Odds: Podcast 41


Odds are against most of the truly fabulous things in this life.

Odds of winning the lottery? 

Nearly impossible.

Odds of starting a successful six or especially seven figure business?

Not great.

Odds on meeting the love of your life as a teenager?

Astronomical. (Even though I did.)

Odds on scoring a publishing contract with a traditional publisher?

Not quite as foreboding but still difficult.

Becoming a bestselling author?

Now, we’re heading into a higher difficulty level again. 

Yet people accomplish these feats anyway.

Lotteries are won, businesses become successes, young people fall in love, authors receive their first contracts and some even gain that coveted bestseller status.

These things DO happen. They are not impossible. Few things truly are, especially if you set your mind on doing it.

So why do we hear so much about these crazy odds?

Because it’s easier to give up than it is to keep trying. And it’s even easier to never try in the first place. 

Or is it?

I found this quote on Pinterest: “Ignoring your passion is slow suicide.”

If we don’t try, if we don’t pursue our dreams or even allow ourselves to have dreams, isn’t that the worst fate of all?

We do have free will. We can choose to stagnate, to stay where we are forever rather than growing and evolving. 

But what is the price of such a choice?


If we make the choice to hide from our true selves and from what we love, is that really living?

Something for all of us to ponder. 

I believe the odds are there to remind us that certain worthwhile pursuits are supposed to be a challenge. 

How does it feel to succeed at something many might fail doing?

Getting an A on that test you’ve been studying for over the past month…

Getting that promotion you’ve been working toward for the past 2 years…

Summoning up the courage to finally ask that guy or girl out who has been smiling at you for weeks…

That first month your business makes more than you ever made working for someone else…

These are all momentous occasions, often hard won. 

And yet these tend to be the most satisfying. Not only because of the hard work and facing your fears, but also because you defied the odds.

When I first became a traditionally published author, I read a report in the Romance Writers Report published by the Romance Writers of America. 

The article discussed the percentage of published authors who became bestsellers, which was about five percent.

The percentage of bestselling authors who had actual name recognition, the Nora Roberts (and those who don’t read romance may not even know about her even though she has written over two hundred bestselling novels), the Stephen Kings and the JK Rowlings, also came up to about five percent.

The writer of the article stated that when surveyed, the percentage of those who say they want to write a book to those who actually do is also about five percent.

Five percent kept popping up.

We see similar numbers in the business world, too. 

Odds are against success. 

There are always more failures than successes when it comes to being an entrepreneur.

But then people defy the odds all the time. 

How did some guy living in impoverishment with a single and very abusive mother, who left home at 17 and never went to college become Tony Robbins, a guy Forbes magazine just reported as being worth $480 million?

How did some little African American girl who grew up dirt poor in Mississippi, the daughter of a teenage mother on welfare and the victim of sexual abuse grow up to be Oprah Winfrey, a woman worth upwards of $3 BILLION dollars? 

They did it by seeing the failures and setbacks as a part of their success. And of course there were failures and setbacks. 

But the thing that makes successful people like Tony and Oprah who they are is that they don’t let those setbacks stop them. 

If you really do subscribe to the notion that there are no coincidences (listen to my podcast on the subject), then you realize that everything in your life is serving some sort of purpose.

Especially the failures and setbacks.

Those are there to show us something about ourselves, to teach us something we didn’t see before.

The abuse that Tony and Oprah both suffered didn’t leave them as permanent victims – they used those experiences, painful as they were – to make them more compassionate and empathetic towards others.

Because of that abuse, Tony became arguably the most famous and successful life coach that has ever been. 

My mentor who I frequently mention on this podcast, Brooke Castillo (who has become a self- made millionaire herself), attended his renowned “Date with Destiny” seminar years ago. And at least partly due to this, Brooke helps hundreds of others become successful life coaches themselves. 

How many lives have Tony and Brooke changed for the better?

The number has to be in the thousands for Brooke and tens of thousands if not more for Tony. 

And that’s not even mentioning the impact Oprah has had. 

Talk about a ripple effect!

So the way to become a success, the way to beat the odds, is to never ever give up. 

When something doesn’t work, change it and try again. 

When things fall apart, put them back together.

When you stumble and face plant, get back up, wash you face, laugh it off, and do it again.

This is how we succeed. We learn from what went wrong. We figure out how to do it differently.

Every disease we ever cured came from trial and error. We didn’t know the solution, but scientists and doctors and lab techs kept working on it until the right discovery was made. 

Successful people don’t “luck into” their successes. Or if they do, those successes tend to be short lived. 

Successful people keep trying, keep going, and continually move forward – even if that movement may sometimes only be a crawl. 

So today, I encourage you to defy the odds. To be part of that five percent rather than the 95 percent. 

Get off that couch and out of that recliner. 

Take a chance on your idea and believe in yourself so strongly that what others might say or believe about you doesn’t matter.

You are a part of divinity.

You are gorgeous, strong, powerful, and perfect for whatever you want to do in this life. 

Don’t let life pass you by. Go out and live it!

Go beat the odds! 


Then come back to me and tell me your story so we can inspire others.