Future Gazing: Podcast 42

Future Gazing: Podcast 42

Future gazing

How do you want your future life to look?

How do you want your future to feel?

This is a technique I learned from the amazing life coach Brooke Castillo. She talks about how skinny people tend to look at their food BEFORE they eat it and imagine how they will feel once they finish that food. 

Future gazing.

As a former obese person, I can admit that I pretty much never did that. I would be thinking about how it would taste or how much I thought I wanted it – even if I didn’t.  

But I never thought about how it would feel in my body. 

Before I would gorge myself on a half gallon of ice cream, or fried chicken or pasta, or fill in the blank – I would never consider what it would do to me.

And frequently, I would feel disgusting and disgusted with myself afterward. 

All that food! 

I would feel bloated and heavy and just blech! Many times I would experience horrible acid reflux and heartburn. 

And worst of all, my weight ballooned up to 233 pounds on my 5’7 frame. I became hypertensive – had high blood pressure – and a diabetic. 

So that’s one example of changing your perspective toward the future – in this case – the very near future. 

Imagining how something will make you feel doesn’t have to be negative, though.

I love focusing on where I’ll be in five months, or a year, or five years.

I picture these wonderful outcomes all my efforts are producing and how they’ll benefit me in the future. 

For example, within the past few months I’ve started a new Facebook page, a new blog, a podcast, a newsletter and a YouTube channel. 

My intention in doing so is to get into contact with my audience – the people I can help. The people I can make a difference with. 

Even though my subscriber numbers are low right now, I know with time and effort – and learning the right strategies – I can reach those who need what I have to offer. 

For those of you who are writers or coaches or people trying to build their own business, you may be in the same boat. 

You may have something amazing to offer others, but you’re not sure how to reach them. 

Since I am a big believer in the Law of Attraction, I know answers are coming my way. Within just the last few days I’ve discovered a wonderful new resource that I believe may hold the key to me getting my business off the ground. 

I asked for it, and the Universe provided it. 

I keep my heart open to such doors opening now, and I’ve been astounded to see the flood of information and opportunities that have sped my way. 

More distant future gazing

Another way I like to future gaze is by lengthening my visualization to much further out. I like to picture where I’ll be and what I’ll be doing in five years.

I’m taking massive action – Tony Robbins and Brooke Castillo refer to this as action that you don’t stop taking until you get the result you want – right now. 

The massive action in taking is on two fronts. 

One, I’m not going to stop losing weight and getting healthier and fitter until I’m off all medication and weigh no more than 158 pounds.

Two, I’m going to do every strategy I possibly can until my business takes off and I’m able to leave my day job on my own terms. 

These may sound like pretty lofty goals – that’s a weight loss of an additional 28 pounds (I’m already down 47), and the entrepreneurial part is something I’ve only ever failed at before.

But I’m going to do it. 

I know I’m going to succeed, too, because I can see my future self five years from now smiling back at me. 

She is happy, healthy, fit and can wear whatever she wants. She is financially secure, free of corporate America, and beautifully self confident. Most importantly, she is fulfilled and radiant with love because she knows the work she does helps others and makes a massively positive difference in their lives. 

What could be better than that? 

So if you’ve never done my coach and mentor Betsy Pake’s fantastic future self exercise for yourself, try it. 

Sometime when you’re able to give it your full attention, sit with your eyes closed. Imagine that the you from five years in the future is coming to have a conversation with you right now. 

You can ask her or him anything you want about what the future holds for you. And when the time comes for you to listen, it’s important that you become completely silent. 

Listen for the answers. If you’re someone who believes in dreams coming true, then the answers should make you smile. 

Spend as long as you want talking to your future self. Then, when you open your eyes feel the peace and happiness that comes with knowing that’s already done. 

Everything good that you’ve asked for and concentrated on will be yours within that five year time span. 

Doesn’t that feel wonderful?

Anytime you feel down or doubtful, anytime you feel yourself becoming antsy or losing your nerve, remember what your future self told you. 

Remember what it was like to go future gazing. 


And from that blissful place, take your next step. 

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