Podcast 037: Appreciate Yourself

Podcast 037: Appreciate Yourself

Appreciate yourself 

Our ability to appreciate ourselves is something many of us are unfamiliar with.

It may make us uncomfortable. 

It may seem tacky or conceited. Or it may just feel weird. 

Yet, taking the time to appreciate the good things about yourself and the good things that you do can help you follow your dreams and become a success. 


This is a Law of Attraction concept and something Abraham-Hicks mentions quite a bit. The better you feel about yourself and appreciate what you’re capable of, the more likely you’ll be to commit to goals, finish tasks, and feel good about your life overall.

So I’d like to challenge everyone listening to this to think of one thing you truly appreciate about yourself. 

It could be anything, so go ahead. Think about something you appreciate about you. 

It could be your ability to peel an apple.

It could be your nose or eye color. 

It could be how dedicated you are to someone: your spouse or significant other, your mom or dad, your sibling, or your friend. 

It could be how good you are at making pancakes fluffy. 

Whatever it is, think of that thing and pause for a moment. 

Really let yourself appreciate that part of you. 

Now, maybe you’re saying, “Jeannie, I don’t appreciate anything about myself.”

If this is the case, that’s okay. 

Let’s do this. Take a deep breath, and think of someone who loves or has loved you. 

How would they answer that question? Would would they say they appreciate about you?

It may feel a little strange, but deep down, you know the answer. You know what they would say.

Now, think of why they would say that. 

Maybe you think it’s because they’re your mom so they have to believe that. Or your grandma. 

Let me tell you a secret. They don’t have to believe anything.

And neither do you. 

You get to choose what you believe. 

So believe you are worth appreciating. 

If you’re still having difficulty appreciating yourself, I’d like you to picture a newborn baby.

Picture the chubby cheeks. The squirming arms and legs. Imagine that baby powder smell. See their  ten tiny fingers and ten perfect toes. 

Aren’t they cute?

Now, what can you appreciate about that baby?

Maybe how warm it feels in your lap.

Maybe it’s laughter.

Maybe it’s beautiful little smile. 

Maybe just how freaking adorable it is!

Now, imagine that that adorable little infant is you. 

Easier to appreciate yourself now, huh?

We don’t have to try very hard to appreciate or love something as sweet and innocent as a newborn. But somehow, sometimes we do have a hard time appreciating and loving ourselves.

Please remember, though. 

You ARE that baby! 

You are deserving of all and every kind of appreciation there is. 

You are!

So let’s try this again. 

What is something you appreciate about yourself? 

I’m going to now give you a few examples. 

  • That I survived that bad thing in my childhood.
  • That I have beautiful hair.
  • My ability to make my children laugh.
  • How clean my house is. (That one definitely doesn’t always apply to me. Lol!)
  • That I hold the door for older people or for people with strollers.
  • How hard I work on my career.
  • How much I love my wife or husband or girlfriend or boyfriend.
  • How good I am at taking care of my pets.
  • That I completed my elementary or high school or college or masters or doctoral education.
  • That I smile at complete strangers.
  • That I accept others for who they are.
  • That I’m trying to be a better person.
  • My ability to walk.
  • My ability to breathe.
  • My health. 
  • My ability to see the good in others, even when I’m angry or upset at them. 

Those are just a few examples. But I want you to think of your own. 

What do you appreciate about yourself physically or mentally? What is something that you do – an action – that you appreciate about yourself?

Do you always make sure your family has clean socks?

Do you drive safely?

Do you keep your voice soft, even during arguments?

Do you always check the mail?

Do you donate money or other supplies or clothing to worthy charities?

Do you love animals or nature?

These are all things to appreciate about yourself. 

And the more you appreciate yourself, the less you’ll need others to appreciate you. 

Let me say that again:

The more you appreciate yourself, the less you’ll need others to appreciate you. 

You’ll be able to depend on yourself. You won’t have to look outside of yourself for approval or for the appreciation you’ve been seeking from others. 

And the more you appreciate yourself, the more you’ll love yourself. 

The more confident you’ll be. 

The better you will feel. 

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So what do you appreciate about yourself? Share in the comments! 

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