Podcast 003: Gratitude

I feel so much gratitude toward all the teachers, blogs, podcasts, videos, and books I have discovered on this beautiful journey. Today, I am listing everyone and everything that has helped me transform my life.

Items mentioned in this gratitude podcast:

The Secret video/documentary created by Rhonda Byrnes



  • Kelli Cooper

I found Kelli at a very dark place in my spiritual journey, and her podcast and blog put me back on an even keel. The amount of gratitude I feel for her and for all my teachers listed here is immeasurable. Her website: LiveLifeMadetoOrder.com is chock full of wisdom and gentle, foul-mouthed law of attraction (LOA) guidance. You don’t get much more down to earth or authentic than Kelli and her husband, Ryan. She also writes eBooks, articles for the Huffington Post, and has recently started to do Facebook live videos. I took a class with both Kelli and Ryan, and it is totally changing my life.

  • Ryan Biddulph

I was introduced to Ryan through Kelli’s blog and podcasts where he frequently guest posts and is her “one and only guest.” Ryan’s blog is BloggingfromParadise.com, which is a perfect name because he and Kelli travel all over the world. Because of their understanding of the LOA, they are living the lives of their dreams. Ryan is a blogging superstar. He has been featured on many famous blogs, including Richard Branson’s.  Despite having written over 100 eBooks on Amazon, he is amazingly generous with his time and has even written a guest post for this blog! It’ll go live soon, so definitely be on the lookout for that!

  • Rikka Zimmerman

I first heard about Rikka through Ryan and Kelli. Rikka has two websites, RikkaZimmerman.com and AdventuresinOneness.com. She is so upbeat and positive. I’ve also taken one of her classes, and she guided me through the process of releasing some of my most negative beliefs. Those beliefs were holding me back, so I feel an immense amount of gratitude to her for this. Check her out on her YouTube channel. She is an angel!

  • Angela Strank

I came across Angela because she and Kelli were guests on the same show. Angela specializes in guided meditations – so you can focus on what she’s saying if you have trouble focusing or if you want to try something different in your meditation sessions. Angela can be found at AngelaStrank.com and you can also subscribe to her YouTube channel.

  • Jason Stephenson

I found Jason while looking for guided meditations on YouTube. His channel is packed with recorded guided meditations to soothing music. He also does live videos if you’re interested in a more interactive experience.

  • Alara Canfield

I discovered Alara because Angela was featured on her podcast. Alara’s blog and podcast channel is called Awake to Happiness, and she offers many, many podcasts to choose from. She has many different guests on her show, offering a whole range from the spiritual spectrum.

  • Betsy Pake

Kelli was on Betsy’s show, the Art of Living Big. Her podcasts and videos feature entrepreneurs and other successes from many different walks of life. Her message is positive and her podcast is very professional. Check out her Facebook community called the Start Small Live Big community or SSLB for short.

And last but not least…

  • Pat Flynn

Ryan mentioned Pat Flynn on his podcast recently, but I actually discovered Pat because I was needing help getting my own podcast up and running. His show is famous among business podcasts – you may have already heard of it or may be listening to it – Smart Passive Income. He has a blog, podcasts, and a YouTube channel which is massively successful. He features many entrepreneurs, has how-to videos, and offers a very positive message.

Again, I am hugely indebted to all of these folks. They are a gift. Mentioning them here is just a tiny token of my personal gratitude. I hope the folks who helped me can also help you. 🙂