How Can I Help You?

My goal is to help struggling writer.

 ~ Experiencing writer’s block?

I can help.

~ Feel like you write way too slow?

I can help.

~ Feel like your life is getting in the way of your writing?

I can help. 

Here’s what my clients and students say about me:

”She really understands on a basic level, that so many of us miss (myself included), where the root of ‘writer’s block’ really begins.”

“It was like a lightbulb went off in my head…”

“…we can examine where our true struggles lie and begin to plan their defeat and take back our writing.” 

“I also appreciate that Jeannie explains the foundations of the EFT technique, which I had never heard before but shifts the practice from woo-woo-land into physiology and psychology.”

“After enjoying Jeannie Hall’s podcasts, I decided to contact her for help with my inability to finish a writing project. I couldn’t be happier with my decision!”

“Jeannie’s insights and suggestions for my writing were so intelligent and so amazing.”

“I highly recommend her services!” 
Writing should be joyful and fun, not a struggle. 

If you’re ready to love writing again, schedule some time with me via the button below or check out my revamped website here. 2019 can be your best writing year so far!

 ❤️ Jeannie

Published by Jeannie

After exploring personal development, spirituality, and law of attraction over the past few years, I've discovered my life can be filled with much more joy. I'm now bringing that joy to you, so you can follow your dreams like I'm following mine. I'm writing in my jammies for a living and for fun! What's your dream? And how can I help you achieve it?

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