Guidance & Change: Podcast 56

Guidance & Change: Podcast 56

Guidance & Change

Guidance is about trusting your inspiration and instincts are coming from a higher power. And that power is leading to the best way you can possibly go.

The amazing thing about our spiritual journeys is how malleable and changeable they are. 

If you feel stuck, you can ask questions and receive answers that get you unstuck.

Such has just happened to and for me, and I’d like to share with you what guidance I received.

Though I’ve had substantial success in improving my life – losing fifty pounds, adopting a more positive mindset and outlook, deciding that I want to go into business for myself – I have struggled along the way.

Lately, I’ve struggled a great deal.

I’ve attempted to follow the advice of experts and those far more prosperous and successful than me (those they’re not really more successful than me, than just in a different place on their journeys).

And that advice didn’t work. 

It was like I was banging my head against a wall – even though I couldn’t actually see any wall.

  • I’d try to create a video, and it either looked horrible and grainy or the video feature on my phone wouldn’t work at all.
  • I created what I thought was a lovely ad on Facebook, only for it to be disapproved for no reason.
  • I kept polling my audience and social media friends about a course I thought I’d like to create, and received largely negative feedback or no feedback whatsoever.

Something was off.

I was starting to smell a rat, but the scent wasn’t potent enough for me to be able to tell where the odor was coming from.

Then, I kept getting sign that I was out of alignment with my desires. 


Four different podcasts on four completely different subjects all spoke about the importance of our decisions feeling good.

And I’m talking about a spiritual podcast discussing Law of Attraction (Kelli Cooper’s), one discussing living a bigger life (Betsy Pake’s), one designed for life coaches (Brooke Castillo’s), and one based on online marketing (Amy Porterfield’s).

In the same week, all four of them discussed the importance of our decisions feeling right, about staying in the flow of our own alignment.

Dear listeners, I believe that was a pretty significant sign. 

So one recent night when I was tossing and turning, I asked for God/the Universe to please provide me with some direct guidance.

I said, “Whatever you say, I will listen.”

And I did.

The message I received was powerful, slightly obvious now that I think about it, and something that part of me – the part that resists change – didn’t like.

The message was that my problem was not my content, which I love and feel very passionate about and proud of. 

My problem was the specific and narrow direction I’d been going in.

When I decided on a name for my website and podcast, I went with one tied to my dream of writing at home for a living. This, Writing in your Jammies was born.

And I still love the name.

I’ve had a few people including mentors and coaches compliment me on the name. 

But the problem is that what I want to do – what I’ve discovered I most want to do – isn’t actually just writing in my jammies anymore. 

It’s not that I don’t still want to write in my jammies and help others to do so.

The problem is that helping writers and authors find their lost muses has a very limited market.

More importantly, that’s not really what I feel most passionate about.

Out of the fifty-five previous podcasts I’ve created, only two were focused on writing.

That probably should’ve occurred to me as an issue before now, but it didn’t. 

My passion as I’ve created these podcasts has been helping people adopt positive mindsets and believing in the unlimited spiritual beings we really are. 

Not finding inspiration to write.

It’s not that there aren’t authors out there who do need inspiration, it’s that those folks appear to be pretty few and far between.

There are many more people out there struggling with money, relationships, weight loss and career it job difficulties than there are writers chasing after lose muses.

And more than that, the name Writing in your Jammies doesn’t sound like what my podcasts and website is truly all about – which is using personal development and spiritual teachings to help others follow their dreams.

As a coach, I want to help people find their own sense of power – their inner strength – that resides in that spiritual and eternal part of us.

I want to help others realize that this life isn’t about blame or being victims. Our lives are about us discovering that we all have this tremendous and unstoppable power within us. 

And if we become more aware of that power, we can change our lives for the better by creating them exactly how we desire them to be.

Knowing that now, I have decided that my website will be changing from to focusing on what I most want to be going forward: a Creative Empowerment Coach. 

Soon, will go live. 

In the meantime, I’ve changed my Facebook page to Create Your Empowered Self, which I will link in the description. 

This podcast, too, will undergo a facelift. This will be my last Writing in your Jammies podcast. 

However, the first episode of my new Create Your Empowered Self podcast will go live within the next week or two. 

The content won’t change much, so if you like what I’ve been doing, please subscribe to my new podcast. 

I’ll still be talking about improving your life by incorporating the principles of Law of Attraction, NLP and A Course in Miracles – it’s just that the name will better match the content.

Thank you so much for talking this journey with me, and I truly hope to see you on the other side! 


Published by Jeannie

After exploring personal development, spirituality, and law of attraction over the past few years, I've discovered my life can be filled with much more joy. I'm now bringing that joy to you, so you can follow your dreams like I'm following mine. I'm writing in my jammies for a living and for fun! What's your dream? And how can I help you achieve it?

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