Insights: Podcast 24

Insights: Podcast 24

Insights shared from my Writing in my Jammies series part 2

Today, I am sharing more insights from my four book Writing in my Jammies series. Like I mentioned in my part one Podcast – Podcast 22 – these eBooks are all about helping you feel happier and finding more success. Today I’ll be sharing little excerpts and insights from the last two books which explore personal development and the Law of Attraction as it applies to our pets and to writing.

My third book, How To Let Your Pets Guide You To Happiness, emphasizes how these sweet non-human creatures offer the perfect example of unconditional love. And since it’s so beneficial for us learn how to love ourselves unconditionally as well, taking note of their behavior can be uber helpful in our own spiritual journeys. 

How To Let Your Pets Guide You To Joy

Our pets live alongside us, but they don’t get stressed over inconsequential things like not finishing all your filing at work. As long as their needs are being met, our pets will play with us, cuddle against us, and sleep by our sides in absolute contentment. 

There is a powerful lesson in their contentment. 

For example, here’s an excerpt from How To Let Your Pets Guide You To Happiness:

“Have you ever seen a cat sleep?

They are completely uninhibited and sound sleepers. Ours even snore! 

They don’t toss and turn like we do. They don’t suffer insomnia. Why? Because cats and our other pets live in the moment all day every day. They don’t brood about past offenses. They don’t worry about the future. They are only focused on the present, the now.

If we could learn to do what animals naturally do, we could sleep as well as they do. We could leave the past in the past and let the future sort out itself. 

Another thing Tink and Drake (my cats) do that us humans kinda suck at–they always, and I mean always, follow their fun. They do what they want. 

If they’re hungry, they eat. If they’re thirsty, they drink. If they’re cold they find some blankets or a lap to curl up in. If they decide my swinging foot is evil and must be stopped, they attack it. 

They play all the time. We should do more of that. Playing.

When’s the last time you did something playful? When’s the last time you giggled like a child or played freely, letting all your worries go by the wayside?”

It’s a good question, isn’t it? 

Think about the last time you really played – and not just poker or Candy Crush. When was the last time you had fun just for the sheer hell of it? When was the last time you whooped with pure joy?

What tends to happen in this world of ours is we get so caught up in what others think of us, that it stifles our sense of fulfillment and fun. 

Why don’t we skip down the sidewalk anymore? Many of us did as children. Why don’t we now?

Because someone might think we’re weird. Or insane.

But so what?

Unless you’re in the middle of a serious situation like a job interview or a critical care ward at a hospital, finding ways to reconnect with our carefree inner child is one of the easiest ways of letting more happiness into our lives.

Remember, the Law of Attraction is all about being happy beforehand to bring more into your life. 

Hear this: beforehand – which means making the decision to be happy before the good stuff shows up! Why? Because that’s why the good stuff shows up. The better and more consistently you can maintain that vibe, the faster you’ll see awesome results in your life. There’s some insights for ya!

And playing and being silly – like my cats often do – is a fantastic way to get on a higher, happier vibration.

I love being a crazy cat lady! (And really, I’m part of a crazy cat couple because my hubby is just as in love with our kitties as I am!)

Our cats enrich our lives so much. Whether it’s cuddling next to us on the couch on a chilly winter’s night or nuzzling our faces to wake us up in the morning, our cats show us constant unconditional love and affection. 

Tink, our girl, is very vocal and a long haired lovebug. She is super easy to pet and snuggle. Her loud purrs bring comfort to me every day.

Our boy cat, Drake, can get aggressive sometimes – he experienced semi-regular seizures a few years ago that luckily went away. But every since then, he has these little bouts of aggression. 

When he does this, we have to knock him off the bed – he always does it at night. But the funny thing is he’ll come up a few minutes later and nuzzle against us again. It’s almost like he’s apologizing. (Poor boy! It’s not his fault he has a little brain damage!)

My point is our pets – whatever their circumstances might be – can bring us so much joy and love. And many of us humans would probably be happier if we followed their example more often. They may be smaller than us, covered in fur, and walk on four legs, but they sure can offer some amazing insights.

And speaking of more insights…

How To Write Your Way To Joy
My next insights come from the last eBook in my Writing in my Jammies series, How To Write Your Way To Joy:

“… do you experience writer’s block? Do you look at that big white blank screen and feel sweat beading on the back of your neck? 

Have you gotten stuck or written yourself into a corner you can’t seem to find a way out of? 

Well, I sure have. 

And I’ve discovered the secret about so-called writer’s block. It’s not about your plot or grammar. It’s not about a lack of inspiration. It’s about something altogether different.  

Are you wondering what that could possibly be? 

Let me give you one inconsequential-looking but extremely important word: mindset. 

You may be looking at this page with a confused expression, but I promise, what is causing your writer’s block is all about that one little word. If your mindset isn’t where it needs to be, then a great many things are going to be difficult for you, including your writing.  

What do I mean, ‘mindset?’ 

Your mindset is the way you feel as you live your life. Do you look at a dog and think, “Cuddly creature” or “dangerous animal?” Do you look at a large body of water and think, “Fun” or do you shrink away from it, thinking “I could drown.”  

With every situation we encounter in our lives, we process it in a certain way. We feel something. That something may be positive, negative, or somewhere in between, but how we feel about something usually guides our reactions. If a man walks up quickly behind you on the sidewalk are you more likely to turn and smile, expecting a friend; or do you prepare to run, expecting an enemy?”

So what is your mindset like?

To my writers and authors out there – what is your mindset when it comes to the physical act of writing?

Are you the one looking at your laptop with beads of perspiration running down your neck? 

If you are, no worries. Because you can change that.

I’m gonna share a couple tips for crushing writer’s block from some recent Facebook live videos I’ve shared:

  • Use Brooke Castillo’s coaching model to change your thoughts about writing.  For example:
    • If you’ve been thinking, “I’m too stressed to write!” Change that thought to something both positive and believable. 
    • Like: “Writing relaxes me.” “I can write a short paragraph.” Or even, “I can write a beautiful sentence.” Whichever one FEELS the best to you is the one you’ll go with.You thoughts control your feelings which lead to actions which determine you’ll result. So find out what your thought about writing is and change it.
  • My second tip is one inspired from Ryan Biddulph, Betsy Pake, and Brooke Castillo. They each call doing this something different, but the point is to write down all of your thoughts about your writing. 
    • Set a timer for five minutes, get a pen or pencil and some paper and just write. Don’t sensor yourself at all. Don’t worry about penmanship, grammar, or even profanity. This is just for you, so just write everything you feel about writing. 
    • The key to this exercise is if some yucky feeling is inside you, you have to get it out. Until you get it out so you can look at it and be aware of it, it’s going to keep plaguing you. 
    • So now, look closely at what you’ve written. Did you realize that you felt this way? Now that you’re aware of the problem, you can work on the solution.

Now take those two tips and combine them. Write out your thoughts and feelings, then analyze them. If you find a thought that is particularly negative, see if you can come up with a new sentence that changes it into something positive and believable. 

Now you’re on your way to a bunch of productivity, baby!baby! 

Did you find these excerpts, insights, and tips helpful?

Just click on any of the book covers to get more information or to purchase them. They’re only $2.99 and have worksheets with exercises at the end of each. 

Thanks so much for listening everyone! See you next time! 

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