Future Rampage: Podcast 46

Future Rampage: Podcast 46

Future Rampage of Appreciation: Your dream awaits…

Your dream awaits…
A rampage of appreciation is an energetic group of affirmations originally created by Abraham-Hicks that build on each other and make you feel both empowered and wonderful.
Check out my previous podcast about rampages (Create Your Empowered Self podcast 38) if you’re interested in a present tense version.
Today, I’ll be sharing one spoken in the past tense.
The key here is to be thankful and appreciative for all the dreams you have as if they’ve already happened.
Imagine everything your heart is desiring right now, everything you need right now, and FEEL what it would be like to have it.
What would having it all be like?
What would it look like, sound like, smell like, even taste like?
Being appreciative for something that hasn’t yet arrived physically is an amazing way to manifest your dreams.
So today, our rampage is all about being appreciative AHEAD OF TIME.
Picture yourself at some point in the future: one year, three years, five years—your choice.
Imagine everything you want in this present moment is already here.
  • That dream job offer
  • That dream career
  • That dream income
  • That dream lover
  • That dream spouse
  • That dream baby or children
  • That dream home
  • That dream car
  • That dream friendship
  • That dream education
  • That dream… fill in the blank
Now be appreciative of it with everything you’ve got. Feel it at the deepest levels. Let your heart ache with it. Let you eyes fill with thankfulness and gratitude.
Last time I created a rampage that was about increasing energy up and up and up. This time, it’ll be more rhythmic. Let me know know which type you like better in the comments.
Now, let’s let our future rampage begin…
  • As I look back into my past, I remember how I longed for everything I have now
  • All my worries and doubts were for nothing, unnecessary
  • It was all right around the corner—all of it
  • But the most astounding thing to me is that what I received was even better than I imagined
  • It was better than what I asked for
  • My family life came together so beautifully, so completely
  • My debts and financial constraints vanished into thin air
  • I went from barely making it week to week and month to month to flourishing, thriving
  • The whole world flew open to me
  • Nothing was denied to me any longer
  • My hopes
  • My dreams
  • They all morphed into such a powerful existence so quickly that thinking about it all even now blows me away
  • I received all the love I could ever want
  • All the relationships and closeness to others I wished for for so long
  • All these opportunities just popped out of the woodwork
  • All of it appeared as if by magic
  • I watched as the people I needed, the information I needed, the resources I needed all flooded to me as if they’d all been patiently waiting for me to give my permission
  • So I gave my permission
  • I allowed myself to believe in them
  • And there they were
  • My life became one of joyful ease
  • I began to live my life with true purpose
  • I started to wake up and jump out of bed in the morning with pure anticipation for my day
  • My work became fun and enriching, fulfilling on every level possible
  • I learned how to love myself, trust myself
  • I stopped being afraid and started going for it
  • I stopped holding back
  • I stopped hiding
  • I started putting my best foot forward by being my truest, most authentic self
  • I learned how to be appreciative of each moment
  • I figured out that love is the crucial ingredient to everything
  • I absorbed the fact that my happiness really does lie within me
  • That I could choose happiness and I did
  • When doubts, fears and worries reared their nasty heads, I purposely went into quiet so I could connect to my inner spirit
  • I developed my own strength and ability to keep going
  • I learned new ideas, concepts and principles
  • And it all came together like a giant, perfect puzzle
  • So easily and without me trying to force things
  • I just trusted
  • I just held to my beliefs that achieving all my dreams and goals was possible
  • That anything—things beyond my imagination were possible
  • And my dreams showed up in ways so much more vivid and stunning than I thought, that I wept in joy at seeing them actually appear in my reality
  • For real!
  • I’m so blessed, so fortunate
  • It happened for me
  • It happened to me
  • I’m so, so appreciative
  • So grateful
  • So astonished by the sheer abundance of this universe
  • Thank you!
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