Intuition: Podcast 49

Intuition: Podcast 49


Following my intuition

So for a few months now I’ve had this podcast. I’ve shared it every Wednesday and Saturday. I committed to doing this to help you, my listeners, and to hopefully grow more visible so I can help writers cope with their blocks so they can write again. The subjects I spoke on much of the time just came to me through my intuition or other sources of inspiration.

I realized recently, however, that having a podcast twice a week is beginning to feel like a chore. The feeling around it was starting to become heavier and more oppressive. I wasn’t enjoying it as much as I used to.

Even though I didn’t overtly ask God or the Universe for guidance on this, it seems I’m being led in a specific direction. And that direction is to back off a bit.

As a newer life coach, it is up to me to make or break my business. My business is all about helping and empowering my clients, but it’s also about being fully honest with myself.

I didn’t leave my soul crushing day job just to become a slave to my own business. I want to bring a positive energy and love to what I do at all times, not feel like it’s the drudgery of what many of us call work.

So, to listen to my own advice, I’m following my intuition in this matter. And my intuition is telling me twice a week is too much. I need to focus more energy on my clients and on growing what I believe will be the most enriching adventure I’ve ever taken.

So I will be slowing down a little by changing this show to once a week. Right now, I’m planning to keep the show active on Saturdays.

Again, I’ll be following my own intuition on what feels right.

How did I come to this decision?

Well, I’ve learned to pay a lot more attention to my emotional barometer. This is how we know what our intuition is trying to tell us, and I noticed I was dragging my feet when it came time to create my podcast sometimes.

I also received an interesting sign outside of this. I’ve been doing this special daily affirmation program with my newsletter this month, and so for every day I don’t have a podcast, I share an affirmation with my list.

The funny thing is on this past Wednesday, I totally forgot to send out a newsletter reminding everyone of my podcast. I sent it out on my social media outlets, but not on my newsletter.

And something fascinating happened. My list, which has been growing then shrinking like Alice in Wonderland—seemingly without rhyme or reason. Jumped up in one day by twenty people.

The next day it jumped up by four more.

To me, that was a sign that pulling back and focusing on other aspects of my business is the right thing. I have so much more I want to do and create for all of you, but podcasts take quite a bit of my time and energy. So I’ve decided to pull back to once a week.

I’m following my guidance and intuition now. I wouldn’t be a very good coach if I didn’t follow my own advice, I don’t think.

I do not plan to stop podcasting altogether. I’m just slowing things down.

The podcasts I’ve received the most reviews and positive responses on have been those featuring meditations, so I may go forward with that format as my emphasis. Serene Saturdays make a lot of sense to me.

Don’t forget to check out my guided meditation page. Also check out last week’s episode in fearlessness, which includes a meditation at the end.

I’m being more fearless now, by taking the risk of changing how I present my content to the world. And it may help my business to flourish, or it may make my podcast fail altogether. I don’t know.

But I do have faith. I know I’m being shown the way. In this and in all things.

Whatever happens, I hope you understand. I hope my example helps you in some way to believe in yourself.

And of course, I’m always here if you’re interested in coaching, too.

If you have a story of when you’ve followed your own intuition, I’d love to hear about it.

So until next time…


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