Manifesting 101 Money, Health, & Career: Podcast 55

Manifesting 101 Money, Health, & Career: Podcast 55

Manifesting 101

So as a co-creator with the Universe, I believe we are all manifesting certain feelings and outcomes in our lives.

This feels true to me I think because the thought of being in control of my life rather than just being its victim is a much more empowered perspective. 

I mean think of it this way: We can either go through life blaming our outside circumstances or we can take control and live the life that we want. 

Blaming our outside circumstances sounds like this…

  • Even though I haven’t been with my ex in years, they screwed up my credit so that’s why I don’t have any money now.
  • My coworkers keep bringing donuts to work so it’s their fault I can’t lose weight.
  • My boss plays favorites and doesn’t like me, so why should I try for that promotion when I know I’ll never get it?

Now granted, I may have exaggerated some of these, but play along. 

The examples I just mentioned are things we tell ourselves sometimes when things go wrong in our lives.

But let’s take a closer look at these. 

  • Even though I haven’t been with my ex in years, they screwed up my credit so that’s why I don’t have any money now.

Let’s say that you really did have an ex that ruined your credit score. I mean, that does suck and you have every right to feel however you want to feel about it.

But at a certain point – in this example that ex has been gone for “years” – being angry or upset about this past event is no longer serving you.

What good does it do to feel this way now?

Is it bringing you more money?

Is it improving your credit score?

By focusing on this negative event, this person is choosing to stay trapped in the “no money” situation – even though they may not realize it. 

On a conscious level, none of us want to be victims or feel victimized. But when we blame something that happened years ago for a result we’re manifesting today… Well, we’re making ourselves into victims unnecessarily.

I mean, think about how it feels to blame someone else for something in our lives. 

Does it feel good to say, “My damn ex ruined my credit!”

How does saying something like that feel in your body? 

Maybe at first, it feels good to expend some of that anger and let it out. 

But years later?

When you say, “I have no money and it’s someone else’s fault,” what power do you have to change your money situation?


Why would you want to give control of your money situation to someone else – especially an ex?

So how can we start manifesting what we want instead of what we don’t want?

Take your power back.

Instead of blaming an ex or something outside of you for your financial issues, take a look at what you yourself can do to change it.

Can you apply for a job or if you already have one, think of another way to make some money? 

Money is a tough one, folks, don’t get me wrong. I’ve had issues with money, too.

But the key to fixing it is being willing to believe that you deserve money. You deserve to not struggle. You deserve the best of credit scores. 

So look at your beliefs around money. 

Do you have a basic belief that money is hard to get?

That rich people are bad or got their money through nefarious means? 

Were you taught that money doesn’t grow on trees? 

At one time, I believed all of the above, btw. 

But our beliefs are a choice. 

When I realized that I wasn’t manifesting money because of my beliefs surrounding it, I began the process of questioning my beliefs. 

Is money really hard to get?

If you said yes, then you have some work to do on your beliefs. 

Brainstorm some ways that people get money…

  • Paychecks from jobs
  • Selling something 
  • Getting a loan
  • Getting a gift
  • Providing a service 
  • Providing something of value
  • Giving time
  • Winning something
  • Asking for it

So can you do any of the above?

Sure you can! 

A lot of the surrounding beliefs about money being hard to get isn’t actually about money being hard to get – I mean, hell, think about how often you see change or even paper money on the sidewalk or street. 

Granted, it may just be a coin, but think about the total amount of  change you’ve seen in your lifetime. 

If you add it up, it’d probably come to a surprisingly decent amount. 

So it’s not that money is hard to come by, it’s that we don’t believe we’re worthy of it deep down.

So it’s changing that belief that will empower us and increase our ability at manifesting what we want.

Change your deepest thought from “I’m not worthy of money,” to “I AM worthy of money.”

If that rings false, try “Money is good and so am I.”

Or “I can figure out a fun way to make money.”

Changing your deepest beliefs may take time, but the rewards of empowerment and manifesting what you want are more than worth it.

Let’s take a look at our second example.

