Fulfilling Prophecies: Podcast 028

Fulfilling Prophecies: Podcast 028


People talk about self-fulfilling prophecies all the time. Usually, with a negative connotation. 

If you think or say traffic will be horrible, it will be. 


If you think or say you’re not going to get a raise this year, you won’t. 

But today I want to talk to you about fulfilling prophecies. Notice I said “fulfilling” prophecies, which in this case means something very different from self-fulfilling prophecies. 

What I’m talking about is being confident about your future. About being absolutely certain that your future is going to be wonderful. 

This is about being sure you’re going to achieve all your goals and be successful and happy with every single aspect of your life. 

That’s much better than the negative version, right?

And please understand this. In no way do I want to be disrespectful of big bad things happening. Sometimes life sucks. Sometimes shit happens. 

And I don’t wish to downplay a major event that might happen to someone as something we can simply wish away. 

Do I believe a positive mindset to be essential? 


But does that mean I think it’s always easy to have one?


We live in world where things happen that we don’t want to happen sometimes. The news is full of them. 

Death. Destruction. War. Corruption. Tragedies. Crimes. Prejudice. Hate. Illness and injury.

I’m not saying having a positive mindset will make all those things go away. Though, I really wish it would. 

What I’m saying is having a continual focus on your own personal best case scenario, means the Universe/God will then conspire to make that scenario arrive for you. 

We don’t have control of outside circumstances. We don’t. We can’t control what someone in a powerful position might decide to do. 

But we do have control over how we react to it. And we also have complete control over what WE do.

So back to creating a fulfilling prophecy for yourself. 

You can do this in many different ways, and what I suggest is do what feels the most natural to you.  

For me, I like to create a list of my future achievements as if they’ve already happened. There’s something super powerful about seeing something you want written or typed out in the past tense. 

You’re preparing your brain for that event to actually occur. It’s called making your dreams come true, baby!

Many of my mentors have mentioned using this method to bring about success. Everyone from Abraham to Betsy Pake to Brooke Castillo talks about this. 

And it works. 

On her podcast Kelli Cooper mentioned finding this list that she’d created years before and discovering she’d accomplished everything on it. That’s a pretty ringing endorsement to the power of goals and visualizing what you want.

Speaking of visualization, that’s another important component. One thing that helps make it more real for me is to read my past tense goals into a voice recorder. Then I play it back and listen to how brilliant and magnificent my future is going to be. 

Something else that will help you is to use all of your senses in your visualization. How does reaching that goal look, sound, smell, taste and feel? 

What emotions would you feel after reaching that goal? Take a few moments to really imagine that. 

For example, one of my goals is losing more weight. Recently I decided to set my sights on losing thirty more pounds. 

I pictured what I’d look like, sure. But I also imagined the smell of that new clothing I would buy. 

I could hear people complimenting me, and my doctors telling me my blood pressure and blood sugar medication is no longer necessary. 

I could taste the yummy coffee which has replaced my breakfast because that’s all I now need in the morning. And I feel so healthy. 

I’m active and it feels good and not the least bit strenuous. I can go to any store, pick any outfit I like and put it on, knowing it’s going to look fabulous because I’m at my goal weight. 

This is what Law of Attraction followers call acting “as if.”

Nice, right? 

Thinking and describing the results of achieving your goals in the past tense gives you the option of feeling all that awesomeness now instead of having to wait. 

Isn’t it delicious? 

That said, I am far from perfect at this. 

A few days ago my hubby surprised me by filling my Christmas stocking. Our longstanding tradition is to fill it with candy. 

Now, of course, we’ve adjusted things a bit. My hubby gave me sugar free chocolate. The problem is that I’ve noticed the more pure junk food like candy I have, sugar free or not, the worse my body feels. 

I hadn’t had any candy in a while, and after having a couple of pieces it’s almost like a switch was turned off in my brain, and I reverted back to my old overeating habits. 

I ate probably twelve pieces of candy. Which being empty carbs, made me feel hungrier. I ate not one helping of dinner, but three. 

Worst of all I ate Late into the night. I’ve been cutting off my food by 7pm, but that night I was still indulging at 9pm. That night I went to bed on a sugar high – sugar free candy is not really free of sugar, FYI.

So then?

I tossed and turned all night long. I experienced reflux pain throughout my torso, something I hadn’t suffered from in months. I couldn’t sleep and woke up exhausted. 

All because I’d reverted back to my previous bad habits for one night. 

It was a strong lesson in clarity. 

I decided the short term pleasure provided by all that junk food and too much food in general wasn’t worth mistreating my body. 

I love myself now, and I want my body feeling energized, relaxed and healthy – not overfull and in literal pain.  

I realized I’m willing and able to forego that brief, short term pleasure in order to experience the long term health I deserve. 

Not only that, I get to be proud of myself for making the decision to love myself and my body. And that is creating a commitment that serves me and my long term goals the best. 


I am worth that. 

And so are you. Click here to get a free consultation with me showing you how to do just that!

What do you most want to change in your life? Is it weight? Relationships? Your productivity? Your finances? Let’s discuss it in the comments. 

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