Rampage: Podcast 38

Rampage: Podcast 38


Positive Energy Rampage

Podcasts 33 and 34 were all about how expecting positive outcomes can help your dreams begin to come true. And podcast 37 was all about what to do when you have a bad day.

So to stay in a similar theme, today’s podcast is all about generating positive energy through a rampage.

This is an Abraham-Hicks process for getting into spiritual alignment, and it’s a very effective tool for doing so.

A rampage is basically a rapid fire group of affirmations that build upon each other, making your good and happy feelings skyrocket.

With each affirmation, the energy of the speaker increases so that by the end, you feel so high you either want to cheer or laugh out loud. 

I love these so much because they make me feel so awesome.

Listening to a rampage is a fantastic way to lift your spirit and lighten your mood. 

I’m going to demonstrate a rampage today, and if you’re interested in the original source, check out the many videos available at Abraham-Hicks.com. You can also find lots of free videos on the Abraham Hicks Publications YouTube page. 

Don’t forget that all my Create Your Empowered Self podcasts are also available in blog form on my website. So if you’re interested in what is essentially a transcript, hit the link in the description.

Okay, here we go…

– I appreciate the amazingness of the sun in the sky shining down on me, on this earth, and out into the solar system 

  • The warmth of it, the magical feel of all that energy pulses around us and through us
  • I appreciate how the sun nourishes the plants, bringing out the green chlorophyll in the grass and leaves and trees, how we can trust that if we plant a seed, water it, and nurture it, we are pretty much guaranteed to see it bud into something beautiful 
  • I appreciate the pure deep blue beauty of the sky, the white puffy clouds, the astonishing reds and pinks and oranges of the sunrise and sunset
  • God I just love that so much
  • I appreciate the birds in the trees and on the birdbath and on the fence, all their colors: the bright royal feathers of the bluebirds, the scarlet red of the cardinals, the browns of the finches, the rusty chests of the robins, the soft grays of the doves
  • Their coos and chirps and caws are music to my ears, and oh my God, I love them so much
  • I appreciate that this life is meant to be one of ease, that I can relax into my feelings of wellbeing and release all stress and negativity 
  • I appreciate that I came here into this human form to experience this life, to expand my knowledge and understanding 
  • I appreciate that God/the Universe/Source energy flows through me, that I am fully supported at all times and am never alone 
  • I appreciate that I am the creator of my own reality, that I have free will and the choice to choose a happy, fulfilling life
  • I appreciate that feeling good and choosing the happiest, best thoughts I can will help me create the life of my dreams
  • I appreciate that I can focus on all the good and beautiful things life has to offer and that that will bring more good things into my experience 
  • I appreciate that my focus on those positive things means I manifest all the things that I want
  • I appreciate how plentiful love is, that focusing on that love mirrors it back to me 
  • I appreciate that having good things is my birthright, that I am worthy and deserving of those things – we all are
  • I appreciate that every human being gets to choose the life they want, that if something isn’t working or isn’t making us happy, we can choose some other alternative 
  • I appreciate the abundance of opportunities that show up when I keep my mind clear of negativity
  • I appreciate that I receive intuition and guidance by spending a few minutes a day quieting my mind through meditation
  • I appreciate that I can choose to have love, prosperity, fulfillment and joy just by believing – really believing and visualizing – that I can
  • I appreciate that life is abundant, that it’s meant to be easy, that it’s supposed to be fun
  • I appreciate that every good thought and feeling is a million times more powerful that any negative thought or feeling
  • What a relief that is
  • We are capable of anything we set our minds to
  • We are capable of greatness 
  • Life is meant to be enriching
  • Life is meant to be joyful
  • Life is meant to fill us up
  • Life is not about perfection, it’s about focusing on love, kindness and positivity 
  • Life is a gift
  • This life is such a gift and so amazing 
  • I love it so much!
  • I love it SO much!!!

Woohoo, right! 

Aren’t these fun? 

Don’t you feel amazing now? 

If you’d like me to create a rampage specifically for your needs, I can tailor one just for you. If you’d like me to create one for you go to my coaching page, hit the blue BOOK NOW button at the bottom and you can order one under the “affirmations” tab. 

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