Possibility: Podcast 11

Possibility: Podcast 11


Possibility – a Google definition: a thing that may be chosen or done out of several possible alternatives.

Today I want to reach out to any of you who may have been struggling with a situation or a part of your life that seems completely out of your control.

Something that feels overwhelming and incites a whole host of negative emotions like fear, lack, scarcity, sadness, depression or even worthlessness. Maybe even despair.

First of all, if you’re in any of those states right now, I want you to consider the possibility of what I’m about to say:
  • You are stronger than any problem
  • You can figure this out
  • You are loved and lovable
  • You are powerful 
  • You are beautiful 
  • You are not just smart, within you lies the wisdom of the ages
  • You are never alone

Now those things that I just stated are the truth.

If you feel yourself questioning any of what I said, try this.

Be willing to consider the possibility that this is the truth.

You don’t have to be certain.

You may have your doubts.

But consider the possibility.

I believe that we are all more than the sum of our parts. 

We have bodies, but we are much more than our bodies.

We have minds, but we are much more than our minds.

We are spiritual in nature.

And as such, possibility is our middle name.

We have unlimited potential.

We were created for the divine purpose of expanding all that exists in the universe.

And we’re creators, too.

If we take a moment to slow down and breathe, we realize that what we do and who we are is up to us.

It’s a choice.

God (or the Universe or source or whatever you call that higher power) gave us a beautiful gift.

And that gift is free will. 

Free will enables us to see every possibility we want to see.

Every day, each of us make choices.

We choose to get out of bed or not. 

We choose to eat breakfast and what that breakfast will be – or we may choose not to eat at all.

We choose what we do with ourselves all day.

Not to say that there aren’t influences.

If you have people you are responsible for taking care of, your choice to stay in bed may get interrupted.

If you work outside of your home, you may have people who tell you what to do all day or at least at the beginning of your day.

If you are a manager or own your own business, you may feel like you have lots of things you HAVE to do to keep things running smoothly.

But even within that are possibilities and choices.

Let’s look at the definition of possibility again: a thing that may be chosen or done out of several possible alternatives.

A thing that may be chosen, right?

One of the best ways to defeat feelings of overwhelm or negativity in general is to step back, take a breath, and realize you have a choice.

Maybe something in your life has not turned out the way you expected or hoped it would.

Maybe tragedy or illness has happened.

Maybe the stress and busyness of your day to day stuff is masking the fact that you get to decide what you do with your life.

You get to decide what to do moment to moment.

Someone in your life may not like the choice that you make, that’s true.

But the choice is always ALWAYS yours.

So if you find yourself in a negative space, pause.


Take a minute to look at where you are. 

If you’re unhappy, discover why you’re unhappy. 

Look at every possibility you have – not what someone might tell you you might have – but the actual possibilities. 

Let’s do an example.

Let’s say you want to pursue a certain dream and you’re not.

I’m an author, so I’m going to give writing and publication as an example. 

When I first discovered my love of writing, I wrote just for the sheer delight I found in the activity.

I didn’t even type it at the start, I just hand wrote words in a stenography pad with a blue ink pen.

I had this idea for a story – a Harry Potter fanfic, actually – and I had to get it out of me. 

It was like a birth in some ways. 

I didn’t just want to create this thing – I needed to create it.

And in my case, I knew it would never be published for monetary gain – as a fanfic, it couldn’t be. 

I just ached to tell my story. 

At first, I told no one.

This was just for me, for my own sense of joy and accomplishment.

Then my husband caught me jotting stuff down. 

He asked to read it. 

I hesitated, calling it silly.

(Doing what you enjoy is never silly, by the way. To quote the late great Dr. Wayne Dyer: “Feeling good is feeling God.”)

Just sayin’.

My husband persisted, curious. 

Finally, I relented and let him see what I had written, explaining it was my version of Harry Potter book six, which at that point had not been released.

He read over the few pages I had written, and said six magic words: “You should type this up, babe.”

So I did. 

And I wrote a lot more than the seven handwritten pages I started out with.

I ended up with 200 plus pages and 18 chapters. 

Oh hell, yeah! 

I was onto something now!

My hubby loved it. 

I published it on a fanfic website just for fun, and also to see what others thought of it.

And they liked it!

I was hooked.

When I started writing my own stories or what I call writing for real, though, I had a lot more hesitation.

I’d decided that I wanted to write for a living because I loved it so much. 

Cool, right?

Well, yes and no. 

Was it cool and amazing that I’d discovered some activity that both challenged me and gave me huge amounts of joy?


