliberate Creation: Podcast 1

Deliberate Creation: Podcast 1

Deliberate Creation

Today, I’d like discuss the spiritual Law of Attraction concept of being the deliberate creators of our own lives.

And what teachers like Abraham mean by that term is that we create our realities based on what we think and feel.

If we apply logic to this, then when you feel bad or grumpy or depressed, it’s because you’re thinking bad or grumpy or depressed thoughts. 

While if you’re thinking good, happy and joyful thoughts, Law of Attraction causes you to automatically feel better, happier and more joyful overall.

Example: I used to approach my work life in a very negative way and with a very negative thought pattern. 

One such instance of this was back when I was scheduled to work on Thanksgiving day as a retail manager. 

At the time, I highly resented working on that holiday. 

I went to work – I had to be there at 3pm since we opened at 4pm – hating everything and everyone. 

I felt as if I was forced to be there and that if I refused, I’d be risking losing my job. 

That’s an extremely helpless and unhelpful way to feel about something. 

And though I didn’t realize it then, that train of thought left me in victim mode. 

When I went to work that day, I had a hard time not snapping at people. 

I looked at every single customer who walked through that door with nasty thoughts like, “It’s because of jerks like you that I have to be here today!” Or “How dare you show up in here today ruining our chance to enjoy this holiday.”

You can imagine how I felt about the company higher ups who instituted the decision in the first place.

And in my victimized frame of mind, I had a predictably terrible evening at work.

Because negative thought = negative feelings = negative outcomes.

Now maybe you’re reading or hearing this and thinking, “Yeah, working on Thanksgiving or other holidays sucks or is wrong.” 

Or you may be thinking, “Whatever. I like starting Black Friday early so suck it up, buttercup!”

Whatever your opinion of businesses being open on holidays aside, the problem here wasn’t actually that I had to work on Thanksgiving.

The problem was what I was thinking about it. 

The problem was my specific thoughts about working on Thanksgiving.

Maybe you have a similar thought process happening in your life right now.

Any time we allow our circumstances to dictate our thoughts: in other words, whenever I thought, “I shouldn’t have to work on Thanksgiving! My life sucks!”

I was causing my reality to echo my negative thoughts. 

Maybe something similar is happening to you in one of the aspects of your life.

Maybe you’re single but don’t wanna be. 

Let me ask you a question.

What is your opinion of dating? 

If you said, “Dating sucks! There’s no decent men (or women) out there!”

Then, I gotta tell you, THAT train of thought is your problem. 

By believing that the entire gender you have to choose a mate from is awful, you’ve just created a huge block to your ability to find someone to love. 

To quote from Abraham, “A thought you’ve thought for a long time becomes a belief. And if you believe something, it becomes you’re truth.”

So even though you may want a long term relationship with your soulmate, you’re stopping yourself from having it. 

You’re possibly stopping yourself from even meeting them at all.


Because you believe the tremendously incorrect notion that all men or women in the dating world suck. 

So who do you keep meeting and going out on dates with?

People who you think suck. 

That’s the way the Law of Attraction works.

Let’s go back to my Thanksgiving situation.

I was blaming my outside circumstances for the way I felt. 

It was customers who shop on holidays’ fault that I felt shitty.

It was corporate’s fault. 

It was the CEO of the company I worked for’s fault.

I was the victim in that scenario over and over again. 

And I was giving all the power to who I was blaming including:

  • customers
  • Corporate 
  • CEO
  • Whoever created Black Friday on the day after Thanksgiving to begin with

So where was MY power?

I’d given it all away.

And where did that leave me?

Feeling shitty.

Did I want to feel shitty?

Do any of us?

So let me challenge you to do something that totally changed my life for the better…

Take back your power in a precise and deliberate way. 

Realize that you are in charge of the way you think and feel in any given moment.

Let me share how I changed my work life for the better.

I began to be much more deliberate and aware of how I was going through my day. 

For a long time, work = sucky for me while time off = bliss. 

What I started to do was the change my thought patterns in a careful and deliberate manner.

I started to look for what I enjoyed about my work and focused as exclusively as I could on that. 

I thought of how I was looking forward to seeing so and so at work because she always made me smile. 

I started looking forward to how I was going to re-merchandise this table to make it absolutely beautiful.

I started to meditate on how I wanted to feel – not just at work but in general.

I took responsibility for being the deliberate creator that I am.

Pssst… and here’s the secret…

You’re a deliberate creator, too. 

Or you can be.

On one of my old Writing in your Jammies podcasts, I talked about how I came back from a vacation with this new deliberate, positive mindset.

Instead of focusing on how much I was dreading my return to the grind of my day job (like the old angry-at-Thanksgiving-customers-me would have), I thought about how much I was looking forward to seeing the new spring merchandise that had just come in.

I focused on the lovely walk though nature I would take on my lunch break. 

I looked forward to showing my coworkers all the great pictures I’d taken on vacation and receiving their delighted reactions.

These things all fill me with joy. 

And by deliberately focusing on that joy rather than feeling grumpy about my vacation being over, I had a wonderful Monday that day at work.

It just goes to show that we really are in control of how we feel and react to things.

We can make the deliberate decision to feel good, or we can make the deliberate decision to feel bad.

The key either way is to be deliberate about it.

To realize that you hold all the power in your own life.

Now, does that mean you’ll wake up tomorrow morning with the manifestation of all your dreams sitting in your lap?

Probably not.

But what it does mean is that the more positive and joyful you can become, the more those dreams will come to you. 

They may come one at a time.

They may come in a way that our impatient, instant gratification world would deem too slow. 

But they will come as soon as you become a true match for them. 

That thing that you want from the depths of your soul will come to you.

As long as you make it your deliberate intention to picture it, feel what it’ll be like to have it, meditate on it, wait for inspiration to strike on what action you might want to take to get it, and be patient enough to wait for it. 

So enjoy your creation! 

Want help on how create your life in a more deliberate way? Are you ready to feel more empowered in your life in general? 

Schedule a free thirty minute session with me today.

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