Excited Nervousness: Podcast 45

Excited Nervousness: Podcast 45

Excited Nervousness

Inspiration plus excited nervousness is a powerful equation.
It’s that pleasant chill going up your spine.
It’s those goose bumps that make you shiver when you’re not the least bit cold.
It’s an indication – a sign – that whatever direction you’ve been thinking about heading in is the right one.
There’s this exercise I love to do with my clients called Future You.
I even did a podcast on it during my original Writing in Your Jammies show (42 – Future Gazing).
The exercise is all about imagining yourself in the future – let’s say a year or five years from now – already having manifested everything you’re dreaming about now.
Think about that for a second.
All of your dreams coming true – have come true, past tense.
If you knew for a fact that everything you want could be yours – for real – in that amount of time, how would you feel?
Nervously excited?
Let’s say the road to that version of your life was laid out in front of you.
I always think of that poem “Two roads diverged in a yellow wood…”
Ten points to Gryffindor if you can name the poet. (Put it in the comments or inna review, and I’ll send you a freebie!)
The name of the poem is “The Road Less Traveled By,” and it’s all about the choices we make.
We all have free will.
We all make choices throughout each day, even if our choice is to maintain the status quo.
But think of it…
What if you knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that the future you’ve been waiting for was absolutely going to happen.
The only thing you have to do is take that less traveled down road.
Sounds easy, right?
Of course, you’ll take the road to your dreams!
But that road may not be so easy.
There could be mountains just out of sight.
A cliff.
You may have to learn how to climb those mountains handhold by foothold all the way up.
This is the point in the road where most turn back.
They’ll say, “I can’t climb that! It’s too big and scary!”
And they go back to the other more familiar path.
They go back to that feeling of safety.
Even if that means they’re limiting their potential.
Even if that means they’re going to stay in the same miserable rut – shitty job, no money, overweight, crappy relationships, unhealthy, dreading getting out of bed each day – they originally decided they wanted to leave behind.
Going down that less traveled road involves some risk.
No, you’re not going to be eaten by a tiger, but you’re brain may make you feel like you are.
That mountain you’re gonna have to climb may feel like Mount Everest, when in truth it’s no more than a foothill.
It’s takes a little bit of determination and some time, but you can totally climb a foothill.
You won’t won’t even need a Sherpa!
Still, get a guide. Asking for help when you need it is always good.
Or you can go for Everest – definitely get a Sherpa then!
Some things you’ll need no matter what:
  • courage
  • to feel excited
  • to persevere, especially when you run into roadblocks
And you will hit those roadblocks.
You’ll doubt yourself sometimes.
You’ll wonder if you’re good enough, deserving enough.
You’ll remember every person in your life who ever laughed at you, ridiculed you, or put you down.
But if you make the decision to keep going…
If you decide you’re not letting any of that bullshit stop you, than you will succeed.
When you start down that road less traveled, you’ll need to continue to make decisions.
You’ll decide whether or not to get help and when.
You’ll decide what action to take.
Sometimes you might go off on a side route that gets you a little lost.
But if you have faith…
If you’re open to your inspiration and intuition…
If you’re willing to make decisions from a place of feeling good rather than confused…
Then you’ll get there.
All those successes you see out there – and by the way, there are more all the time – walked that less traveled road.
And when something or someone stood in their way (usually their own fear), they kept going anyway.
Not to say that there weren’t some setbacks.
There may be pain (especially the emotional pain of growing past who you were and into who you really can be).
There may be tears.
There may even be some effort and sweat involved.
But ultimately, if you trust that higher power, if you trust yourself, you will succeed.
And a year or five years from now, when you look back on this moment, you’ll feel excited.
You’ll feel so much pride in yourself.
And then you’ll turn toward your future and strike off towards your next dream.
And if it makes you feel nervous and excited, you’ll know it’s worth pursuing.
Do you have a dream you want to pursue, but something’s been blocking you or making you doubt yourself?
Get on a free thirty minute call with me to see if I can Sherpa you the rest of the way.

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