Polarity: Create Your Empowered Self Podcast 3

The Point of Polarity 

Polarity, in the way I’ll be discussing it today, is about two opposing sides of the same coin.

If you’ve struggled in the past or are struggling right now, then this post and podcast are for you.

If we look at everything as having a positive side and a negative side, much like the positive and negative charges you might study about in scientific disciplines, then every situation has both.

In other words, there is always a silver lining to any cloud.

As a believer in the Law of Attraction, I work to always look at the positive or bright side of things.

But something I didn’t realize until recently is that the Law of Attraction is not the only Universal Law at work in our lives.

There are many, many Universal Laws.

But the one I want to bring to your attention today is the Law of Polarity.

The Law of Polarity

You’ve probably experienced this law several times in your life.

Maybe things are going along great, then BAM, you get hit with something horrendous.

It could’ve been anything:

  • an injury
  • an illness
  • a betrayal
  • your significant other breaks up with you
  • you lose your job
  • you get into an accident 
  • something large and unexpected (and often expensive) breaks down
  • someone you love leaves you or passes away

These are all things we don’t want. 


And when we experience these things, we are almost always stunned and upset.

Some of these things may be relatively minor and temporary.

But sometimes, these changes are permanent.

The thing that we can remember – and what may help us the most to deal with them – is understanding that this bad thing happened for a purpose.

And that purpose is growth.

The thing about growth is that it can be very painful at times.

But in the end, we become more of who we really are.

I’d like to share a story of my own recent incident with polarity.

One of the changes I’ve been working to make is to leave my day job and become fully self employed.

I’m also working on my health. 

To these ends, I’ve written six books, I’ve become a certified coach, I’ve begun to create an online course, and I’ve lost fifty of the seventy pounds I want to lose.

Another extremely important thing I do is keep a positive mindset.

I work to stay as happy and content as possible because I know attracting what I want is all about my point of attraction.

But as I said, there are other laws in action besides attraction. 

So I kept working and working to have something in my business take off and to continue to lose weight.

And I kept hitting walls. 

I shot videos that came out super fuzzy or didn’t come out at all. 

While exercising I fell, landing – literally – on my face.

I came down with the stomach flu and felt so physically off that I actually began to experience signs of depression after about a week and a half.

I received news that the company I work for as a day job is in danger of going bankrupt.

Due to this, I learned no one would be receiving a raise. 

Even though I put in a lot of overtime at my job and essentially do the work of two to three people on any given day, I received a negative evaluation. 

All of this occurred in a relatively short period of time.

Some might look at that string of events and say it was bad luck.

Some might call it unfair.

Some might say, “Well, that’s just life.”

Some my say, “What the hell?!?”

But what I’ve come to realize is that this is the Law of Polarity at work.

I believe all this has been happening to get my attention. 

This is about me comprehending that the Universe is giving me a message. 

And the message I’ve received is this:

Let. Go.

When I received the negative evaluation at my day job, initially I was very upset.

I was still somewhat unwell from the flu, and hearing that all my hard work wasn’t enough… Well, my reaction involved tears and full on weeping. 

I’m always more emotional when sick. 

For two days afterwards, I considered formally protesting this evaluation.

But every time I thought about writing this formal letter of protest, I got upset all over again.

I felt so terrible at the thought of this protest – which I really believed I should do to stand up for myself – that I realized focusing on it was making me feel worse.

What you focus on expands, right?

So I was expanding my misery.

When I thought about simply forgiving it and focusing positive thought around my future of coaching, suddenly that horrible heavy feeling drifted away.

I felt much lighter.

And I knew I had my answer.

Now if you were in the same boat, maybe protesting it would’ve felt light and good to you. 

We’re all different and unique.

But for me, I had to let it go.

And the ironic thing is the one who gave me the evaluation brought it up again, and I was able to state how hurt I was by it.

I got to make myself heard without having to focus too strongly on the memory of it. 

And after that, I felt monumentally better.

I let my emotional state be my barometer of which direction to take. 

If I thought of something and felt yucky or constricted, I knew I needed to go another way.

