Flip the Switch Podcast 015


When negative thoughts show up trying to make our lives less happy or fulfilling than we want, we can simply flip the switch on them.

When desire to eat unhealthy at night comes, I can stop and think about something more positive and helpful like seeing myself looking beautiful and sexy in a bikini. 

When fear, worry, anxiety or self pity show up – I can just flip the switch to appreciation and gratitude. 

Instead of thinking “This is so hard!” I’ll think – “I totally got this!”

Instead of lamenting that my efforts of blog writing and podcasting aren’t making any difference, I’ll flip it to, “I’m constantly creating value, and I WILL see results!” Or even better, “I love podcasting and blogging, and I’ll happily do them for free!”

Instead of griping, “I’m tired from working so many hours at the day job,” I’ll turn it into, “I’m strong and grateful, and I can handle this with no problem.” Or “I’m good because I’m being so productive.” 

Instead of being upset and thinking about how unhappy I am with my job, I’ll change it to , “Everything that happens to me is serving me and my brilliant future.”

This last one really struck me recently when I realized I wanted to specialize my life coaching practice  into helping writers who are having difficulty feeling inspired and creative enough to write rediscover their muse. This is going to be my niche. 

I originally had planned to specialize in helping newcomers to spirituality with their transition turning over a new spiritual leaf. Which is great, and I if this is you, I’m still happy to be your coach. But I realized that I’d still pretty general, and I need to be super specific.

So then I thought about my focus being on weight. Since I’ve successfully lost 43 pounds, I thought I could specialize in helping busy women with hectic and stressful day jobs – like me – lose weight. But again, I figured out that my idea was too broad. And since Life Coach instructor Brooke Castillo advises getting as specific as possible, I needed to rethink my plan.

But then inspiration struck! I could concentrate my efforts on writers like myself (aspiring or published), who have lost their creative spark. Maybe they’re busy caregiving. Maybe their day jobs sap all their energy. Maybe an illness or unexpected stressful event reared its ugly head and derailed their writing plans. It can be difficult to find your muse if all your attention is forcibly pushed onto something else. 

This is my niche! Not that I can’t help anyone with any issue because life coaching is all about altering your mindset, which applies to anything. But focusing on my tribe, which is other writers, I can do the most good. 

I thought about how my website, blog, email and podcast are all called Writing in your Jammies- a perfect image for those who want to be writing but are having trouble doing so. 

You ever feel like things are preordained? Like the Universe or God has conspired to make everything fall into place for you? This is how I felt the day I discovered my niche. 

So instead of worrying that my business isn’t taking off, I can now flip that to “Inspiration on how help my clients just came down from on high! Can’t get better encouragement than that!” 


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What issues are you having where a negative thought can be flipped like switch into a positive and believable one? 

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