Nothing Has Gone Wrong: Podcast 033

Nothing has gone wrong 

Today I’d like to talk about a concept associated with the Law of Attraction called “nothing has gone wrong.”

Abraham talks about this being a basic truth about our lives here on this planet – that everything has a purpose. 




When something happens that we consider a bad thing, according to Abraham, this is simply a part of our life that is showing us something we need to know. 

It may be a lesson. It may be preparation for some future event. It may even be a simple gaining of knowledge and experience. 

Maybe you’re saying, “But Jeannie, I just received a diagnosis of being diabetic. That means my pancreas isn’t working right. There’s no way that’s not bad news.”

I understand. And I’m not saying you won’t be upset when you receive “bad news.”

You have every right to be upset and to experience all the emotions involved. 

But what if – and please stay with me now – that diagnosis ends up serving you in some way?

I’m not saying being diabetic is good. 

But what if it leads you to change your diet and exercise regimen? What if you start eating healthier and become more active? 

What if you lose some pounds after being overweight? What if you reduce you sugar and carbs and find out you feel a lot better?

Would you have done that for yourself without the diagnosis?

I’m not saying you can’t change things for the better before a diagnosis like that pops up. What I’m saying is that many of us don’t. 

I know I didn’t.

If you’ve listened to this podcast before, then you know that my own diabetic diagnosis propelled me to drastically change my health and my life overall.

The miraculous part of this – at least to me – is that being diabetic has caused me to look at my life differently. 

I realized if I kept to the path I was on, I would’ve ultimately stayed obese, unhappy and unhealthy. I realized that I was slicing years if not decades off my life because of the way I was treating my body.

That diagnosis made me look at my life and evaluate what I wanted to change – not just health wise, but in every way. 

So do I consider my diabetes something that went wrong? 

No. Not anymore. 

It’s something I needed to happen to wake me up. For whatever reason – maybe it was habit or comfort level – I was overeating every day and not exercising at all. 

Having a doctor tell me, “Look, Jeannie, you have Type II Diabetes,” really shook me to my core. 

I realized I wasn’t taking care of my body or myself in general. I didn’t consider myself important enough, valuable enough or worthy enough to love myself. 

I was treating my body like a garbage disposal rather than a divine vessel. And if you keep tossing enough garbage in, eventually you’ll get garbage out – i.e. a medical diagnosis. 

I grew up in the 80s and did just a tiny bit of computer coding back in the days of C prompts and DOS operating systems. I remember learning the concept of “garbage in, garbage out.” It basically means if your code is messed up, then the program is not going to work correctly. 

The same is true of our bodies. If we treat them like crap, then sooner or later those bodies will crap out. 

It’s just a matter of time.

I wasn’t in any hurry for that to happen, in fact, I didn’t want that to happen at all – but I was ignoring all my body wisdom. I was ignoring the feeling of being overfilled with food. Instead of stopping my overeating habit, I took Prilosec OTC so I’d have less heartburn. 

I consider myself a fairly intelligent person. But when it came to this issue, I wasn’t being very smart. I needed that slap upside the head. And oh yeah, I totally got one!

So really, nothing went wrong. 

I just received the message I desperately needed to hear.

Let me give another example.

About a year and a half ago, I decided to look for another job. I’m currently a retail manager in my day job, a job which I don’t enjoy. 

So on the job hunt I went.

I got this wonderful interview that sounded like dream come true. I could work remotely from home. I would be writing for a living. I would be working fewer hours and saving a lot of gas. 

It sounded perfect. 

Granted, it was writing obituaries, which sounds a little depressing, but I was excited at the prospect anyway. 

So, interesting job opportunity outside the confines of the retail industry? Check!

Great phone interview? Check!

Confirmation that I got the job? The guy ended the call with, “That’s great. I’ll contact you with more information tomorrow.” So, check! 



I waited all day at work for his phone call or email telling me what I needed to do to get started. I’d already written my letter of resignation, for Pete’s sake!

I was so exhilarated and happy at work that day. I was leaving! Finally! 

So in the afternoon, I receive the email I was waiting for. Only it wasn’t the email I was waiting for. 

Dear applicant, 

Thank you for your interest in our company, but we have decided to go in another direction at this time. 

Let’s just say that email left me both speechless and breathless. 

I immediately went to lunch and checked it again. Sure enough, a form rejection. I couldn’t believe it!

I then called my husband and sobbed over the phone for half an hour. 

Why had this happened? Why had this guy acted like I had the job, only to yank it away like a rug from under my feet? 

What went wrong?

The answer I discovered over time was … nothing.

Nothing went wrong. 

Being denied and rejected for that job – while frankly devastating at the time – was what led me to seek help with my spiritual journey. 

It led me to Kelli Cooper and Ryan Biddulph. It led me to Rikka Zimmerman. It led me to Betsy Pake. 

It led me to realizing I wanted more than just a job. I wanted to be my own boss. I wanted to not just write for a living, I wanted to help – really help – people. 

I made me understand that being an author alone – while awesome and an integral part of who I am – is not enough for me. 

This realization led me to follow life coaches like Kelli, Betsy, Rikka and Brooke Castillo. It made me realize that I wanted to be a life coach myself. 

I discovered that I wanted to contribute in a real way. That I wanted to make a difference in the lives of other people. That I wanted to leave a legacy, not just in book form, but in the people I can help. 

And I am absolutely open to whatever helps any of you. If it’s my books, awesome. If it’s my blog, awesome. If it’s my podcast, awesome. If it’s working with you directly as a coach, awesome. 

If you’re a writer who needs help with your muse, awesome. If you’re just starting out on your own spiritual journey and need coaching, awesome. If you want me to help you lose weight permanently, awesome.

Not getting that job is actually one of the single best things that has ever happened to me. It reminded me that I can not only survive after rejection, I can thrive afterwards.


Nothing went wrong. It was simply a catalyst to a greater and more important crossroads in my life. 

So the next time something completely details your life, pause. Feel whatever you need to feel. Give yourself time and loads of compassion. Be patient with yourself. 

Then when you’re up to it, when you feel able, look for the blessing. 

And it’ll be there.