Letting Go Meditation: Podcast 4

Letting Go Meditation: Podcast 4

Meditation for Letting Go

So I’m a big believer in meditation, especially when it comes to letting go of what doesn’t serve you.

Meditation is the place where inspiration comes, the avenue that wisdom travels down.

For some other great guided meditations, check out Angela Strank or my coach, Betsy Pake.

And since I’m in the midst of letting go of attachments that are no longer serving me spiritually, I thought following along on this meditation might help you to let go, too.

Please find a comfy place to enjoy this away from anything like an open fire or a steering wheel that requires your ultimate attention.

If you’ve never done a guided meditation before, the goal is to simply follow along and go in your imagination where my words take you.

Hope you enjoy!

Meditation for Letting Go

Find a comfortable place to sit while keeping your spine straight

Take a breath through your nose and relax your body

Relax your feet and legs

Relax your hips and stomach

Relax your chest, your arms and your hands

Do a shrugging motion to release any tension in your shoulders and neck

Relax every muscle in your face as you close your eyes 

Imagine yourself outside

The sky is a deep, rich blue and puffy clouds peek out here and there along the horizon

The sun shines bright and warm over your body, never burning and never too bright or too hot

Just beyond where you are sitting, you hear the rustling of wind through leaves, along with birdsong. It’s coming from overhead, and it’s melodic and beautiful

You hear a rhythmic sound further away. It’s gentle like a breath or a sigh, and you realize it’s the ocean. 

The waves crash quietly onto the beach over and over, like the heartbeat of a sleeping child

Here in this place, you feel peace and serenity. You know nothing can harm you. 

You reach out from your seated position and feel cool grass beneath you. As you run your hands along this soft carpet of green, the aroma of freshly mown grass rises, filling your senses.

Keeping your eyes closed, you journey inwards, your thoughts calm but curious. You picture your mind and observe it with fascination. 

Your brain is full of activity and lighted pathways, a gorgeous translucent thing, like a fiery star. 

You see something not as bright within, a shadowy place where less light emanates.

You close in on this shadowy place, still tranquil, merely investigating. 

Unlike the rest of your brain, this part isn’t as active. Here, the pathways seem to stop and go nowhere. 

Shadows envelop the center completely, showing only as darkness.

Bravely, you move toward the darkness, looking for the cause. 

The closer you come, the more you feel something. The more you study the darkness, the more you notice a tightness within your body. 

Identify where the tightness is and name the part of your body it’s coming from.

As you calmly consider this tightness, the more a certain emotion rises inside of you. Only you know what emotion this is.

You speak the name of this emotion out loud, and the power of your spoken word releases the tension you’ve been carrying, freeing it. 

Allow yourself to feel this emotion fully, whatever it is. Don’t be afraid – even if the emotion is fear. Just breathe and allow the emotion to flow through you.

If you experience fright, that’s okay, just let it happen. If you experience sadness or tears, that’s okay, just let it happen. If you experience anger, that’s okay, just let it happen.

As you experience whatever the emotion is, take note of how it feels in your body. Does it still feel like tightness or a clenching somewhere? 

Do you feel cold or the sensation of heat? Is there tingling? Is it making you experience chills or causing you to sweat?

Whatever is happening, know that it is okay. You are still safe and sound where you are sitting listening to birdsong and ocean waves. 

You are fully supported and fully loved at all times. Whatever you are experiencing is an emotion, and emotions cannot actually harm you – even when they cause you to feel uncomfortable.

Let the emotion run its course. Don’t try to stop it or shut it down. Just let it be. Breathe.

Once the emotion begins to subside, you study the light of your very active brain again. 

You notice that the shadowy place is now gone. The tightness is also gone. It is as if they have never been. 

A bubbling happy feeling envelops you, making a giggle rise from the depths of your soul.

You are free now. Free to be who you really are. That thing you’ve been wanting to do but have been too nervous about seems totally possible now. 

Everything seems totally possible now. And it IS possible! You are now empowered to do whatever you most want to do.

You smile to yourself seeing that perfect life you’ve always wanted. You’re smiling because that life is much closer than it used to be. 

Because you’ve been able to let go of what was holding you back, you feel that perfect life careening toward you with amazing speed!

Keep picturing that perfect, beautiful, dream life. Make it as big and amazing as you can imagine. 

Appreciate that wonderful life. Appreciate all the good in that life and know you can have it.

Next, think about your life as it is now. 

What are you thankful for? Think about the things in your life right now that make you smile. Appreciate them. Shower those things with endless love.

Now, from this inspired place, ask for guidance on what you might do to reach for that perfect life of your dreams.

Breathe deeply into your diaphragm and hold that breath for a second before blowing it out through your nose. 

With your eyes still closed, turn your head slowly back and forth. Wiggle your toes and fingers as you gradually come back to your body and feel yourself sitting in your seat.

Remember to look for signs and inclinations that feel light and happy to you, for that is your inspired action leading you along your path.

When you are ready, open your eyes.


I hope you enjoyed this guided meditation for letting go. I hope it helped you. What did you experience? Do you feel better afterward, like letting go of what no longer serves you is possible now? Please share in the comments.
I’m also always available to coach you one on one – I can even develop a personalized meditation for your specific needs, letting go or otherwise. Click here to schedule a free consultation.

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4 Comments to “Letting Go Meditation: Podcast 4”

  1. Jeannie this is a sensational guided meditation. Love it. I pulled back on meditating last week; even though I meditate daily I ramped up my deep yin yoga to over 1 hour daily. Deep yin is similar to meditation because you hold a pose for a few minute, breathing in and out as you allow your body to open up. I am up to 4 minutes per pose which is fun….and intense LOL!


    1. Jeannie says:

      I’m slowly getting more and more into yoga, too, Ryan. Thank you so much for listening and commenting! Guided meditations have helped me so much that I wanted to share some of my own. I’ll have to try Deep Yin Yoga once I get a little further along. 🙂

  2. Jeannie,

    Do you have the link to the podcast of the guided meditation? It looks so beautiful & peaceful and I’d love to listen to it. Thanks! Johanna

    1. Jeannie says:

      Hi, Johanna! Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting! Here’s the link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/writing-in-your-jammies-podcast/id1260190486?mt=2

      It’s podcast 004 in the Create Your Empowered Self podcast. I hope you enjoy it!

      🙂 Jeannie

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