Heart Activation Breathing: Podcast 42

Heart Activation Breathing: Podcast 42

Heart Activation Breathing Exercise

Heart Activation Breathing

If you’re like me, you may sometimes struggle to find the energy and inspiration to do what you’ve planned to do.

There are times when I make this long list of everything I need to accomplish, but I get a case of the blah-de-blahs or the mehs.

I want to complete my to-do list, but I feel too tired, too stressed or too overwhelmed by other obligations to go after it.

Do you relate?

We all have bad days, off days, and even shitty-crappy days and that’s okay.

But since it feels a lot better to be inspired and productive rather than overwhelmed, this Serene Saturday I recommend this Heart Activation Breathing exercise.

This beautiful process is from Strategic Life Coach and instructor Graham Nicholls.

I recently became certified by him in EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and TFT (Thought Freedom Technique) Tapping and I wanted to share this brief but calming exercise with you.

For those of you who may struggle with meditating, this Heart Activation Breathing exercise is a great alternative.

This is a process that relaxes your body and quiets your mind.

It also tunes your heart, mind, and body into each other.

It links them, connects all of them into a peaceful and healing rhythm.

It takes away stress, the fight or flight response, any worries or doubts.

Your brain has nerves firing and pulsing all the time, just like your heart pulses blood and oxygen throughout your body.

Putting both your mind and body into sync will bring you incredible serenity.

This is a simple technique, but a very effective one.

First, find a comfortable position where it is safe to close your eyes and concentrate.

It can also be beneficial to put your feet up and listen to this with headphones to reduce outside distractions.

Place both hands over your heart, close your eyes and take a deep breath.

As you breathe, picture that deep inhale coming down and into your heart space.

As you exhale, imagine that deep breath of release going out through your heart space.

Feel your breaths physically, naturally.

Breathe in through your heart.

Breathe out through your heart.

Relax from your heart outwards.

Relax all the muscles around your ribs and chest.

Relax your shoulders and outwards to your neck and arms.

Relax all the muscles of your face and around your eyes.

Relax downward to your hips, legs and feet.

Your body is completely relaxed now.

You continue to breathe through your heart in and out – the most natural rhythm in all the world.

Now that you’ve synced your body, mind and heart into each other, you are now aligned and tuned in to your inner guidance and inspiration.

Think to yourself about something you’ve been concerned about lately.

Now think this phrase: “All I really need to know about this issue is…”

See what comes to you.

Whatever answers flow to you are coming from your inner wisdom, the wisdom you’re born with.

Now, think about something you appreciate in your life, something you’re grateful for.

It could be anything, anything at all.

It could be a person or people.

It could be a thing like food to eat, fresh water to drink, or a roof over your head.

Whatever it is, concentrate on it as you continue to breathe in and out through your heart.

Allow yourself to truly feel how deeply you appreciate it.

Now move your hands from your heart to relax comfortably at your sides.

Gently, open your eyes.

With your gaze still soft, glance around the room you’re in.

Pick an item in this room that you’ve either never noticed before or haven’t noticed in a long time.

What is the first thing you see?

Focus on it, cataloguing it’s shape, color, texture and other characteristics.

Continue looking around, and find a second item.

What is it?

Describe it in your mind as you return more fully to an alert state.

And now, you’re back in your present moment.

Focused, connected, and aligned.

I hope you enjoyed this Heart Activation Breathing exercise.

You can use this exercise anytime you need to focus, to relax, or to get inspired before you try to create.

Check out the rest of my podcasts on iTunes.

If this Activation worked for you and you’d like to work more closely with me, check out my coaching page to sign up for a free mini-session.

May your Saturdays always be serene.

And may you have an empowered day, week, month and year!



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