Inner Self Exercise and Meditation: Podcast 22

Inner Self Exercise and Meditation: Podcast 22


So when the stress of life starts to close in on you, take a moment to realize who your inner self really is. 

Ground yourself to your own inner being, your inner self. 

Your inner self is the spiritual version of you.

The spiritual version of you is the being that looks just like you do but is made of pure love and pure light.

That being is you, and that being is perfect in that form. 

You might visualize this golden sparkly lit up version of yourself who is perfect in every way.

This version of yourself always wears a smile.

This version of you always has open arms, ready to embrace and love you. 

You are one in the same, so anytime you start to feel overwhelmed by your work, by stress, unexpected events, by illness or injury, take a moment and picture the perfect version of you.

Imagine that spiritual version of you talking to you and loving you, telling you how wonderful and proud of yourself you are. 

Use your name.

So if it’s me I’m saying Jeannie, I love you so much.

You are so special and important to me, and I’m so happy about the progress you’re making. 

In that conversation I am speaking to her, and she is speaking to me so we’re speaking to each other at the same time.

That is so powerful.

So praise and love yourself 

Tell yourself how proud you are of the good things that you’re doing in this world.

Forgive yourself for anything that you feel you might have dropped the ball on.

We all do good things in our lives, and we all drop the ball sometimes and that’s okay.

We’re figuring things out as we go. 

Be very loving and compassionate with yourself, and that will make all the difference.

Let yourself be really real.

Let yourself feel the feelings.

Act as if someone is there saying these things to you in person.

Act as if they’re wrapping they’re arms around you, embracing you and giving you absolute, unconditional love.

Because the spiritual version of ourselves IS pure love and pure light.

They’re here to support us in every way.

This is such a powerful exercise, so do it anytime you’re stressed, anytime you feel like you’re alone in your life, or when you’re trying to carry the weight of the world.

If you’re putting all this pressure on yourself to do too much, to be a breadwinner all by yourself, taking care of kids as a single parent, or being the leader in your job and taking on all those responsibilities, take a step back.

Know that you are supported by a loving universe.

You have the entire spiritual realm backing you all the way.

When you feel overwhelmed know that your inner self, your support system, is right there 100% of the time.

The spiritual version of you IS you. 

Allow that inner version of you to comfort you, to love you at all times. 

Feel confident and begin to comprehend how powerful you are.

Become that loving support for yourself.

Feel that spiritual being inside of you loving you, and you’ll be amazed at how much better you feel.

You’ll be in awe of how confident you’ll feel, how proud of yourself you’ll feel, how happy and peaceful you’ll feel.

It’s truly incredible.

Allow yourself to do this for yourself, and you’ll be astounded at what you can accomplish.



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Published by Jeannie

After exploring personal development, spirituality, and law of attraction over the past few years, I've discovered my life can be filled with much more joy. I'm now bringing that joy to you, so you can follow your dreams like I'm following mine. I'm writing in my jammies for a living and for fun! What's your dream? And how can I help you achieve it?

2 Comments to “Inner Self Exercise and Meditation: Podcast 22”

  1. I love your featured image quote Jeannie because it is the way. I had to learn the hard way that all in life flows from within. Because for years, I looked outside of me for happiness and success. Never worked out. I felt empty on the inside so even when I had worldly success I still felt empty. No way around that one. I did wake up though and found greater inner peace through habits like meditation and deep yin yoga.

    1. Jeannie says:

      It’s funny, Ryan. While I realized all these things intellectually quite a while back, putting them into practice on an inner spiritual level has been a whole different ball game. Really living and being at peace with myself – or at least working to feel that way more consistently – has made all the difference. Thanks so much for being there during the beginning of my journey and for staying present now. You’re awesome!


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