New: Podcast 031


What does the word new mean to you? 

Does it mean fresh? Neat? Novel? Something you haven’t seen before?

Or does the word “new” have a different connotation for you? 

Does new mean strange or even scary?

Here at the beginning of 2018, I’d like you to consider not only what the word new means to you on an instinctual gut level, but also what it might mean to your future.

Are you happy with the way your life is right now? 

If so, fantastic. Enjoy it!

But if you’re like many people out there, you may have something about your life that you’d like to change. 

If you’re someone who is less than happy but who isn’t a huge fan of change, please listen. In most instances, new equals change. 

And yes, change can be frightening. But it can also be incredibly rewarding. 

If you’re willing to put yourself out there…

If you’re willing to take a risk…

If you’re willing to take a chance on yourself and your abilities…

Then your future is literally boundless. Limitless.

It may seem like a radical notion to take a bet on yourself, to believe in yourself so completely, but if you start moving in that direction, life can become amazing.

You can live your wildest dreams. You can overcome any obstacle. You can do anything and everything you set your heart on. 

I used to believe that people who wrote books had some magical talent that I didn’t. Then, at 33, I tried my hand at writing and ended up with about 42,000 words and 18 chapters. Not too bad for someone who’d never tried to write fiction before. 

What the Law of Attraction and the teachings of Abraham taught me were that I could be the creator not only of fictional worlds, but of my own world. My own reality. 

For real.

For example: I used to believe I was just a fat chick with bad genes and a slow metabolism who couldn’t lose weight. That was total bullshit, by the way. 

I have changed my body and reduced my weight significantly now. I decided I could do it. I decided I was worth it. And I decided I wanted a healthy, beautiful body more than I wanted junk food. And though it takes time, patience and commitment, I’ve made it happen.

And if I can do it, you can, too. 

A new year is a time for resolutions, but this year I challenge you to not only make a resolution, but to follow through with it. 

How many of us say we’ll stop or start doing something in January? Some people don’t even make resolutions because they know going in they’ll never keep them. 

How about instead of making an empty resolution, you make a promise to yourself you know you can keep?

Come up with something totally doable, but new. A positive change. I suggest following my mentor and coach Betsy Pake’s advice and take a small step rather than a giant leap. 

Instead of saying you want to cure your bad temper, you say you just want to not get upset at traffic today. Or tomorrow. And if you fail, don’t beat yourself up. Just take a deep breath, tell yourself you can do this, and try again.

Doing something new and changing in a more permanent way is all about allowing yourself to mess up. It’s okay. 

Hug yourself, tell yourself it’s all right, and focus on making the kind of decisions that will cause that new, positive change to happen.

Doing something for a day is pretty easy. See if you can. 

Then stretch it into a week. 

Promise yourself that you can do it. That you’re worth it. That God/the Universe is supporting you in this change. You’re not alone in your journey – not ever. 

Imagine thousands of people or angels or whatever works for you cheering you on. Imagine receiving thousands of words of encouragement, thousands of prayers and well wishes. Imagine receiving thousands of hugs. 

Love yourself enough to see yourself succeeding. 

And soon, your temper behind the wheel will have improved.

You’ll weigh less.

You’ll leave those cigarettes or whatever else you want to quit permanently behind.

You’re relationships will get better. 

That thing you keep worrying about will cease to be an issue at all.

You’ll be more of the person you want to be. 

And all that good energy will have wonderful repercussions in the other areas of your life. Good has a way of multiplying and stretching it’s tendrils over everything. 

It’s pretty awesome. 

Let new and better things come into your life. God and the Universe is constantly working to bring newness and more happiness to you. 

So don’t block it. 






Look for the best things in the world and focus on them. Exclusively. Concentrate on them with all your strength. 

Love fiercely. 

Laugh loudly.

Give freely.

Believe you are worth it with all your heart. 

You have so much value. You have so much beauty inside you. Let it out! Let everyone see what God and the Universe already know. 

That you are amazing. 

That you are capable of greatness.

That you can do anything you really want.

That you are a miracle.

That you are a badass.

It’s so cool how all those new scary things we once feared become absolutely possible to do after that. 


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