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New to the Law of Attraction (LOA)? My Writing in my Jammies series helps explain how this powerful teaching can help you improve your health, increase your wealth, enjoy long lasting relationships, and feel an overall sense of happiness. Though this is a series, you can also read them as standalone books to enrich all aspects of your life.

Currently, How To Feel Better: No Illegal (or Legal) Substances Required is available as both an eBook and paperback on Amazon. How To Let Feelings Be Your Friends, How To Let Your Pets Guide You To Happiness, and How To Write Your Way To Joy are all available as eBooks. These are mini eBooks, easily to consume in a day or less.


If you want to check out my fiction books, they can be found here.



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How can I help you?

Have a question you’d like answered about becoming a happier you? Post it on my contact page or in the blog comments, and I may choose it as the subject of a blog post or podcast.

For more specialized assistance, I also offer one on one coaching. If you’re new to the Law of Attraction or spiritualism and want more information or help, speaking directly to someone a little further along on the same path can make all the difference. I’ve experienced coaching myself, and it helps so much to have someone give your individual questions and concerns their full attention.

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Those Who Have Helped Me

My list of recommended teachers grows larger and larger by the day. Below are some links to various websites or product pages that have helped me become a much more fulfilled and successful person. Check back, because I will update this information as I learn more.

Kelli Cooper

Kelli is a life coach and Law of Attraction (LOA) expert. Her site LiveLifeMadetoOrder.com is what brought me out of despair when I hit a big road bump in my own journey. She keeps things simple and easy to understand using real world language (including profanity). If that speaks to you, I definitely recommend a visit to her site.

Ryan and Kelli

Ryan Biddulph

Ryan is a LOA expert and also a blogging genius. His site BloggingFromParadise.com is full of blogging advice, LOA tips, and lots of other goodies.

Ryan and Kelli are the ones pictured with the tiger. 🙂 They are happily married and their understanding of the LOA helped them change their lives from financially broke to travelling the globe living the life of their dreams.

Angela Strank

The next teacher I found is an affirmation and meditation specialist named Angela. Angela has developed her own unique combo of affirmations mixed with meditations which she calls “guided meditations.” In these meditations, Angela works with high vibrational energy to help you reach those positive feelings you’re after – peace, joy and fulfillment. You can find her and her amazing meditations at AngelaStrank.com

Rikka Zimmerman

The next teacher I found was mentioned by Ryan during one of Kelli’s podcasts, and I’m so glad I followed up. Rikka is an amazing person who has healed herself of terminal cancer (in two months), went from severe debt to millionaire status, and from a rough childhood to someone who heals relationships. Rikka has helped me examine my own issues and come out the other side to realize the truth of who I really am – a spiritual, blessed being. I have found great value in Rikka’s teachings and I hope you will, too. Her site is RikkaZimmerman.com

Betsy Pake

Betsy works with people all over the world to help them set goals and realize their higher potential. She is an author, podcaster and life coach who has helped me so much. She also happens to be my personal coach. I highly recommend her class – the Infinite Soul Project. You can find her at BetsyPake.com

Brooke Castillo

Another great resource is Master Life Coach Instructor Brooke Castillo. Brooke learned from the amazing Tony Robbins himself, and has created a Life Coach School which trains and certifies life coaches. She has been a life coach herself for years and has so much wisdom and guidance to share. Check out her podcast and free podcast at her website TheLifeCoachSchool.com


So much guidance and wisdom of a spiritual and Law of Attraction level is available from Esther Hicks and Abraham. The Abraham-Hicks YouTube Channel is chock full of inspiration and insight. Check out more about their work at Abraham-Hicks.com

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