Finding Greater Ease: Podcast 19

Finding Greater Ease: Podcast 19


Ease is the absence of force and toil. 

And if you want to live the life of your dreams, getting through ease rather than drudgery is the way to go. 

I discovered this lovely article about ease, manifesting and vibration over on Mike Dooley’s (one of The Secret teachers) Twitter page. 

By the way, if you haven’t already signed up for his positive affirmation emails (or mine), please do.

It’s amazing how regular encouragement can brighten you day and help you along your spiritual journey. 

Manifesting means the invisible becomes visible. That’s why if you imagine it in your mind with clarity and emotion often enough, you will see it in your hand. 

Seeing isn’t believing. 

Believing is seeing.

But “Jeannie,” you may be thinking, “How do I DO it?”

That’s the thing.

You don’t. 

That’s where all this crazy ease comes in.

Manifesting and finding greater ease and happiness in your life is about BEING not doing. 

Let me explain.

Most of us have been taught that to receive anything in life you have to work for it. 

And our lives reinforce this idea over and over. 

Want a paycheck?

Better work your ass off at a job.

Want good grades in school? 

Study hard, do your homework and impress your teachers.

Want a promotion?

Volunteer to do the stuff no one else will do and work yourself to the bone until you’re noticed by the powers that be.

Want to run a successful business?

You’d better work 80 hours a week minimum and totally give up on any chance of a life outside of work. 

Writers, this affects you, too.

Wanna finish that book?

Then sit your ass in that chair and keep your fingers on that keyboard no matter how you feel, even if you sit there for an hour and can’t write one word.

In short, we’re taught that force is the only way to accomplish anything.

Enjoy life?

Sure, as soon as all my work is done.

But the thing is, the work is never done. 

Us writers can always tweak what we’ve written, even if it was beautiful and award-winning fifteen revisions ago. 

If your boss is a control freak, it doesn’t matter how long and hard you’ve worked on something, it’ll never be good enough for them. 

If a business is making $50K a year, many will push to get six figures. 

And once they hit six figures, they’ll push for seven. 

And then, they’ll just keep on pushing.

It’s an endless cycle.




And at the end of our lives, those of us who’ve done this nearly always regret it.

Damn, wish I’d spent more time with my kids.

Shit, maybe my wife wouldn’t have left me if I’d been around more.

I really miss my mom, dad, grandma, grandpa, fill in the blank. Wish I’d taken more time off work to spend on them.

Dear listeners, life does not have to be this way. 

That is what the Law of Attraction is all about. 

Believing is seeing. 


Not working yourself to death. 

Not that you won’t participate.

Sitting on the couch wishing for things to manifest is a sure recipe for failure.

And that’s not what ease is.

So you will do things. 

But if you follow the path outlined in the Universal Laws, it’ll be much, much easier on you.


Your life can be more about joy and relaxation.

It can be more about what feels good. 

It can be about what you feel inspired to do. 


Your life can become easy if you open your mind a little and allow yourself to start thinking in a new way. 

There are three keys to this “ease” method:
  1. Spend time every day in quiet. Turn off your phones, televisions and computers. Turn off the radio. Just sit in quiet and see what you hear. My recommendation to begin with is five minutes a day. 
  2. Meditate. This is related to number one, but it’s not exactly the same. Meditation is when you work (See? Told ya you would do stuff!) to clear your mind. Trying to clear your mind of thoughts is a pretty tall order, but you’ll notice some really positive effects if you stick with it. Another thing you can do is listen to guided meditations. (Check out my guided meditation page.) 
  3. Follow your intuition. All of us have intuition. It’s those little hunches you get as you go through your life. Like getting in the shortest grocery line, only to have the lady in front of you pay in pennies. Maybe you felt a nudge to get in a different line but didn’t because this one was the shortest. Listen to that intuition. It’s there to serve you.  And if you’re not sure if you’re getting these nudges, just go with what you feel. If it feels light, right, easy and fun (check out my podcast on this, and my mentor Kelli Cooper’s website, too), then that’s the way to go. 

 So am I saying life is easy?


It’s not always easy. 

But it can be a lot easier than we make it. 

Let ease into your life more by following those three keys and see how it goes.

Someone else who knows a lot about a life of ease is Kelli’s hubby and another mentor of mine, Ryan Biddulph. So check out his amazing website, as well. 

He and Kelli travel the globe together by letting ease be the guiding principle in their lives, so the proof’s in the pudding. 

Si try those three keys and let me know how they’re working for you in the comments or in a review. I’d love to hear from you! 

Want more individualized help? I’m currently taking on new clients for my one-on-one coaching. 

If you’re a writer struggling to get writing, I also offer a six week Rejuvenation for Writers package. This package includes six hour-long weekly sessions with me, extensive worksheets and exercises, email support and even personalized meditations made specifically for you. 

If you’re tired of not writing – especially when that’s all you really want to do – then head over to my coaching page to schedule a free mini-session. 

I’m looking forward to hearing from you!


2 thoughts on “Finding Greater Ease: Podcast 19

  1. Goodness Jeannie; going the way of your gut or intuition ALWAYS works out. Eventually at least LOL. Here’s why; the intuition Knows. Capital I. God, or Perfect, or Universe. So even if things appear to be falling apart you simply know the alleged muck needs to be cleared to keep taking the path of ease and love and fun and freedom. Thanks for shouting out Kelli and I!

    1. Intuition has become such an integral part of my life, Ryan. It’s scary to go somewhere I’ve never been, but I know – I KNOW – it’ll all work out one way or the other. It always puts a smile on my face to look in the comments and see you there! And the shoutouts are a pleasure!


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