Podcast 038: No Coincidences

Podcast 038: No Coincidences

No coincidences 

Have you ever had wonderful things happen in your life but you brushed them off as mere coincidences?

Or did you feel like it was meant to happen?

Like it was just the right place and the right time?

Part of studying Abraham and the Law of Attraction has taught me that those times of kismet or right place, right time were not coincidences. 

They were really times when I was in alignment with what I wanted. 

When my school went on a field trip with another school seventy miles away because our teachers were sisters?

Unusual or coincidence?

When my friend insisted we sit with this guy from the other school in a Burger King on the way back?

Okay, she was an extrovert and liked talking to new people. These could still be considered coincidences, right?

But when she got up for a moment to get some ketchup and the guy turned to little ole introverted me…

And we had so much in common…

And we talked for three hours straight on the bus ride home…

And he had the kindest heart and most infectious laughter of any guy I’d ever met except for my dad…

And we’ve been married for twenty-two years now. 

Now that’s alignment! 

No coincidences here!

Think of all the things that could’ve happened differently. Think of all the ways we could’ve missed meeting each other. 

I’m sure you have a similar story about something in your life. A time when everything just seemed to go right for once. A time when all the stars aligned…

And oh yeah, alignment!

Maybe with you it was a job or a friendship or a business opportunity or like me, a romance – the only and greatest romance of my life.

Whatever it was, being in alignment changes us. It makes everything better. It makes everything feel possible.

So being in alignment is what we want to do – on purpose – to live a happier life and pursue our dreams. 

One of the steps you can do to accomplish this is to do what Abraham refers to as “filling in your grid.”

To fill in your grid – which basically means to prepare your mind to feel the way you want to feel more often – you simply make a list of how accomplishing your dream would make you feel. 

And warning…

You’ll probably feel even better when it actually happens. When your dream actually comes to fruition, make sure you’re sitting down. 

‘Cause it’ll knock your socks off!

It’s funny because no matter how much we imagine that dream coming true, when you come into real alignment – it’s even better.

Have you ever imagined something so magnificent for yourself, but deep down you just don’t know if it’ll ever happen?

You want it to, but…

You’re a little bit afraid to hope.

That was me in 2016. 

I wanted to be a published author so much. It took ten years, lots of critiques, taking classes and studying the experts to make it happen. 

But even after I signed the contract, it didn’t feel real. Until that box of books arrived on my doorstep. 

And then I opened that box and saw my books – MY BOOKS – stacked inside. 

And I sobbed like a baby.

Happy sobbing, of course. 

Good thing I sat down. 

So create a vision of what your dream will look like when it comes true. 

Feels good, right?

Now make a list of those good feelings. Make it as long as you can. But also make sure you actually feel the emotions you’re writing down at the same time. 

Now I’m going to share my list in a sec, but please know that for this to work for you, it’ll need to be your list. 

Your list for you.

We may not have the same dreams or want the same things. So it needs to be the feelings you want to experience, not necessarily mine.

That said, please feel free to use any of mine that you think will work for you. 

Abraham instructs that you need to think, say and feel these emotions when thinking about your dreams for a full sixty-eight seconds. 

That’s why your list needs to be so long.

Thinking, saying and feeling good for that long helps to rewire and retrain your brain to believe that this is already a real thing in your life.

And once your brain is prepared for that, it’ll happen.

Feel free to say the same emotions over and over again.

My personal list is for having a successful entrepreneurial business.

Okay, ready to make some magic?

Here we go!

Having my own successful business feels:

  • it feels stable
  • It feels freeing
  • It feels strong
  • It feels good
  • It feels solid
  • It feels joyful
  • It feels liberating 
  • It feels delicious 
  • It feels meaningful 
  • It feels fulfilling
  • It feels real
  • it feels true 
  • It feels right
  • It feels like me
  • It feels like who I really am
  • It feels natural 
  • It feels joyful
  • It feels secure
  • It feels enjoyable 
  • It feels like love
  • It feels beautiful 
  • It feels satisfying 
  • It feels abundant
  • It feels enriching 
  • It feels connected
  • It feels like being led 
  • It feels good
  • It feels exhilarating 
  • It feels new
  • It feels novel
  • It feels exciting
  • It feels like I’m making a difference
  • It feels good
  • It feels strong
  • It feels positive 
  • It feels concrete
  • It feels joyous 
  • It feels meant to be
  • It feels miraculous 
  • It feels incredible 
  • It feels amazing 
  • It feels happy
  • It feels glorious 
  • It feels like a dream coming true
  • It feels awesome 
  • It feels powerful
  • It feels great 
  • It feels true 
  • It feels real
  • It feels like freedom
  • It feels like joy
  • It feels actual
  • It feels gorgeous 
  • It feels wonderful 
  • It feels like ecstasy
  • It feels productive
  • It feels serene
  • It feels soothing 
  • It feels calming
  • It feels peaceful 
  • It feels relaxing 
  • It feels natural 
  • It feels good
  • It feels intuitive 
  • It feels right
  • It feels true
  • It feels authentic 
  • It feels real
  • It feels productive 
  • It feels like moving in the right direction 
  • It feels like me

Now I said those pretty fast, so you may want to repeat your list a few times. 

I feel super awesome now after filling my grid – which is the whole point. You want to try and feel this good as often as possible. 

The more often you can focus on this and feel this good, the faster your dreams will fly right to you. 

Doesn’t feel like coincidences anymore, does it? 

That’s because coincidences aren’t real. 


So try this out. 

What’s your dream? Share in the comments. 

Or if you’re not sure, I’d be happy to send you my Defining Your Dream Cheatsheet – just hit the link.

Take care!

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