Was it cool that I had tied that joy to a bunch of stuff I didn’t actually have control of?

Eh, for me, not as much.

You see, to get published is the dream of many authors. 

And I personally wanted to see my words in print on actual paper – even though print books may eventually disappear. 

I wanted to see my name on the cover. 

I wanted to be a creator of something unique and special, and I wanted to see others enjoy my creation.

I also wanted to be able to write passionately every day, which meant I wanted my passion to also be financially lucrative enough to support me full time. 

It’s a beautiful dream.

And it’s a possibility that can absolutely come true.

But something many of us authors find out is that writing for a living isn’t the sweet dream we originally envisaged.

The traditional publishing industry is shrinking, so if our original dream was to see our paper book in brick and mortar bookstores – which are also shrinking – that can be a challenge.

The traditional publishing industry is also highly subjective. 

It’s kinda like figure skating.

Yes, there are points for technical accuracy, but there are also points for artistry.

That’s why you might see one Olympic judge give a drastically different score than another on the same performance. 

The same is true in the publishing world. 

In an attempt to become traditionally published, I entered a national contest back in 2014. 

The deal was that the top overall winner of all the different genres would receive a contract for publication. 

This was a company very well known for selling romance books – it’s actually a household name – so I entered under the genre of romantic suspense.

The next few weeks were incredible.

I received some wonderful feedback, and became the one of the top twenty-five finalists overall.

They cut us down to only ten, and I made that list of finalists, too. 

I got really excited.

You see, one of the best things about this contest was that even if you didn’t win – only one person could win overall – the various editors of the different genres would frequently offer you a contract if you were a finalist. 

And I was a top ten finalist!

And even though another author won overall, I was the top finalist in the romantic suspense genre.

I was on cloud nine!

I kept hearing about other finalists receiving contracts, so I waited to hear with baited breath.

But the call never came. 

I eventually contacted the head editor of my genre – someone who had originally cheered me on – only to receive the news that no romantic suspense contracts were offered to any contestants that year.

And I was greatly disappointed.

But this is where I had to really look at my dream and decide what was truly important. 

The bare bones of it, so to speak.

I had to realize that there are many different ways to follow the same dream.

Yes, being published by a nationally known publisher was one way, but it wasn’t the only way. 

There are smaller companies who sell both paperbacks and ebooks – the route I took. 

There are smaller companies that do only ebooks.

And then there is self publishing – a route I also took. 

For myself personally I decided that I love writing above and beyond all the other trappings. 

Yes, it would’ve been nice to make a living just from that, but God and the Universe had different plans for me – plans which I am now tremendously grateful for.

So am I a traditionally published author with a paperback book?



I am also the self published author of five other books – one fiction and four nonfiction. 

And I have another nonfiction weight loss book brewing within me – stay tuned for that.

So was I able to quit my retail management day job to be a full time author?


But I’m totally okay with that.

Because I began pursuing my dream of doing what I’m passionate about full time, I discovered so much more about who I really am. 

I discovered I wanted to do important things in this world. 

I discovered I wanted to make some changes in my life, and one of those changes led me to discover life coaching.

After being coached myself, which I found tremendously valuable, I decided I wanted to help others like I was helped. 

So I became a life coach, too – or more specifically a Creative Empowerment Coach.

Because I want to empower you to learn what I learned.

That our lives are a gift, and we get decide how we want to live them.

So my dream of publication led me to another dream. 

And I’ve been so enriched by both. 

I want to help make the world a happier and more peaceful place by helping my clients become happier and more peaceful themselves.

Every message I send out on social media is guided by one of these rules: 

  1. Is it true to who I am?
  2. Is it uplifting or comforting?
  3. Is it fun or funny – because I’m a total goofball who loves making people smile and laugh.
  4. Does it bring more joy into this world?

As long as I follow those guidelines – guidelines I developed for myself – I feel good.

And that’s really what possibility boils down to.

We were all given endless possibilities so we can enjoy life.

We want to feel good and by feeling good, we stay connected to ourselves and to that higher power within us. 

As my mentor Kelli Cooper would say, “What we’re all after is a feeling.”

We want to feel good or at least better. 

So think about one aspect of your life that isn’t currently up to par. 

What can you change that would make that one thing even a little bit better? 

Think of each possibility and do the one that feels the best to you. 

Need more guidance on this? I’m currently taking new one on one coaching clients. If these podcasts or posts resonate with you, sign up for a free mini-session with me here.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you!


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