Permanent Weight Loss Guided Meditation

Meditation for PERMANENT Weight Loss 

The following meditation is a companion piece to the post and podcast I released earlier this week about achieving weight loss that is permanent. If you haven’t already, please check it out.

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Permanent Weight Loss Guided Meditation

Find a comfortable position and close your eyes.

Relax all the muscles in your body.

Your feet and ankles.

Your legs and hips.

Your stomach and torso.

Your arms and hands.

And every muscle in your face.

Take a deep breathe and release any tension or stress remaining in your system.

Take another breath, breathing in health and joy while breathing out any negativity surrounding you.

Imagine that you are floating safely and securely on a placid lake. 

It is impossible for you to drown or do anything but float peacefully on the surface of the water.

You can smell and taste fresh moisture in the air, as the water laps gently against your body.

A soft warm sun resides overhead, its heat relaxing any sore spot, ache or remaining tension you may have.

Think about your body the way it is now – all of its flaws and imperfections.

Remember, whatever flaws you find, inside you is an eternal spiritual being made of love.

The spiritual part of you is beautiful and perfect, flawless. 

Imagine what that perfect inner part of you might look like.

No matter what image comes into your mind, know that the real you is made of pure love and light.

All of us are.

Now imagine your physical body again focusing on your feet and legs.

Send love and healing to any part of your feet and legs that may need it, imagining they are as perfect and beautiful as your spiritual feet and legs are.

Now think of your stomach, back and chest.

Send love and healing to any part of your stomach, back and chest that may need it, imagining they are as perfect and beautiful as your spiritual body is.

Imagine your arms and hands.

Send love and healing to any part of your arms and hands that may need it, imagining they are as perfect and beautiful as your spiritual arms and hands are.

Now, imagine your face and neck.

Send love and healing to any part of your face and neck that may need it, imagining them as perfect and beautiful as your spiritual head is.

For a moment bask in the warmth of the love and healing you’ve created within yourself, feeling proud of your amazing abilities and inner strength.

You are such a powerful being, and by loving your body – this beautiful body you’re in right now – you’ve begun the process of becoming exactly what you want to be.

You float there for a few minutes, feeling nothing but peace and serenity.

As you lie there, suspended and supported by the nourishing lake, you make a decision.

You decide that going forward you will love the body you’re in no matter what.

If you see flabbiness, it doesn’t matter because you love yourself.

If you see stretch marks or scars, it doesn’t matter because you love yourself.

If you see anything you don’t find beautiful, it doesn’t matter because you love yourself. 

Both your body and your spirit hear this decision you’ve made and a sense of wellbeing and resolve fills you. 

You know that as you go through your days, you will make the best decisions for your body that you can because you now love that body so much.

When faced with what to do with your body, what to eat and drink, what to move and how to move it, you’ll make the choice that will serve you the best long term. 

And as you go along, if you sometimes make a decision you feel might’ve been in error, you’ll forgive that decision because you love yourself.

That love is unconditional and everlasting. 

You feel that love rising within you now, filling you with pure positive energy. 

Embrace that feeling. 

Embrace that energy.

And know that each day that love and energy will expand and grow inside of you.

You are blessed. 

Come back to your self now.

Wiggle your hands and feet. 

Turn your head slowly from side to side.

Take a deep breath as you awaken more fully, then blow it out.

Remember the love you learned to give yourself today as you gradually open your eyes.


I hope this meditation for permanent weight loss fills you with love and peace. Know you can lose the weight, and the battle is already halfway won.


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  1. Thanks so much for the shout out Jeannie! Guided meditations are fabulous ways to ground yourself, to be in the moment and yep, for weight loss or other worthy endeavors. Reading and feeling the words shared above have a calming, soothing effect on me. Thanks for sharing 🙂


    1. Always happy to share, Ryan! You’re more than welcome! I’m so glad you liked the meditation. You’re comments give me so much joy!

      Jeannie 🙂

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