Love is Always an Option: Podcast 027

Love is ALWAYS an Option 

The inspiration for my podcast today comes from The Life Coach School founder Brooke Castillo. She totally changed her own life by changing the fear in her life to love, and I’m now working to follow her beautiful example.

Love is something human beings always crave. It’s what we’re literally made of on a spiritual level. So really, it’s what we are. 

If we’re feeling bad, most likely what we’re experiencing is a lack of love. 

All the animosity and issues our world experiences is ultimately stemming from a lack of love. 

Or more specifically, by allowing fear to replace love.

When we decide not to trust someone else because they look or behave differently than us, that’s fear. 

When we expect the worst from other people, that’s fear.

When we don’t do what we really want to do because it might be difficult, that’s fear.

It’s something Brooke calls failing ahead of time. 

We have these desires and dreams within us, but many of us never pursue them. 


Because we might fail. And we think that feeling of failure will ruin us. We think it’ll be something we simply can’t handle. 

But we CAN handle it. 

Our brains make fear fester and morph into huge scaly monsters we could never hope to defeat, but that’s not the truth.

That fear of failure often leads to us giving up. It feels safer to give up. It’s less scary to give up. 

So then, we just maintain our status quo. We don’t grow or improve. And when we reach the end of this life, we look back on it with regret. 

We wish we’d taken more chances and more risks. We wish we’d tried new things and lived with more gusto. 

But you don’t have to experience that regret. 

You can choose to smoother any fear that shows up with love. 

You might be saying, “Jeez, Jeannie, that sounds kinda hokey.” But hear me out. 

Love is the best answer to fear. It shuts it the hell up. 

Let’s say you’re like I was, overweight and unhealthy. You know you could make different choices and lose weight, but you can’t seem to get motivated to do so. 

Let me tell you a little secret. You’re issue is not motivation, you’re problem is fear. 

Fear makes you choose to fail ahead of time. And yes, it absolutely is a choice. 

By failing ahead of time, you get to say, “Well, it wouldn’t have worked anyway. Guess I’ll always be this way.” 

But that’s a lie!

You can do anything you want anytime you want. You are a magnificent, eternal spiritual being in human form, not some tortoise hiding in its shell. 

Failing ahead of time is a Jedi mind trick that keeps us from success. But you’re not some weak minded storm trooper. 

You are a gift to this world. We all are. We’re here to make a difference. To love and to live. 

Don’t let fear keep you from remembering that.

So when fear makes you want to fail ahead of time, breathe deeply and tell yourself, I feel the love of the Universe filling me. Or I am one with the Universe. Or I am one with God. Or I am connected and supported by the creative source. 

What you call that higher power doesn’t matter. What matters is that you realize you are loved. You are so loved! 

All the good feelings in this world come from love. And you know what? One of the best places love can originate from is yourself.

When you learn to love who you are, everything becomes easier. And better. It’s the answer to so much – maybe even everything.

Let me explain.

Someone says something hurtful or rude to you. You might normally respond in a number of ways. You might be angry or feel hurt. It might make you feel less confident or worthy. 

But if you answer it with loving yourself, what that other person did or said suddenly doesn’t matter as much anymore. In fact, it may not matter at all.

Picture a perfect beautiful version of yourself that is made of pure light and love giving you a hug with a genuine smile on her (or his) face. 

Hear him or her saying, “It’s okay. I love you.”

Every time something bad happens in your day to day life, picture that gorgeous miraculous being embracing you and saying, “It’s okay. I love you.”

Try it. 

A car pulls out right in front of you. 

“It’s okay. I love you.”

Your boss yells at you. 

Don’t fret. “It’s okay. I love you.”

You have the flu.

“It’s okay. I love you.”

Your kid failed math.

“It’s okay. I love you.”

We can’t afford to give you a raise this year.

“It’s okay. I love you.”

Why can’t you ever do this right? 

“It’s okay. I love you.”


Love is always an option. And loving yourself is always an option. It may even be the best option. 

It’ll give you so much more confidence. It’ll help you feel more worthy. It’ll make you care about your body, your mind and your soul. 

Since I began doing this in my life, everything has gotten better. 

I don’t need the approval of others – and that’s big for me since I’ve always been such a people pleaser – because I approve of myself. 

I appreciate what I do. 

I’m proud of myself and what I do. And I don’t need that pat on the back, or a raise, or a promotion, or anything else from anyone else. Because I’m proud for me. And it makes me feel so happy. 

Am I perfect at this?

Of course not. 

I still love getting positive feedback. It feels good, I’m not gonna lie. 

But do I need it for my own happiness or sense of wellbeing? 


At first, you’ll have to remind yourself. “It’s okay. I love you.”

It’ll take some time for it to become more of an automatic response. But once that happens, you’ll start seeing that love work magic in your life. 

Work will be better. 

Relationships will be better. 

Your creativity will improve. 

You’ll feel more inspired.

You’ll feel more abundant. 

You’ll feel less lonely. 

You’ll feel supported. 

And when the time comes to take that chance on yourself and your dreams, you’ll be ready to take it. Because you’ve primed yourself to take it. 

When love is your constant companion rather than fear, every door opens for you. The world becomes kinder, better. 

So remember to keep the option of love on the table. And when you have a choice to pick up either fear or love, you’ll know which to grab and take with you.