Releasing Negativity Involving a Situation Meditation: Podcast 014

Releasing Negativity Involving a Situation Meditation 

Before we begin, and if you feel up to it, let’s stretch a little to get our positive energy flowing

Stand and raise your left hand over your head

Gently stretch until your left hand is over your right shoulder

Count to five, then relax

Then, stretch your right hand over your head 

Reach over until your right hand is over your left shoulder

Count to five, then relax 

Sit and lift your left foot into the air

Move your ankle carefully in circles, first in one direction, then in the other

Now relax your left foot and raise your right

Move your ankle carefully in circles, first in one direction, then in the other

Relax back into your seat

Take a deep breath

Do you feel better after stretching?

Is your body feeling any sensation right now?

Is it buzzing or vibrating in any way?

If it is, that’s a sign that we’ve started the process of moving positive energy that will ultimately remove the blocks you’ve been experiencing 

If you don’t feel anything, that’s okay

Everyone is different and we all feel things in our own unique way

Now take a few deep breaths and close your eyes

Imagine that you are perched at the top of a granite mountain

You breathe in the fresh mountain air, refreshed by its coolness and purity 

You look up and into the sky

The sun is rising now, bringing its light up through wisps of clouds on the horizon 

You feel its warmth on your body and a sense of peace fills you from head to toe 

You think of a situation that’s been troubling you

As you do, the sun moves to a position directly over your head

You open your arms wide, welcoming its warmth and light into your system 

You feel this warm energy enter the top of your head, filtering down your body

It’s such a lovely sensation, like slipping into a nice hot bath, and you relax as the stress of your situation melts away

The sunlight warms your face  and neck, your shoulders and the tops of your arms

As it reaches your heart, something amazing happens

You realize that this light is coming from a higher power – THE higher power

That power is combining with your inner spiritual being, awakening your intuition and inner wisdom

The darkness, pain and stress this situation has been causing you has been lodged inside your heart, but as the light filters in, it destroys it

Because even the tiniest of lights will illuminate the most complete darkness 

The light always wins

You feel the light descend down your spine and torso, down your arms and hands, down your legs and out the bottoms of your feet 

The light drills through the mountain your standing on, connecting you solidly to the earth, making you feel safe, secure and grounded into everything good that exists

You feel loved and supported, and know that solutions and new opportunities will arise that will help you deal with your current situation 

Since you’re still connected to the higher power, you come up with a sign that’ll prove to you that you’re moving in the right direction 

It is something that will be obvious to you, but not something common enough to be ignored 

The next time you see this sign, you’ll know that the higher power is providing you with proof, evidence that it is on your side 

You feel confident that your sign will appear, and every time you see it, you will feel an overwhelming gratitude 

Feeling love, support and peace is equal measure you look up into the endless blue sky

You take another deep breath of the fresh mountain air and open your eyes 


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2 thoughts on “Releasing Negativity Involving a Situation Meditation: Podcast 014”

  1. Once again Jeannie, so timely. I feel mostly clear on a few changes made yesterday but after chatting with some folks I felt the light buzzing you note up top. Breathing deeply helped me feel, embrace and clear the fear-based, negative emotions. Like a charm. Thanks so much 🙂


    1. You know, Ryan, I’ve heard a few famous spiritual teachers – Rikka Zimmerman was one – state that the good they see in others is reflected from within themselves. That’s definitely true here! I have drawn so much hope and inspiration from following along on your journey, on Kelli’s journey, and on others – often because you mentioned them! I feel blessed to know you and blessed to know we are all connected – and through no coincidence whatsoever.

      🙂 Jeannie

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