But if it felt good and expansive, I knew that was my inspiration and intuition telling me to go forward. 

You see, prior to this, I’d been pushing and pushing myself to do more and more at my day job and with my business.

And even though I tried to make sure I felt good when doing it, there were still times when there was an element of force to it.

I was letting fear and my anxiousness to leave my day job make me take actions that weren’t fully aligned. 

And what I got was feedback from the Law of Polarity.

The problem, I believe, is that I wasn’t trusting in the Universe to do its thing.

I wasn’t being patient.

I wanted results and I wanted them now.

So I pushed.

And what I received was all the negative results I didn’t want.

Like I said… Polarity.

But the thing about polarity is that there are always two sides. 

And if you’re experiencing the negative side at the moment, it can be very helpful and reassuring to look for the good in the situation.

This can be tricky, because sometimes it’s difficult to see how there can be any good is having the flu or in losing your job.

What I discovered about my personal circumstances was that I needed to rest.

To relax.

To release my worry.

And to listen to the emotional reactions I was having.

The videos not working taught me that I need to feel good – really good – before I take action.

Otherwise, it’s not inspired action and it won’t get me anywhere.

Falling while exercising taught me to be more aware of my body and not to push it too hard trying to get results too quickly.

The flu allowed me to have time off from the stressful day job – always a good thing.

It also allowed me to get some  much needed rest.

All the stuff with my job – the possible bankruptcy, no raise, and negative evaluation – taught me to release my ties to it.

Even though my goal is to leave that position, I’ve still been experiencing anxiety and stress while there. 

In order to release it from my life, I need to let it be what it is without trying to change or control it.

So now, instead of stressing over those recent revelations, I work to keep myself feeling good and happy.

When something happens that might stress me out, I remind myself that this is a temporary situation and that while I can’t control what’s happening, I can control how I feel and react to it.

In a recent podcast I mentioned the notion of going general.

Going general or looking at the big picture can give us perspective on what’s truly important.

The tasks I complete in my day job may not matter that much to the world, but how I feel creates the vibration I send out.

The more positive the vibration, the better I feel and the better those around me will likely feel.

When I let outside circumstances affect me, then my vibration gets lower and more negative.

And in that lower vibration not only am I unlikely to attract what I want into my life, I’m more likely to bring those I interact with down instead of up.

We are all immensely powerful beings.

And that’s why our mindsets are so important.

Our world is set up in such a way that we can’t fully understand something until we experience its opposite.

We can’t know joy without sorrow, heat without cold, wet without dry, up without down, light without darkness. 

But experiencing these things does not mean we’re bad people or that we’re being punished.

It simply means that we are being shown a contrast so we can better understand life overall.

So the next time things in your life seem to be going in a negative direction, pause and examine them.

Look for the positive or bright side. 

As the old saying goes, “When it rains, look for rainbows. When it’s dark, look for stars.”

The more you do, the more you’ll see the rainbows and stars. 

The more you’ll see what you want to manifest in your life.

Remember, the Universe is working FOR you not against you. 

Trust and believe in that, and all your dreams will come true. 

2 thoughts on “Polarity: Create Your Empowered Self Podcast 3”

  1. Loving all of your growth Jeannie! I see life as just life; meaning, each experience has various elements to it, with polarity displaying those full 180 differences. All my rough experiences purged my fears and pains. Blessing, really, as I learn to be with fears versus resisting ’em. When we experience some seeming massive devastating event the Universe had been trying to grab our attention for years or decades, but we ignored, until we could ignore it no more. The Universe is perfect, precise, beyond thought really. All our great pains clear ways for our greatest joys. Fabulous post buddy!


    1. Thank you so much, Ryan! I’ve come to understand all of life’s difficulties as being blessings and communication from the Universe, too. And much of that understanding is due to you and Kelli’s wisdom. Thank God for you two and for everyone who is providing greater wisdom and clarity to anyone who wants to hear it. I’m so, so appreciative! I know you guys are part of my life for a reason. I know the Universe brought you guys to my attention during those darker times when I didn’t understand the clarity and contrast I was attracting into my life. I’m now thankful for all of it – all aspects of this beautiful journey.


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