Great Expectations: Podcast 33

Great Expectations: Podcast 33

Great Expectations 

While I love Great Expectations by Charles Dickens, that’s actually not what I’m referring to. 

Having great expectations is more about believing in your own blissful future. 

And since the Law of Attraction (LOA) is about creating your reality with what you think and feel, these two concepts are tightly interwoven. 

When we have an expectation, it prepares us for our future. 

So if we want to create something better for ourselves – whether it’s something material like a new house or something more conceptual like a deeper sense of fulfillment and meaning – holding a certain expectation in our minds can be helpful.

Believing you can have that house or sense of deeper meaning is also part of your expectations.

Many of us go through our lives lowering our expectations because we’ve been disappointed by how things have gone in our pasts.

But doing that can perpetuate an endless cycle of negativity. 

You might end up settling for a partner, a job, a home, or other important aspect of your life that leaves you less than satisfied. 

But you don’t have to.

Abraham teaches that we deserve all good things in our lives simply because we exist.

We came into these physical human forms to expand all that is – to experience life and all it’s wonderful complexities. 

We came to compare and contrast what we like and what we don’t. 

And we came to discover our preferences and choose how we want to live our lives. 

If we want to live happier more fulfilled lives, we have to choose that life. 

We have to learn to follow our bliss and feel as good as possible as often as possible. 

Doing what will make us miserable- for whatever reason – is a choice.

We all have free will, and as Abraham says, we’re so free that some of us choose bondage. 


Because to some, having less freedom may feel safer. 

It’s not, of course. 

But it may feel that way. 

Why stay in that job you hate when you have the ability to do something you love instead?

Your mind will say, I need the steady paycheck, the benefits, and being told what to do feels kinda comfortable because I’m used to it. 

Maybe you feel that way or maybe you don’t, but being totally dependent on ourselves to make a living outside of working for someone else is not something most of us have tried. 

So it feels scary.



Even if challenging yourself to go out on your own – to trust yourself and the Universe – will ultimately bring you greater fulfillment and satisfaction than you’ve ever known. 

Great Expectations

We came here to learn and to grow. 

We came here to experience joy and fun. 

Those who are truly happy in this life, the ones with the amazing romantic relationships and beautiful families, the ones who do what they love for a living, the ones who not only have nice material things, they live a life that makes a positive difference in this world…

Those are the people who began expecting great things to happen at some point in their pasts. 

They focused on those great, happy things coming to them. 

They imagined what that fantastic future would look like, sound like, smell like, taste like. 

They imagined how it would feel. 

They visualized that future so completely, and felt the good feelings ahead of time so well that the LOA brought it straight to them. 

This is how our lives work. 

Think about it. 

If you wake up worrying that your spouse will be bitchy, your kids are gonna catch that damn flu that’s been going around, traffic’s gonna suck, and your work day is gonna be one headache after another – guess what those expectations will bring you. 

Probably a bunch of the shitty-crappy you’d rather avoid. 

Sometimes, it may bring you exactly what you were worried about. 


Because your thoughts and feelings create your reality. 

The more you focus on your worries and doubts and fears the stronger you attract them to you. 

But you can change that.

All those successful people I mentioned before – the ones that have all the love, wealth and fulfillment anyone could possibly imagine – are not waking up daily with a sense of dread.

They are expecting things to go their way.

They’ve developed a healthy belief system that everything always works out for them. 

They’ve decided to focus on a more positive, happy future.

And as long as they continue that everyday, as long as they develop these good habits, the LOA will bring it to them. 

That’s the law. 

When you set out to have great expectations, you’ll see more and more of those results in your life.

This is called momentum.

The more positivity you notice and focus on, the more will come. 

At first, it might be small.

Maybe your spouse wakes up in a good mood and surprises you with breakfast.

Maybe your kids stay healthy even though some of the children at their school or daycare are sick.

Maybe traffic flies like a dream and you end up with some extra time to go by Starbucks.

Maybe your work day flows so easily that your day is over before you know it.

Maybe you start to smile more and start discovering more reasons to smile as you go along.

Maybe you discover having appreciation for the good things in your life makes you feel better and better.

Maybe doors you once considered closed reopen. 

Or maybe new doors you never even noticed before suddenly pop open right in front of you. 

This is your power.

We all have it.

Begin to expect joy and beauty to enter your life more and they will.

Look for rainbows instead of thunderclouds and stars in that dark sky.

See everything working in your best interests.

Send love and kindness out in everything you do.

You’ll notice a much greater sense of patience and peace if you do.

Because you made the choice to do so.

Because you are deserving and worthy of such a life.

Because you had great expectations for yourself.


Did this message resonate with you? If so, grab you a slot on my schedule for a free thirty-minute introductory coaching session. You’ll be glad you did!

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