  • My coworkers keep bringing donuts to work so it’s their fault I’m can’t lose weight.

Again, blaming your coworkers for your weight takes the ball out of your court and puts it in theirs.

Why would you want to give control of your own health to your coworkers?

Granted, donuts may be something you really enjoy eating. They may prove to be a huge temptation to you. 

But acting on that temptation is a choice.

Most of the time, when we do something that isn’t actually serving us, it’s because we’re avoiding dealing with something we don’t like.

In my case, I used food to keep from feeling negative emotions – and even emotion in general.

I used to eat when I was stressed, when I was depressed, and when I was bored. But I also ate to celebrate things and to feel good.

Because I tied enjoyment primarily to food, I used it as a crutch to get through life.

So when a coworker brought donuts to work, I’d be all over those bad boys. 

Only I wouldn’t eat more than one in front of anyone. 

I’d eat one, then come back when no one else would see me to get more. 

That, my friends, is a big red flag.

It shows that I was ashamed of getting more, that I knew I really shouldn’t. 

Back then, I felt completely out of control with food – especially sweets like donuts. 

I felt as if I couldn’t say no.

And I felt like shit because of it.

I weighed 233 pounds at 5’7. I was a size 3x. 

And worst of all, I hated myself.

I hated my body.

Does this resonate with anyone else?

It wasn’t until I received a diabetes diagnosis that I woke up.

I realized I was killing myself in tiny little increments. 

I wasn’t doing it consciously or intentionally at all, but I was doing it nevertheless.

So I asked myself what I wanted. 

I asked myself if I wanted to live, and the answer was a resounding YES! 

I asked myself if I wanted to become healthier, and the answer again was a YES.

And so I started to research what I needed to do and found out that the most crucial component to positive change is to love yourself.

Yes, some may cringe when I say that, but if you’re honest with yourself, you’ll also know that it’s true. You must start to believe that loving and appreciating yourself is essential.

If you don’t like or hate yourself, you will sabotage yourself from manifesting anything good in your life. 

You’ll tell yourself that it’s too hard, that others can do it but you can’t, and all sorts of other outright lies.

And nothing will change for the better. 

So if you’re overweight, you’re gonna have to learn how to love your body exactly as it is.

Every round or floppy or saggy part. Every mole, scar and blemish. Every stretch mark. 

You’re gonna need to learn to love it. Because until you do, you won’t have the power you need to do what’s best for your body.

You already know what’s best. You know how it feels to eat good stuff that makes you feel good. And you know what you eat or how much you eat that makes you feel bad. 

What’ll make you choose to do the right thing by your body day in and day out is deciding you love it enough to take care of it. 

End of story. 

And once you make that decision, the weight is as good as gone.

As someone who has lost fifty pounds, I can attest to the power of loving your body enough to take care of it. 

Okay, last example.

  • My boss plays favorites and doesn’t like me, so why should I try for that promotion when I know I’ll never get it?

Again, why give control of your career over to a boss that doesn’t like you?

Though this may be a challenge at first, try giving up complaining and blaming your boss – no matter how negative they may be.

The way you take your power back is by doing you’re best work every single day.

And not for your boss’s sake but for your own.

When you do your best, you can go home every day focused on the results you achieved.

You can focus on how good and dedicated your are.

Even if no one else knows or even acknowledges your awesomeness, YOU KNOW!

And it’s your opinion of yourself that matters most.

And by the way, your work and dedication will send out a very positive vibration into the Universe. What you give in that high and happy state will come back to you tenfold or more. 

That’s how the Universe works. You just have to be patient and willing to see your wonderful manifestations when they start coming.

Look for the little signs of them – they’ll be there. 

The Universe always, always has your back and mine. 

And understanding that will increase your manifesting by leaps and bounds.

It’s the Law. The Law of Attraction at work.

For a great way to get into alignment and feel good every day, I highly recommend checking out the Abraham-Hicks YouTube Channel. I’ve never been disappointed and always feel wonderful listening to Abraham’s wisdom.

So are you ready to start the real work of manifesting your dreams? Set up a free coaching call here. 



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