Life should be a joyous adventure!

Have you ever woke up and wondered what you’re doing or where you’re going in this life? As you sit on your bed and rub that sore spot on your neck or back, do you ever think about what your purpose is? Do you feel sad or lonely or miserable? Do you feel lost?

Or maybe it isn’t that bad. Maybe your life is actually pretty good, but you don’t have that special someone who would make things that much better. Maybe you’ve got a part or parts of your life in order, but you’re still missing an important component or two.

Maybe you’re struggling to make ends meet. Maybe you hate your job. Maybe you like your job but you’re just not totally satisfied. Maybe it feels like you’ll never have what you really want. Maybe you wish life wasn’t so hard all the time.

Well, life doesn’t have to be a struggle, especially not all the time.

Life is meant to be joyous, amazing, and wonderful.

If you’ve ever been introduced to certain spiritual philosophies like the Law of Attraction, you already know this. I first came into contact with the Law of Attraction (LOA) about two years ago through watching the movie version of “The Secret.” I then read the Secret books written by Rhonda Byrnes.

Have you ever seen or heard something and felt intuitively that it was the truth. And I don’t mean someone was just being honest, I mean TRUTH. That internal zing that goes through your system that tells you this concept is important and real.

I felt that zing when I watched “The Secret” for the first time – and every time since. I’ve made it the spiritual cornerstone of my life.

And my life has been changing for the better ever since.

My first book signing at an official venue after publication

The thing about the Law of Attraction is it is both simple and profound. The whole Ask, Believe, Receive idea of the Universe or God or whatever term you want to use isn’t difficult on an intellectual level. In the Secret movie, they use the metaphor of the Aladdin’s lamp but with unlimited wishes – whatever you want forever.

Intellectually, it’s easy to understand and a lot of us flock to this concept because of this. The problem is we are not solely intellectual beings. If getting everything we wanted was something we could wish into existence, all of us would already have done it. But to bring these good things to us, we have to be a match based on our energy.

And by energy I mean how we feel the majority of the time. If you’re trying to bring more wealth and abundance into your life but you fear losing money or losing your job, it’s not going to work. If you want love in your life but your romantic past makes you more angry than anything else, you’re going to have to clear that emotion before you’ll be a match for your soul mate.

So, in short, there is a lot more to understanding the LOA than just Ask, Believe, Receive. Just like there’s a lot more to writing than knowing when to use “to, too, or two.” But it’s not impossible or even difficult to learn. It’s a matter of embracing these truths, being willing to let go of behaviors that aren’t serving you, and letting yourself feel your feelings – even when they scare you.

The journey may have a few bumps in the road (or more than a few), but it’s a journey worth taking. Because being happy and having a fantastic life is totally awesome and fun.

Do you want a life that’s totally awesome and fun?

If you said yes, know this.

Understanding the LOA and spirituality in general is not a “Get rich quick” scheme. It’s not something that will happen overnight. But if you’re willing to put in the time, and to love yourself enough to make some changes, life will begin to open up for you in a way you scarcely could’ve imagined.

Still interested? 🙂

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