Panic: Podcast 29

Panic: Podcast 29

Panic: 3 Tips How To Handle It

So feeling panic sucks ass. 

Like, majorly. 

You ever have a panic attack?

The short breaths. 

The sinking feeling in your chest and stomach. 

The coldness aching in your shoulders. 

There may be sweat and tears, too.

So how do we combat such shitty crappy thing?

The good news is that there are a few ways, and even better, I’m gonna share them.

3 Tips to Handle Panic

  1. Breathe

Getting a hold of your breathing is the first step in giving your panic a smackdown. 

Take several breaths with this pattern: count to four as you inhale, hold for a count of two, exhale to a count of four. 

The reason the emotion of panic scares us so much is because our body wants us to run, literally. 

Panic is our fight or flight mechanism fully engaged. 

Our bodies believe we are in actual physical danger. And if we are, that reaction is appropriate.

But if you’re waking up in the middle of the night because you forgot to turn in a report at work, running for your life is not the appropriate response.

So first, slow your breathing. 

Make sure your body is receiving the amount of oxygen it needs. 

Once your body starts to receive this oxygen and your new slower breathing rhythm tells your body it is not in peril, the sensation of panic will start to dissipate. 

2. Relax 

Because you are a spiritual being in a physical human form, you have the gift and the power to remind yourself of that fact.

Is that report important enough to throw you into panic?

What will happen if that report is turned in late?

Will you die?


Will you get fired?

Pretty unlikely. 

Let’s look at the more common scenarios:

Will your boss be mad at you – will they yell a little? 


Will that report being late cause someone at your work some inconvenience?


But even if it does, these things are not fatal. 

How much importance do you place on these things? 

No one’s life is hanging in the balance, right?

Remember that. Let it give you perspective. 

You can become aware of the truth, that everything is okay. 

You are not in danger. 

Even in a worst case scenario – like losing a job – there are always other opportunities and options available to you. 

Remind yourself that you are loved and supported at all times. 

If you need to get up, hug yourself, listen to some soothing music, do some yoga, stretch out your body, listen to a guided meditation, read something inspirational: that’s totally fine.

Whatever it takes to remind you of the truth: that you are loved and supported. 

In NLP, we also have a technique where you step out of yourself and view your situation from a more objective difference. 

In this position-called the second position-we can see ourselves over there. We can see our body and how it really is okay. 

This may help you relax, as well. 

3. Say thank you.

For me, gratitude is the single greatest cure for panic and anxiety. 

Lately, as my regular listeners will know, I’ve been going through The frankly massive transition of leaving my day job. 

Now that I’ve made that decision, I’ve been experiencing bouts of anxiety and panic. 

So trust me I say I understand. 

I have been there and at times, I’m still there. 

The difference is now, I interrupt my panic with straight up gratitude. 

As soon as that sense of panic starts to make me feel antsy and so uncomfortable, I start saying, “Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you so much.”

I repeat it like a mantra until the height of that emotion subsides. 

Sometimes I’ll switch gears and say something like, “I know you’re here with me. I know everything is working out for me. I know you have my best interests at heart.” 

Whatever you decide works for you, the important thing is to go from panicked to so grateful that you become overwhelmed by your own gratitude.

I like to reach the point of tears in my eyes because at that point all my anxiety and panic completely melts away.

At that point I am completely connected to God. I am completely connected to that higher power, that divine being that loves and supports me no matter what. 

There’s nothing more calming and nothing more powerful. 

So next time you run into panic, breathe, make yourself relax, and become grateful. 

And once you’re in that calm peaceful state, you can go back to sleep or begin to make the decisions you need to. 


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