Have you hit “F*** it” yet? Podcast 25

Have you hit “F*** it” yet? Podcast 25

Have You Hit “F*** It” Yet?

Have You Hit “F*** It” Yet?

So obviously, this podcast will contain the R rated kind of language the explicit rating on iTunes was created for. To that end, if cursing or profanity offends you or if young ears are listening, please skip this one or wait till the kids are in bed. Thanks! 

Today’s foul-mouthed episode is actually inspired by an important – like huge and life changing kinda important – decision.

And the decision I’m making might be considered by some to be dangerous.



A quote from one of my favorite hit movies from the 90s now pops into my head.

The movie is True Lies with Jamie Lee Curtis and Arnold Schwarzenegger. 

In the movie Jamie Lee Curtis’s character is a bored housewife.

She’s in her 40s, works in an office where nothing exciting ever happens, has a teenage daughter who’s pretty surly, and a husband who misses stuff at home all the time due to his job as a computer rep – another thing she considers almightily boring.

She loves her family very much, but she’s highly unsatisfied with her life.

At one point a stranger comes into her office acting all cloak and dagger.

He approaches her, feeds her a line about danger and life and death, and insists she take his briefcase.

Scared, she refuses, but he flies out the door, leaving her little choice. 

As the strangeness of the encounter fades, her curiosity kicks in. 

She pries open the briefcase and discovers evidence that this mysterious man is an international spy.

When he later asks her to go on a mission with him, she agrees, even though it seems out of character for her.

She ends up getting entangled in an important mission of her husband’s – who unlike the mysterious stranger really IS an international spy.

When her husband asks her why she made such a crazy and foolish decision, she responds with, “I was reckless and I was wild, and I fucking did it!”

The reason she did it was because she was beginning to feel dead inside.

She felt like she wasn’t valuable, wasn’t important, wasn’t really even alive. 

So she made this rash decision that ultimately exposed her husband’s clandestine and thrilling real profession and changed the entire course of her own life.

Right now, I feel a bit like Jamie Lee Curtis. 

I’m making a decision that may be considered rash by some, but it’s a decision I need to make. 

It’s a decision that feels right to me. 

It feels light, right, easy and fun (see my previous podcast featuring the awesome Kelli Cooper for more info on that).

And now, all I have to do is follow through.

Because I’ve already hit “fuck it!”

Here’s another movie you might’ve heard of… it’s called Deadpool.

I’m not referencing the second Deadpool, though I saw it in the theater not long ago and thoroughly enjoyed it.

No, I’m talking about the first one.

In that movie, there’s a character who asks Wade (Deadpool) if he’s finally hit fuck it yet – or words to that effect.

Wade has. 

And *SPOILER ALERT* since this movie is way newer than True Lies… if you don’t want to be spoiled for this movie, skip ahead about a minute and twenty seconds. 

So Wade has definitely hit “fuck it.”

He has terminal cancer throughout some very vital areas of his body, including his brain, and this other character – I’ll call him Jared since Wade did – has offered him a miracle cure.

And you see, Wade doesn’t trust Jared.

Not really.

But he’s run out of options. 

He believes this may be his only chance to live, so Wade let’s this group of psychopaths do experiments on him. 

Ultimately, even though these experiments add up to what can only be called physical torture, he mutates and ends up scarred from head to toe.

Wade becomes Deadpool, a superhero (or anti-hero) who can heal from basically anything.

Including his previously fatal cancer diagnosis. 

So he cured his cancer by paying a price, and all because he said, “Fuck it!”

Have you hit that point in any aspect of your life?

Maybe you decided to break up with someone who was abusive or just incompatible because you realized you weren’t happy.

Maybe you went back to school, even though you’re at the top of your current field and get paid well because you don’t actually like what you do.

Maybe you feel like Jamie Lee Curtis’s character in True Lies and want to do something “wild and reckless” because you feel like the life you don’t have is passing you by.

Maybe you decided to really research the spiritual side of things like the Law of Attraction, NLP, and personal growth and development because you aren’t fulfilled by the belief system you’ve had up till now.

Maybe you’ve decided to dump the grind (or even misery) of your 9 to 5 job – that’s really more like 7am to 10pm anyway – because if you’re honest, you know you fucking hate your job.

So if any of these scenarios sound familiar, this episode is for you.

Because at a certain point in our lives, we come to the understanding that we deserve happiness and fulfillment.

And whatever has been keeping us locked in that unhappy place, whether it’s our limiting beliefs, a relationship, a career field, a job, or anything else, you may decide that continuing with what has been is simply no longer worth it. 

Financial support and an extensive past together may be the reason we’ve stayed in an unhappy relationship, but when we realize our miserable past hasn’t been serving us and we can get support from somewhere else, we can let that relationship go.

We can be brave and honest enough to say, “Fuck it, I deserve more!”

We can begin anew in a fresh exciting field if our current field is no longer enriching us – if it ever did.

We can say, “Fuck it, I’ll just go back to school!”

If the belief system you’ve had up till now has left you feeling scared, angry, anxious, and resentful when what you’ve always wanted is to feel whole and at peace in your life, you may say, “Fuck it, my upbringing and beliefs are so limiting! I’m going to look into something different that feels better to me.”

