Podcast 002: Losing Weight the Fun Way

In this episode, author and blogger Jeannie Hall discusses her personal story of weight loss and how anyone can lose weight without pain, without diets, and without struggling so hard. Through focusing inward, Jeannie has been able to lose over forty pounds, lower her blood pressure, blood sugar, and improve her habits.

By focusing on the bigger picture of her overall lifestyle, Jeannie has succeeded where she failed numerous times before. She has learned to meditate, to release beliefs that no longer server her, and feel more peaceful. Instead of crash dieting to lose weight, she began eating more vegetables and cut back on her portion sizes. She keeps her meals balanced between veggies, protein, and carbs.

Although she didn’t enjoy being active before, after losing about twenty pounds, she discovered she wanted to move around more and felt more energy. Using the principles she learned while watching The Secret, she focused on having fun more and on doing activities she considers fun, like:

  • hiking
  • swimming
  • swinging on a swing set
  • wandering through nature
  • beachcombing
  • walking

She went from spending her lunch hour at work sitting in her car and eating, to eating something healthy at her desk, then walking during lunch. Her fitness level has improved so dramatically that her doctor believes she’ll be able to either lessen her medication amounts or get off of them entirely.

Jeannie has already planned and started a book series called The Joy of which will feature a book dedicated to weight loss. She will discuss this series further during a future podcast. She wants to help anyone who has struggled with their health in general or with losing weight specifically, to finally accomplish what we all want – to feel better. By going within she has not only lost weight, she has improved everything in her life.

And she can, you can, too!