Qualified: Podcast 25

Qualified: Podcast 25


When I first started this journey of mine, I wasn’t certain where I would go. Where I would end up. But now, as I see things falling so beautifully into place, I realize that whatever ups, downs, and side paths are in front of me, I am the one who is qualified to travel them.

Uniquely qualified, even.

Maybe you’re thinking, “Qualified? That’s a strange way to put it.” 

It may be. But hear me out. 

One of the frequent hang ups us spiritual beings in human form experience is a lack of worthiness. We think we’re not good enough, smart enough, strong enough, etc. We don’t think we’re qualified to do what following our dreams would require of us.

Let me use myself as an example.

Here are the bullet points of my career path:

  • Insurance Agency File Clerk
  • Custodial Assistant 
  • Professor’s Assistant 
  • Housekeeper 
  • Jewelry Sales Associate/Cashier
  • Boutique Shop Sales Associate 
  • Retail Office Manager
  • Insurance Agent Manager 
  • Middle School English Teacher
  • ESOL (English as a Second or Other Language) Adult Education Teacher 
  • Cashier Lead
  • Cashier Manager
  • Merchandise Manager
  • Assistant Store Manager 
  • Aspiring Fiction Author
  • Traditionally Published Fiction Author 
  • Blogger 
  • Self Published Fiction Author
  • Student of Spirituality 
  • Self Published Nonfiction Author
  • Blogger
  • Podcaster
  • Life Coach
  • Creative Inspiration Coach 
  • Entrepreneur 

Is it just me, or is that a pretty long list?

Now several of these jobs are doubled up because I was and am essentially doing two or more jobs at once, but still. At 44, I think that’s a lot of jobs.

Looking at that list now, I see a woman who wanted something more professionally but didn’t know precisely what that was. I was searching. And for quite a while, I didn’t find what I was looking for. 

Or did I?

The thing about that menagerie of jobs is that each one of them taught me something I needed to know for who I am becoming now. 

From the custodial and entry level jobs I learned strength, humility, and endurance. 

From my management jobs I learned how to discipline myself and others. I learned how to lead by example. I learned how to train and support others. I have always been the manager people call, go to, and ask for when they need help. 

From my teaching days I learned how to hone my training and teaching skills into a variety of techniques because everyone learns differently. I learned that making students curious and lessons fun and doable was the key to success.

From being a writer and blogger, I learned the importance of writing as communication, both for instructional purposes and for storytelling purposes.

Teaching and podcasting (and doing Facebook live videos) has enabled me to get over my public speaking fears. Or more accurately, to get over myself. 

Being a student of spirituality has taught me what life actually is. It’s taught me that I’m not an evil sinner, that I wasn’t born into sin – which was the belief system I was raised in. 

If you believe that, then that’s fine. That’s your choice. 

But my choice is to believe what is true for me. And that is that we are perfect, beautiful spiritual creatures who’ve decided to come to Earth to have a human experience. 

And I’m so much happier and more fulfilled believing that. But if you disagree, no worries. 

To each, his/her own.

So does all this make me “qualified” to be a coach?

I’ll be honest – I wasn’t sure at first. 

As soon as I learned what a life coach was, I was fascinated and excited. This job sounded perfect for me. Exactly like what I wanted to do. 

But since I consider myself to be a pretty intellectual woman, I immediately looked into certification. And what I found is that certification is not required. 

I began studying the work of Tony Robbins, Kelli Cooper, Ryan Biddulph, Betsy Pake, Angela Strank, Rikka Zimmerman, Derek Hendricks, and Brooke Castillo. 

I wanted to walk in the footsteps of giants, of people who have already walked the path I’m on and have found amazing success. 

And you wanna know what I found out? 

Many of those giants are not certified, per se. They became successful by working on their own self growth. Through trial and error. 

They became successful by staying connected to the divine, remembering who they actually are, and helping others realize who they actually are, too. 

And certification is great. It’s just not always necessary. 

So am I certified?


But am I qualified?

Yes, I am.

I’m qualified because I love to help writers and authors rediscover their creativity. And most importantly, I know how to make that happen.

I am an author. And because I’m both traditionally and self published and write both fiction and nonfiction, I’m in the unique position of understanding many different writers and their journeys.

During my recent coaching session with the fabulous Betsy Pake, I discovered the truth of my life. And that truth is that all my crazy career stuff – how I’ve had to work outside of the field I was trained for, and how I kept ending up in jobs that didn’t make me happy or fulfilled – is because I needed those experiences to become what I am now. 

I’m a Creative Inspiration Coach for writers who want to reignite their creative sparks because my whole life has led me to this point. All those erratic rabbits trails weren’t rabbit trails at all. They were twists and turns along the path I was always meant to take. They have qualified me to understand you and where you are coming from. They’ve qualified me in how to help and serve you. 

And I gotta tell you. I’m so glad. 

Everything now makes sense. There was a method to all that madness, even if it wasn’t my own. I’ve been led the whole way to cross the finish line and find all of you. 

It’s so funny! I’ve spent my entire life wanting to be better and happier. Now I’ve learned how to do so.

And I want to teach that to you. 

You may be thinking, no, that’s too risky. Or too scary. Or too expensive. 

But you know what’s more risky and scary and expensive? Looking back on your life and feeling regret. Feeling disappointed in yourself because you had the chance to follow your dreams but you didn’t. 

I never want to feel that. And you know what? I never will.

Because I’ve learned how to take those risks. How to be scared. How to see the expense of something and not only know I’m worth investing in, but that I’ll also see that investment coming back to me multiple times. 

Because if you trust in the Universe and in God and in who you really are, that’ll be your future. 

You are qualified!

You are uniquely qualified for that future, dear listener. You are.

And so am I. So come join me. I’m inviting you! Besides, this blog and podcast are free! I’ve even left links to the podcasts that I think will be the most helpful to you in the show notes.

 Badass podcast 18

 Unique podcast 19 

 Authentic podcast 20

Decisions podcast 21

 (And my coaching mini-session is also super duper free, by the way) 

Just sayin’…

What do you have to lose?

If you’re trying to follow your dream, if you’ve just been thinking about it without taking any real steps, change that now. Do the thing you most want to do. And when the fear comes, face it! Tell it “I’m a badass! I’m qualified! I can do this!”

And you will!

This cool thing is you don’t have to be alone in your journey. We’re all on own journeys, but there’s no rule saying we can’t travel that path together. 

Come on! It’ll be fun!


So until next time…

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