If you’ve been toiling away in a job you don’t like when you have a passion you’ve been too afraid to truly pursue, you might say, “Fuck it, I’m going to go after my passion and live my dream!”

Is this you?

Have you hit “fuck it” yet?

Often, getting to the “fuck it” point is basically when you become cognizant of the bigger picture.

You look at where you are in your life and feel unsatisfied by it.

There were so many things you wanted to feel, so many places you wanted to go, so many things you wanted to do and be that you haven’t felt, gone to, or done yet.

And life is short!

So you decide to risk it.

No matter how scary or new, you decide facing that fear will be worth it in the end.

Maybe you’ll write that book you’ve always said you would write.

Maybe you’ll start giving your time and/or money to a cause near and dear to your heart.

Maybe you’ll start to follow your passion because doing so won’t only help you, it’ll help so many others.

Maybe you’ll notice how sick you are of having the same bad relationships show up in your life.

Maybe you’ll quit taking jobs that leave you feeling empty – or worse – like your soul is being crushed day by day and hour by endless hour.

Because when you decide to be brutally honest with yourself…

When you start to listen to your own instincts and intuition…

When you take a step towards what feels better and what lights you up like a Christmas tree…

When you say “fuck it…”

The things you desire will meet you halfway. 

When you start to do things that make you feel good and happy, more good and happy things will flow to you.

That’s the law.

And that’s what I’ve finally decided to do for myself. 

The time has come, dear listeners.

I have decided to make the leap I’ve been contemplating for so long.

I’ve decided to leave my own soul-crushing day job behind. 

I’ve hit “fuck it!”


Because I noticed this repeating pattern.

When I was young, I knew I wanted to help people and I knew I loved learning, so I obtained my teaching degree.

But teaching jobs were hard to come by, so I went into retail. 

I did that for about five years, then decided, ugh, this is not fun.

So I went into the insurance industry…

As if that would be fun…

By the way, it wasn’t! 

I discovered I loved to write, and started to do that on the side.

After five years of being an insurance agent, I finally got the opportunity to use my teaching degree.

Cool, right?

This was the solution, right?


Not quite.

I liked parts of it, but public school teachers have to deal with so much crap!

Unless you’ve worked in a public school lately, you may have no idea what I’m talking about.

But it had gotten so bad I didn’t feel safe as a teacher – like physically safe.

Also, I was sick all the time – a sign from the Universe if there ever was one. 

So I left.

And I couldn’t find a job for several months.

And I about had a nervous breakdown.

I found an insurance job that was commission only that didn’t end up paying me one dime. 


So I went back to the one industry I could get my foot in the door in – since my fear and angst was blocking every other opportunity – retail. 

I went from teaching – which granted, doesn’t pay well – to retail, which, by the by, pays way worse. 

At least I had a paycheck coming in and didn’t feel like I would be physically harmed. 


But are you noticing a pattern?

I was going in circles. 

I was so afraid to actually pursue my writing dream, that I made a career out of doing the same types of things over and over.

I was on a merry go round and going nowhere fast.

And was I happy?


And then, I discovered The Secret and the Law of Attraction. 

I discovered spirituality and immediately resonated with these new ideas.

I began to think more positively and tried meditation and focused visualization for the first time.

And I got published!

I became a published author! 

But was that the end all be all?

No, because though I had excellent reviews, I didn’t have the money to market my book more.

And book publishers nowadays only market their best selling authors anyway.

So I didn’t make enough to quit my day job.

Then, recently, I discovered life coaching and online instruction.

Online instruction is teaching people who really want to learn – it’s like having the best parts of teaching without any of the negative side effects. 

And life coaching!

Well, becoming a life coach is the best decision I’ve ever made (other than marrying my hubby). 

I find life coaching fulfilling in a way that nothing else is.

There’s something so inherently powerful in meeting or talking with someone and giving them the answers they need to feel better than they did a mere hour before. 

And it’s not because I’m offering my clients a quick fix or a magic pill, it’s because I’m giving them the tools and techniques that empower them to help themselves.

I absolutely LOVE doing that!

And my clients are the best!

So when you’ve decided you’ve suffered enough…

When you’ve decided you’re willing to take on the challenge of being who you’re really capable of being…

Who you are meant to be…

Maybe you’ll say “Fuck it,” too. 

Maybe you’ll decide it’s your time to be happy and satisfied with your life.

And if anything I’m saying resonates with you or connects to you in a positive way, I hope you’ll allow me the privilege of being your coach. 

Check out my various coaching packages or even single sessions to find out more. 

The first half-hour is always free! 

So if you’re tired of your life going in a direction you’d prefer it not go, if you’ve hit “fuck it,” I’d love to help you along your journey! 

So if you’re like me and ready to jump into something better, I can offer you the support you need to follow the path you’ve always wanted to follow.

Whenever you’ve finally hit, “Fuck it!”

I donate ten percent of all my coaching revenue to St. Jude’s Research Hospital, and I’m so thankful to be able to contribute to such a worthy cause.

It’s an honor and a privilege. 

I also consider it an honor and privilege to be a life coach. 

I love feeling like my life matters, and if I can help you feel the same way, all the better.

So check out my coaching page. See if we’re a good fit. And get on the road towards a happier life.


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